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It’s eleven months and counting for nineteen Kids and Counting star Jessa Duggar and her beloved Ben Seewald, who have right away been an object for which long.

The dual noted the miracle in their wooing this past weekend. Jessa not long ago common an Instagram print to symbol the duo’s big “11th monthiversary.”

Jessa and Ben Pic

“Today is the 11th ‘monthiversary!'” Duggar wrote, move to rush over her beau. “It was eleven months ago which this hastily male asked to justice me!

“Darling, I love you right away some-more than ever! These eleven months together have been AMAZING… I’m certain usually to be superseded by the subsequent 11! @ben_seewald.”

We’re receiving this as both the many plain justification nonetheless which they’re not personally married, and which we’ll see Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald intent soon.

After she altered her name to Jesse Seewald on Instagram, many people wondered if they scored equally the tangle in secret. Doesn’t crop up to be the box … yet.

It looks similar to usually a make a difference of time, though, prior to she follows her big sister Jill Duggar down the aisle. Maybe Ben will introduce on their 12th monthiversary?

Jessa, fifth oldest of the hulk Duggar family, additionally common a sketch of a ornament on the arm which Seewald had since her in respect of this special 11-month mark.

Or only since he’s which kind of guy.

The picture shows Duggar’s palm with a pearl ornament on the arm and handwritten minute from Ben, captioned. “Y’all, my man is severely the many regretful ever!”

“I love you @ben_seewald!!!”

Aww. While Ben, 19, competence hint debate with the occasional gun print or anti-Catholic rant, there’s no disbelief which is heart is in a really great place:

With Jessa.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Photos
Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald: Next in Line to Wed?

1. Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald: Next in Line to Wed?
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald of nineteen Kids and Counting celebrity on TLC. Great seeking pair!

The Jay Z-Beyonce divorce rumors usually got a total lot juicier.

A lady declared Tina Seals has reportedly filed a maternity authorised case in Manhattan in that she claims to be the mother of Blue Ivy Carter, Jay Z and Beyonce’s usually child.

The rumored authorised request alleges that Seals is looking “to determine either she is the biological mother” of the toddler and that she was “previously associated” in a little approach with defendants “Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Carter.”

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Photos!
Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

1. Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter
Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter. The thespian not long ago common this print on her website.

It’s perceptibly unheard of for a lady to record a maternity authorised case since this someway equates to Seals believes SHE gave bieing born to Blue Ivy instead of Beyonce… that is usually an peculiar thing for the latter to have lonesome up and/or the former to have allowed.

Could she have had an event with Jay Z, since the kid up for embracing a cause to the integrate and is right away carrying second thoughts?

It’s unclear, and it could be finish BS – but this liaison comes amidst continuous gibberish that Jay Z and Beyonce have been on the outs.

They’ve been furloughed together for weeks, but most tighten to the stars contend the singers perceptibly speak off theatre and that “no one will be surprised” when they split.

Jay Z, meanwhile, has been rumored to have stepped out on Beyonce with everybody from Rihanna to a little artist declared Liv… and right away with Tina Seals as well. Or maybe she acted as a surrogate.

For what it’s worth, speak did open up on Oct 2011 that Beyonce was wearing a prosthetic swell and faking her conceiving physically (notice the purported overlay in this photo?), an claim the artist’s repute labeled as “ridiculous.”

Knowles responded to the disastrous speak about her matrimony final week end by posing on Instagram in a Carter jersey, creation it transparent that group she presumably stays on.

Story Developing…

Blue Ivy Birthday Party Photos
Celebrating with Blue

1. Celebrating with Blue
AWW! Blue Ivy is dual years old. She celebrates here with her mom.

Given the large significance companies allot to selling and branding, you’d think they would collect product names which weren’t simply ridiculed.

You would be wrong.

Don’t call your food something descent at misfortune and theme to easy hoax at best. Simple sufficient task, right? These epic name fails infer otherwise.

This memo doesn’t regularly strech the bigwigs upstairs. Yes, a little of these have been mislaid in interpretation (at slightest we goal shredded young kids have been not essentially for sale in China).

Plenty of others can be chalked up to opposite cultures, as well … but still. Between the Soup For Sluts season of Ramen, and the Pee Cola, we’re amply creeped out.

Check out those surprisingly genuine equipment and alternative gems in this oft-disgusting, always-hilarious art studio of the twenty-nine awfulest, many ludicrous food product names ever:

29 Epic Food Product Name Fails

1. Poo!
Mmm. We do not even know what this essentially is, but with a name similar to POO, how can you go wrong.

As we reported progressing this week, Ariana Grande began Big Sean have been dating shortly after both were concerned in high-profile breakups.

Now it seems which the longtime “friends” and low-pitched collaborators might have kicked off their intrigue whilst they were both still in relationships.

  • Naya Rivera Profile
  • Big Sean in Vegas
  • Ariana Grande Red Carpet Image

Sean’s ex Naya Rivera tied together Ryan Dorsey final month (on the same day she was ostensible to wed Sean), but sources contend she’s still devastated.

Naya reportedly can’t get over the actuality which Sean and Ariana have been in a relationship, and she’s right away assured which the rapper deceived on her with Ariana.

“It’s her misfortune calamity since she was regularly certain which Sean was intrigue on her with Ariana,” says an insider tighten to Naya. “They fought about which a lot.”

“Sean would discuss it her she was funny and jealous. He swore to her which Ariana was only a friend. He even pronounced she was similar to a small sister.”

Naya, however, isn’t shopping his lines and “feels similar to this is explanation which she was right all along and Sean was hooking up with Ariana.”

The source adds which Naya “doesn’t wish Sean back,” but the actuality which he clearly proposed a brand new attribute at the behind of her at the behind of is “still a outrageous wound.”

Of course, Ariana broke up with Jai Brooks broke up progressing this month, and if Naya’s suspicions have been correct, it would meant which Ariana deceived on Jai for months.

Brooks has nonetheless to criticism on the situation, but he has indicted Grande of doubt or disloyalty in the past. What do you think? Were Sean or Ariana unfaithful?

21 Hottest Ariana Grande Photos
Ariana Grande Side Boob

1. Ariana Grande Side Boob
Ariana Grande shows off her permanent skin stain and the minute bit of side boob. Better than nothing.

There have been rumors of doubt or disloyalty and speak of one unequivocally big blowup.

Yet still goal assumingly stays for Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy.

Nicole Murphy Speaks on Michael Strahan

The sunrise show host and his ex-fiancee were speckled removing lunch currently in Beverly Hills, as TMZ cameras snapped Strahan and Murphy grabbing a punch at South Beverly Grill.

And get this: They walked out arm-in-arm!

Insiders contend there’s a lot of love in between the dual still and both sides would “like to work things out.”

This comes as a big warn since Murphy called off the couple’s rendezvous the same day Strahan was inaugurated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, whilst TMZ additionally ran a story about her BLOWING UP at Strahan inside a hotel.

There’s additionally been speak which Murphy deceived on Strahan with ex-NBA star Jim Jackson.

But an additional source says folks should come down about the sighting of these exes.

“It was a accessible lunch,” this particular said. “They have 7 years of story together.”

Celebrity Break-Ups of 2014
Naya Rivera and Big Sean

1. Naya Rivera and Big Sean
Naya Rivera and Big Sean called it quits whilst rumors which he deceived took the luminary report blogosphere by storm.

The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer is opening up about her divorce and her father Mario’s intrigue in a brand new blog post for Bravo.

Ramona and Mario Singer

After filing for divorce late final year, usually to reconcile, Ramona left Mario Singer for good after he stepped out with Kasey Dexter again this summer.

“Having your father misuse you is the misfortune feeling in the world, and I instruct it on no one,” the being star writes, addressing Mario’s intrigue with Kasey.

Singer can’t assistance but note the irony of shutting down Andy Cohen’s attempts to ask about her matrimony during her show’s new reunion taping.

“How mocking which final week during the [RHONYC] Reunion Part 2, I was safeguarding my father and not being respectful to Andy [Cohen],” Ramona writes.

“Just the week before, I kicked Mario out. It came out in the press a day later.”

After Mario’s initial reported event and successive settlement with his wife, their attribute never went behind to what it used to be, Singer laments.

Ramona writes which she hasn’t been herself since of it.

“I feel similar to I was emotionally painful for the past 5 months by Mario,” she confesses. “I felt as if I was on foot on eggshells. We were operative with a matrimony counselor.”

15 Crazy Ramona Singer Photos: Those Eyes!
Ramona Singer: The Crazy Eyes Have It!

1. Ramona Singer: The Crazy Eyes Have It!
Ramona Singer has a little funny eyes. See Exhibit A (and B, C, D, E …)

Frequently, she says during her new ordeal, “I was in a frail state.”

That might insist because Singer called 911 on Dexter, desiring her husband’s chick on the side was stalking her in a grill this week; NYPD officers responded to the call.

The lady in subject had no tie to possibly Singer or Dexter.

In a apart talk with Us, she discusses how she destitute her associate cheating, heading to the Tweet she sent out confirming Ramona’s divorce:

“He wouldn’t confess to it. He pronounced all was good with us. Then the subsequent sunrise I pushed him on it and he certified he [had seen her],” she says.

“And I only said, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye.’ I left him a note saying, ‘Please do not come to the residence in the Hamptons, and greatfully get an apartment.”

July 24, she sent him packing, in no capricious words, saying:

“I do not wish to see you anymore.’ And which was it.”

Real Housewives: Before They Were Reality Stars!
Ramona Singer: Before The Real Housewives

1. Ramona Singer: Before The Real Housewives
Ramona and Mario had a all tubular swim suit celebration once on a time.

The code brand code new emanate of GQ repository featuring Emily Ratajkowski on the cover was sent to Land’s End business as a giveaway present from the wardrobe retailer.

A giveaway present which a good understanding of business reacted to in contemptible horror.

Emily Ratajkowski GQ Cover

According to The N.Y. Times, the unlikely-seeming graduation of GQ by the builder of sturdy, regressive clothes was targeted at business who outlayed $100 or more.

Many of those people have been relatives who did not conclude it.

The crux of the complaints was which the Emily Ratajkowski GQ cover sent but their believe was “inappropriate,” “obscene” and even “pornographic.”

“We perceived your ‘Lands’ End Bonus’ of GQ repository this weekend, and we have been positively horrified,” one chairman wrote to Land’s End on the Facebook page.

“How can shopping something as family accessible as propagandize uniforms lead to soft porn in the mailbox? I’m grateful my son did not move in the mail.”

Partnerships in between retailers and magazines have been frequency new, and have grown in code new years as magazines try to find code brand code new placement channels.

But in this case, the graduation backfired … soft core.

Land’s End has given apologized, and switched the constant business who perceived GQ to Conde Nast Traveler … substantially a improved fit for the brand.

But, in box you have been the sort of chairman who WOULD conclude reception such things in the mail, click by lots of prohibited Emily Ratajkowski photos below!

35 Sexiest Emily Ratajkowski Photos
Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Instagram

1. Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Instagram
Emily Ratajkowski posts a swim suit print on Instagram and creates a fool around for Hottest Woman Alive status.

We know, we know: it seemed similar to a great suspicion at the time.

Right, Kim Kardashian? Correct, city slicker on the sight tracks? Isn’t which what you thought, man in front of a swan?

But even the most appropriate laid skeleton infrequently go rubbish – and such was the predestine for the following selfie subjects.

Some got pounded by animals. Others got arrested as a outcome of receiving an stupid self-portrait. And one couple, the relatives of dual immature children, essentially died.

It’s unhappy stuff, it’s frightful things and, often, it’s waggish stuff. Relive eleven examples next of when selfies go horribly/hilariously wrong:

11 Selfies That Went Horribly/Hilariously Awry
Kim Kardashian Attempts Selfie, Gets Attacked by Elephant in Thailand

1. Kim Kardashian Attempts Selfie, Gets Attacked by Elephant in Thailand
Kim Kardashian attempted to take a selfie with an elephant in Thailand. And the animal proceeded to verbalise for the complete universe when it kicked her.

An comparison song video attributed to Australian swat diva Iggy Azalea and entitled “Nothing Like Me” has strike the web this week, and it’s reasonably titled.

First thing’s initial … this is not the realest Iggy you know now!

Iggy Azalea – Nothing Like Me

Apparently one of Azalea’s pre-fame attempts at song stardom, “Nothing Like Me” sounds utterly a lot similar to the 2008 Britney Spears strike “Womanizer.”

She sings instead of raps and dances in a room which appears to be dull and the prolongation peculiarity is (sorry) zero similar to what she’s used to nowadays.

The lane is not distressing by any means, it’s only (obviously) zero which done the determined star, right away twenty-four and on tip of the world, mount out at the time.

Clearly, her successive genre change served the “Fancy” Azalea well. When Nicki Minaj is feuding with you, which alone tells you you’ve done an impact.

Her presentation in the swat diversion over the past year has since her a near-constant participation on the radio, and on luminary report websites similar to this one.

We’ll pardon her an early cocktail video try or 10. Especially if she’s pity Iggy Azalea swim suit photos with us on amicable media in further to her strike songs:

Iggy Azalea Bikini Photos
Iggy Azalea Bikini Photo

1. Iggy Azalea Bikini Photo
Iggy rocks a swim suit on a yacht. Safe to say, she’s vital the great hold up these days.

Khloe Kardashian is typically the fun-loving Kardashian sister.

Case in point: her guest-hosting stints on Chelsea Lately.

But Khloe has zero to giggle about this Sunday on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, not after she reads questions for an arriving talk with a New Zealand air wave hire and can’t hold her mother (aka her Manager) did not scrupulously oldster the interview.

Khloe Kardashian Goes Off on Kris Jenner

With Scott Disick, Kris and Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian all listening in, Khloe threatens to glow Kris, revelation her it’s “f-cked” up which Jenner didn’t review the pre-arranged questions.

Of course, it’s right away months after this part has aired and we all know Kris is still Khloe’s manager.

So a little of this scripted play has mislaid the suspense.

But still. You can watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online around TV Fanatic and you can relive a little of the most appropriate photos from Season 9 below:

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Pictures
Just Say No

1. Just Say No
Bruce does. But who is the aim of his offensive?