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While it might appear similar to Selena Gomez is relocating on from Justin Bieber, he is reportedly assured that’s usually a proviso and which “his girl” will lapse to him eventually.

Sooner rsther than than later, in fact.

  • Justin Bieber Crotch Selfie
  • Selena Gomez Tattoo Photo

“Justin is revelation people which there is something going on in between them,” a source says. “He still calls Selena his girl, and thinks she’s going to come behind to him eventually.”

Why is he so certain? “Because their down payment is unbreakable. He is a bit delusional given they have been not even articulate right away but afterwards again, it’s happened before.”

Fake-sounding quotes aside, which final partial is all true.

They mangle up and they have up, and the former teenager heart throb regularly seems to finish up with Selena Gomez bare in the end. It’s a vicious, voluptuous cycle for Jelena.

Until the one time he doesn’t. Whether this is which time or not, it’s got to happen. Taylor Swift is SO happy she kicked him to the curb, and she’s not the usually one.

The million dollar theme is … will it essentially stick?!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Pictures: Young, Star-Crossed Love
Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez Photo

1. Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez Photo
Justin Bieber loves him a little Selena Gomez. Just see these pics from happier times and you’ll know it.

Whether you’re a Bieber or a Selenator, everybody seems to determine which these dual have been improved detached than together. The explanation is in the pudding, people.

It’s time for all parties to move on with their lives.

Yes, Justin Bieber took her decency and they will regularly have feelings for any other. It’s healthy with one’s initial love, to hunger for them and crave for the great old days.

But those days have been long, prolonged gone.

If we were Selena, we’d dedicate ourselves to the qualification and stop worrying about whatever this d-bag does these days. Because not a lot of great tends to come from it.

When mild-mannered Orlando Bloom punches you and you’re the theme of mixed military investigations as great as large alternative scandals in the same year?

Not a great sign.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez GRINDING
Selena Gomez Straddles Justing Bieber

1. Selena Gomez Straddles Justing Bieber
Selena Gomez assumes the on all sides in Justin Bieber’s brand new Instagram video.

You won’t hold this, but Rush Limbaugh is really unfortunate with the magnanimous media.

On Tuesday, in reply to Robin Williams’ suicide, Limbaugh focused on the actor’s domestic connection and seemed to indicate which Williams killed himself mostly since he was a Democrat.

“What is the left’s worldview in general?” the air wave host asked. “If you had to insert not a truth but an perspective to a revolutionary worldview, it’s one of melancholy and darkness, sadness.

“They’re never happy, have been they? They’re regularly indignant about something. No have a difference what they get, they’re regularly angry.”

Rush Limbaugh Responds to Robin Williams Suicide

Limbaugh afterwards forked to 3 actress friends of Williams’ who had died immature and pronounced which the Oscar leader could never get over “the shame which they died and he didn’t.”

The regressive blowhard came underneath glow for these comments, but Limbaugh didn’t behind down currently on his program.

Instead, he censure the media for rambling his difference all around.

Said Limbaugh:

“All of these low-rent, despicable, irresponsible, pathetic, supposed media watchdogs on the left have been perplexing to have it receptive to advice similar to I pronounced which Robin Williams gave up since he was a magnanimous and is hopelessly cursed to wretchedness and despondency since that’s what liberals have been clinging to.”

But Limbaugh insists his strange remarks were focused on the approach Williams’ genocide was being covered, as against to the genocide itself.

“What I did yesterday was demonstrate a little genuine regard over the actuality which they’re glorifying this,” Limbaugh pronounced of the media. “I was disturbed about the coverage of all this heading to copycats.”

Robin Williams: His Most Memorable Roles
Mork (Mork & Mindy)

1. Mork (Mork & Mindy)
The purpose which proposed it all. Robin Williams starred as an visitor on the late 1970s sitcom Mork & Mindy.

Another regressive commentator, Shepard Smith, apologized after he pragmatic on air which Williams was a doormat for committing suicide.

Meanwhile, this overwhelming sports anchor found a opposite approach to conflict to the tragedy:

Sports Anchor Honors Robin Williams

If anything certain comes out of Robin Williams’ death, maybe it will be this:

Celebrities (and people in general) will be some-more open about their personal issues, some-more up front about inner battles which could lead to critical consequences.

In an talk with Glamour which went viral yesterday, for example, Girls star Zosia Mamet certified to an eating commotion as a teen which done her wish to die.

She’s full of health now, but she knows she’ll never be utterly over this dangerous “obsession.”

But Mamet can at slightest find condolence in the actuality which she isn’t alone. The following important females have all struggled with issues of weight and self-respect – and have all bravely come out the alternative side. We salute them.

Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Eating Disorders
Michelle Duggar Admits to Eating Disorder

1. Michelle Duggar Admits to Eating Disorder
Michelle Duggar battled an eating commotion in the past. We have been blissful she is right away you do most better.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s grandmother, HRM Queen Elizabeth, might appear similar to they suffer a kind, considerate relationship, but not the case, says one tabloid.

The dual have been essentially at war. AT WAR!! And Kate has the top hand!

  • Kate Middleton AT WAR!
  • Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth

One wouldn’t think which with all the Kate Middleton baby strike speculation, a publication would concentration on a feign beef with an 88-year-old, but we digress.

While this ostensible argument in between a one-time commoner and one of the longest-reigning monarchs in the story of Europe is FAR from over, Kate is winning.

According to Life & Style, the Duchess scored “her greatest attainment yet” over her aged enemy by credible Prince William to move out of Kensington Palace.

Their family is off to the countryside. The Queen is presumably really unfortunate … even yet she essentially gave the integrate the estate they will be relocating to.

To be closer to William’s pursuit as a pilot. But who’s counting.

Says the alleged, anonymous, all-knowing house source:

“The black is furious. It’s a outrageous slap in the face. Kate, and right away William, have been promulgation the summary which they exclude to be forced by the black to do anything.”

Sure thing. Amazingly, William’s move to Norfolk is not the initial thing that’s sparked report about the Queen and Kate going at it, a repeated (bogus) topic.

It won’t be the final time, either. Publications have been carnivorous for any genuine headlines about the Duchess, and will stop at subsequent to zero to stir up a little scandal.

In tangible news, Kate done Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Hall of Fame this summer. In respect of which feat, here’s a demeanour behind at twenty-nine of her all-time most appropriate looks:

Kate Middleton: Her twenty-nine Best Looks
Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

1. Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham
Kate Middleton seeking overwhelming as ever. The Duchess worked the red runner at the BOA Olympic Concert skirt in an emerald Jenny Packham pleated gown.

Move over, Kim Kardashian.

Two alternative celebrities have been angling for the pretension of Best Rear End in Hollywood.

A integrate weeks ago, Nicki Minaj done headlines when she expelled the singular art for Anaconda, that facilities the artist in a G-string, popping a little critical booty.

Then, Jennifer Lopez went forward and denounced her singular art currently for a lane essentially patrician “Booty,” display off her considerable item in the process.

This leads to an viewable question: Whose plunder is better?

And the
  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez

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    Vote for
  • Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj

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    Vote for

Who has the improved booty, Jennifer Lopez or Nicki Minaj?
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Naturally, the Kardashians wish to have a say, so we’ll give them one.

Here’s a demeanour at Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall all posing for shots of their back ends:

Kardashian Sisters Take Photos of Their Own Butts
Kylie Jenner Butt Selfie

1. Kylie Jenner Butt Selfie
Kylie Jenner has gotten in on the boundary selfie action proposed by her sisters. It’s an hapless act.

A parents mother is Columbus, Ohio has hopefully schooled a profitable doctrine about humor.

Earlier this month, Jackie Sheaks posted one print of her baby granddaughter on Facebook with channel fasten over her mouth and an additional print of the kid lying in a roasting pan.

She says she meant the images to be a “joke,” but users didn’t only laugh.

And conjunction did Child Protective Services or the internal sheriff, who forsaken by for a revisit and questioned Jackie’s abilities to manipulate a child.

  • Duct-Taped Baby
  • Roasting a Baby?

“We would never mistreat the children,” Sheaks told a internal hire after conference from authorities, adding:

“It’s really taught me a lesson: what we think is funny, alternative people don’t… it will never occur again.”

Seriously. Just when we suspicion it couldn’t get worse than restraining a baby to your marriage robe and boring it down the aisle.

Add this to the most reasons because grandparents should get off amicable media… 

11 Reasons Grandparents Shouldn’t Use Facebook

Let’s only be blissful this parents mother is on Facebook and not at the back of the wheel, we suppose.

Ramona Singer is feeling flustered by father Mario Singer stepping out with Kasey Dexter right after she voiced their divorce on Twitter, sources say.

Not usually that, the being star usually rented a Hamptons lodge for the complete month of August, usually to watch him canoodling with his chick on the side all over the place.

He’s ruining her vacation, in alternative words. The horror.

  • Ramona Singer on Bravo
  • Mario Singer and Kasey Dexter

Out in the open, Mario Singer was over his 32-year-old game at the Women’s Health Party Under the Stars in Bridgehampton on Saturday night.

“Mario was grabbing her butt, and the dual were creation out in front of everyone. It was unequivocally awkward,” says a source informed with Ramona Singer’s divorce.

“Ramona is utterly humiliated, broke [and] receiving this unequivocally badly. She unequivocally attempted to have it [the marriage] work. She doesn’t know what to do with her life.”

“Mario is staying with a great friend, who additionally has a most younger girlfriend. Ramona suspicion she would be means to relax and get divided from all of the drama.”

Mario has right away done which impossible, however.

Allegations flush in late 2013 and early 2014 which Mario had been intrigue with a most younger woman, but the dual attempted to have things work.

After he was held with Dexter again this summer, however, Singer attempted to sell out the charlatan and the story to the tabloids, but found no takers.

She staid for usually Tweeting the headlines out.

“I have motionless to move on with my hold up but Mario,” she wrote. “I attempted my most appropriate to have my matrimony work. I am vehement for the brand brand new section in my life.”

So have been we, generally if it plays out on The Real Housewives of New York City and facilities a little crazy-eyed fights with Mario and his brand brand new piece.

15 Crazy Ramona Singer Photos: Those Eyes!
Ramona Singer: The Crazy Eyes Have It!

1. Ramona Singer: The Crazy Eyes Have It!
Ramona Singer has a little funny eyes. See Exhibit A (and B, C, D, E …)

Robin Williams tragically committed self-murder on Monday sunrise and, additionally tragically, a little of the greeting to which eventuality has done us subject the conviction in humanity.

Take Todd Bridges and Shephard Smith, both of whom referred to Williams as a greedy coward.

Or take any series of unknown Internet trolls, who essentially forced Zelda Williams to give up amicable media since they have been such distressing tellurian beings.

Fortunately, there have additionally been a series of certain tributes to Williams, such as this one from Jimmy Fallon – and additionally the following pointed one by sports anchor Zach Klein, who rattles off TWENTY-THREE references to Williams and his movies in a two-minute segment.

Can you catch any one?

Sports Anchor Honors Robin Williams

Pretty beautiful and impressive, right?

We go on to keep the friends and family members of Robin Williams in the thoughts.

21 Memorable Robin Williams Quotes
That You May Contribute a Verse

1. That You May Contribute a Verse
What will YOUR hymn be?

If you didn’t hold us yesterday that Iowa rancher and Bachelorette third-place finisher Chris Soules is The Bachelor, this print ought to do the job.

Chris Soules and Cody Sattler

The revelation design on Chris’ Instagram page shows the Soules Man with Bachelorette friend Cody Sattler rocking shirts exclaiming “America Needs Farmers.”

While clenching a rose in their teeth for great measure.

This after The Bachelor spoilers guru Reality Steve leaked the news, or at slightest that it was central (we’ve all strongly believed it was Chris for awhile).

Hard to see this as anything but a pointed acknowledgment that he’s some-more than ready to lot out the roses to twenty-five propitious ladies come Jan on ABC.

That or he and Cody have been only unequivocally ardent about cultivation and the purpose in American life. Which is wholly plausible, but still. This is your Bachelor.

No, the print was not captioned “I’m The Bachelor,” and we do not design to listen to him contend it in those difference until the finish of Bachelor in Paradise.

The network is no disbelief land off until that culmination for the big “reveal,” even yet it will come as a warn to no one that Chris Soules gets the nod.

He’s bringing farmers back, or something. Did they ever leave? Were they ever at the forefront of masculinity and sexiness in the cocktail informative sense?

We’re not sure. But his preference should fool around good with Bachelor Nation, that pushed for him to get the curtsy as shortly as Andi Dorfman let him go.

Are you vehement to watch Chris Soules as The Bachelor?


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Chris Soules Photos: The Bachelor 2015!
Soules Man

1. Soules Man
Chris Soules, a.k.a. the rancher from Iowa on The Bachelorette, stays the the one preferred to be the subsequent Bachelor.

Another luminary genocide has befallen Hollywood.

With Robin Williams carrying committed self-murder on Monday, and Lauren Bacall succumbing to old age yesterday, TMZ right divided confirms which Million Dollar inventory star Edith Flagg has additionally upheld away.

A pyre survivor and a conform mogul, Edith was a spectator the one preferred on her grandson Josh Flagg’s program.

Edith Flagg Image

“My parents mother was a legend, not usually in my eyes, but in the eyes of the large people she helped and touched,” Josh wrote to TMZ around email. “Beverly Hills and LA have mislaid one of the good members of the community.”

In sequence to shun the Nazis, Edith Flagg fled her local Austria at the age of 19. She in the future done it to the U.S. in the 1940s and built her happening in the conform industry.

Flagg famously brought polyester to the States after anticipating the fabric in Switzerland.

May she rest in peace.

Celebrities We Lost in 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will perpetually be missed!