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Looking overwhelming as ever, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton strategically placed a purse over her stomach during a stately coming Tuesday.

It was sufficient to send the media and gossip-loving open in to a frenzy wondering if there is in truth something lush … and we’re not articulate about the flowers!

  • Kate Middleton: Baby Bumpin' in Blue?
  • Kate Middleton: Baby Bump in Blue?

Is Kate Middleton profound with her second child? We rarely disbelief it, as the purported “baby bump” shown on this day would not be called that on any one else.

When you’re Kate, and rumors whirl about you being knocked up (hopefully awaiting a baby lady this time) all day any day, this someway qualifies.

Seriously, though? If her ostensible crony Jessica Hay’s new “confirmation” were at all accurate, she would be display a lot some-more than this by now.

A lot more. What she is display is a good understanding of emotion, carrying visited the Tower of London’s “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” installation.

Kate, father Prince William and Prince Harry paid reverence to the site, that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the commencement of World War I.

It will in the future reason 888,246 ceramic red poppies, representing any and any British and British colonial detriment of hold up during the “Great War.”

That, not feeling detained in London (another good publication gossip of new weeks), was sufficient to move a rip to the 32-year-old’s eye on this day.

17 Vintage Kate Middleton Photos
Vintage Kate Middleton and Prince William

1. Vintage Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William behind when they initial proposed dating. Such an darling design … and such a conduct of hair he used to have!

The direction of carrying your marriage photos edited to have it demeanour similar to your guest have been using from a dinosaur is strictly played out.

When newlyeds Jesse and Pamela Sargeant jumped on house with the trend, however, they combined one consequential part which can have any breakthrough cool again: Jeff freakin’ Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum Dinosaur Photo

Goldblum not long ago got engaged to Emilie Livingston, and it seems which over the weekend, he accompanied his 31-year-old (!) fiancee to her friends’ wedding.

Emile’s young, as if hipsterish friends were reportedly so jazzed to see Goldblum in assemblage which they overcame the creepiness of the actuality which Goldblum was similar to 40 when he done Jurassic Park, and insisted the the behaving fable stick on them in a reverence to their the one preferred childhood flick.

Goldblum can be seen in the center of the print wearing a opposite color suit than the alternative guys. He obviously wasn’t in the marriage celebration but concluded to fool around along anyway.

“Thanks to everybody who came to applaud with us, and interjection to Jeff for being a great sport!” the bride wrote on her Facebook page. “Never woulda illusory we’d have the media!”

No word nonetheless on either or not Goldblum skeleton to reconstruct any of his alternative drive-in theatre during his and Livingston’s arriving nuptials. Might we indicate The Fly?

Celebrities Who Got Engaged in 2014
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

1. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a marriage to devise and a baby to welcome. What an sparkling year to come!

Well played, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

On final night’s book of this speak show, the host interviewed Kim Kardashian, asking her about Kanye West, the couple’s marriage and a lot more.

He additionally challenged the being star to a diaper-changing race.

Elsewhere, a match done up lies about Barack Obama in respect of the President’s birthday. And, naturally, pedestrians believed any and each one of them.

(NOTE: President Obama would never take Instagram photos in an Oval Office round pit. Joe Biden, however? Well…)

Relive this book of Lie Witness News and toggle by most alternative Jimmy Kimmel Live skits we’ve desired of late below:

31 Jimmy Kimmel Live Moments That Crack Our Funny Bone
Lie Witness News: Barack Obama Birthday Edition!

1. Lie Witness News: Barack Obama Birthday Edition!
Jimmy Kimmel Live creates up stories about Barack Obama for this book of Lie Witness News. And everybody believes the lies!

Sorry, Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner.

Madonna isn’t ready to pass the rod of raunchiness to a brand new era only yet.

The singer, who turns 56 on Aug 16, posted an insinuate shot of her arm to Instagram today, fixation her (well-shaven) in isolation partial without delay in front of the camera and essay as a caption:

“Getting ready for my B-day! Yes we cling to the dresses in the bathtub!thanks D&G! #unapologeticbitch.”

Madonna Crotch Shot

A Madonna exposed design was additionally posted online only final month, as the Material Girl Woman obviously wishes to sojourn in the voluptuous spotlight.

Which is improved than the N Word spotlight, we suppose.

Let’s take a demeanour at a little of this artist’s racier shots, shall we?

9 Controversial Photos of Madonna
Madonna Armpit Hair Pic

1. Madonna Armpit Hair Pic
Madonna has hair in her armpit. And she’s not fearful to show it off.

Becky Hammon will retire after sixteen years in the WNBA at the finish of this season.

But she already has her subsequent gig lined up.

The six-time All-Star has been hired by the San Antonio Spurs as an partner manager to Gregg Popovich.

Becky Hammon Playing

“I really most demeanour brazen to the further of Becky Hammon to the staff,” Popovich pronounced in a matter Tuesday. “Having celebrated her operative with the group this past season, I’m assured her basketball IQ, work ethic and interpersonal skills will be a good good to the Spurs.”

Technically, Hammon is NOT the initial womanlike to offer on an NBA coaching staff.

Lisa Boyer – right away join forces with conduct women’s basketball manager at South Carolina – served underneath John Lucas in Cleveland in 2001-02. However, she did not transport with the team, operative with the Cavaliers’ staff as an appendage of her pursuit as partner manager for the WNBA’s Cleveland Rockers.

“A stately day for the NBA and an overwhelming day for women,” pronounced Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman. “I’m so unapproachable of Becky, she’s put in the work. The Spurs have been not a bells and whistles organization, they didn’t do this for PR. They did it given they hold she is the most appropriate chairman for the job.”

Hammon was declared one of the WNBA’s tip fifteen players of all time in Jul 2011 and ranks seventh in WNBA story in points (with 5,809), fourth in assists (1,687) and sixth in games (445).

And she has Kobe Bryant’s backing.

“Big air blower of Becky given she was in college. Very splendid basketball mind,” the luminary Tweeted on guidance the news.

Celebrities Who Played College Football
Joel McHale

1. Joel McHale
Before he done us giggle on Community, Joel McHale done defenses compensate as parsimonious finish for Washington.

Azealia Banks had an astonishing viral strike in 2011 with “212,” and in the years given she’s followed it up with…nothing.

Sure, the occasional Twitter argument kept her in the headlines (the Azealia vs. T.I. twitter beef at the back of in Jun is the things of online legend), but Banks refused to dump any brand new song until she was expelled from her gloomy jot down deal.

Well, which day eventually came final week, and the Harlem-based MC strike the belligerent running.

Banks debuted “Heavy Metal and Reflective” online the same day which longtime swat opposition Nicki Minaj was set to dump her ultimate single, an action of fight which might have forced Minaj to check the recover of “Anaconda.”

Azealia Banks – Heavy Metal And Reflective

Now, Azealia’s premiered the surprisingly action-packed video for “Heavy” only one day after “Anaconda” strike the web. Industry insiders have been job Banks the destiny for years, and it seems transparent she’s vigilant on creation Nicki a thing of the past.

We’re not certain what sparked the ongoing dispute in between Nicki and Azealia, but we do know which “Heavy” has sufficient hype at the back of it to turn 2014’s last-half-of-summer banger.

Here’s anticipating Banks doesn’t confirm to wait for an additional 3 years prior to her subsequent single. 

15 Celebrity Feuds We Never Saw Coming
Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace

1. Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace wondered aloud on Twitter either pot was to censure for a man murdering his wife. Seth Rogen replied which the anchor is a “dumbass.”

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy finished their rendezvous recently, only as the New York Giants fable was set to be inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

Initial reports indicated which the separate was amicable, and which the integrate blamed the dissection on their chaotic work schedules.

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

Then, the doubt or disloyalty rumors started. First, it seemed as yet Strahan had been intrigue on Murphy and the separate was so feeble timed since she’d perceived “proof” which Strahan was carrying on an event only days prior to his gymnasium of luminary ceremony.

Today, the tables have been turned, as TMZ reports which Murphy was held intrigue with late NBA player Jim Jackson.

The attribute in between Murphy and Jackson was reportedly so critical which Strahan eventually found out about it when the dual motionless to take a eighth month together final month.

Sources tighten to Murphy contend which she claims she was in Puerto Rico with her girlfriends, and only happened to run in to Jackson who is an old crony of hers.

She’s reportedly certified which they bending up, but claims which she and Strahan were “on a break” at the time. Murphy additionally continues to say which Michael deceived first.

Celebrity Break-Ups of 2014
Naya Rivera and Big Sean

1. Naya Rivera and Big Sean
Naya Rivera and Big Sean called it quits whilst rumors which he deceived took the luminary report blogosphere by storm.

After marrying singer-songwriter Josh Kelley in 2007, Katherine Heigl says they proposed deliberating family skeleton desirous by her sister, who was adopted from South Korea.

“My family had the own singular look,” the former Grey’s Anatomy singer says.

“I longed for the one I began with my father to have the same look, in a way.”

  • Katherine Heigl Good Housekeeping Cover
  • Katherine Heigl, Kids

The integrate adopted daughter Naleigh, right away 5, in 2009, and Heigl shortly found herself held up in balancing her brand new baby lady and being a operative mom.

“I would come home indignant and undone which I’d longed for all with my kid which day,” she recalls in an talk with Good Housekeeping.

“I didn’t get to arise her up from her snooze or do bath time or bedtime. I’d have to hide in to her room and lick her when she was sleeping, anticipating not to arise her.”

Eventually, the enterprise to outlay time with her kid was as well clever and Heigl took a leave of absence, prior to signing off permanently, from Grey’s.

“I felt similar to my priorities were messed up. I was putting so most time and appetite in to only my work, but I was lifted [to believe] which family comes first,” Heigl says.

The star, who earnings to TV this tumble in NBC’s State of Affairs, welcomed home a second adopted daughter, Adalaide, from Louisiana dual years ago.

Now the family of 4 reside in Utah, where the integrate got tied together 6 and a half years ago, and Heigl can’t prognosticate raising her young kids anywhere else.

“We had big dreams of expanding the family, relocating to the plateau and carrying a quieter life,” Katherine Heigl says of the Kelley clan’s future.

15 Celebrity Moms We Love

1. Beyonce
Beyonce is a doting mom to daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Adding the motherhood shawl to her arms depot has been good for Queen Bey.

For the past multiform months, Sherri Shepherd has been concerned in one of the strangest luminary control disputes in brand new memory.

It began when Shepherd and Lamar Sally separate up behind in May. It was quite bad timing, as a broker was multiform months profound with the couple’s child.

Earlier today, which broker gave bieing innate to a baby boy. Shepherd was not on palm for the delivery, and reportedly wants no partial in raising the child.

Sherri Shepherd Pose

Immediately after their separate (which might have been the outcome of Lamar’s infidelity), Sally and Shepherd fought for custody, with any side wanting to extent the other’s rights to supervised visitations. 

Suddenly and unexpectedly, however, Shepherd altered her balance and settled which she longed for zero to do with the child, as she believed it was regularly Sally’s devise to divorce her and embrace kid await payments.

Now which the baby is born, Shepherd seems vigilant on adhering to her plan. She reportedly done no bid to be benefaction for the smoothness in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, sources contend which Sally is anxious to be a brand new dad.

Shepherd already has a kid from her prior marriage. She not long ago won a justice conflict with ex-husband Jeff Tarpley for control of her 9-year-old son.

Celebrities Who Welcomed Babies in 2014
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

1. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman
American Idol decider and all-around snarkmaster Simon Cowell was malleable a bit by the bieing innate of his son Eric Philip on Feb 14. What a Valentine for Simon and partner Lauren Silverman.

James Safechuck, one of Michael Jackson’s seduction accusers, says the King of Pop used tip formula difference for the sex acts they allegedly intent in.

Think “duck butter.” Now go find something to puke into.

James Safechuck: Michael Jackson Molested Me

Like Wade Robson, who has filed bombshell papers asking the star’s estate to confess Michael Jackson raped him, Safechuck creates a little critical allegations.

Now 36, James Safechuck’s identical legal case claims Jackson molested him when at age 10 when he trafficked with Michael for his Bad tour. This was 1988.

Safechuck claims which Michael taught him to make use of formula words, referring to his construction as “bright light, section city” and job his semen, “duck butter.”

Not usually that, the prosecution claims Jackson used tip signals.

The dual would reason hands, he says, and when Michael proposed scratching the inside of James’ palm with his finger, this indicated which he longed for to have sex.

Safechuck says Jackson longed for a full-blown attribute with him, gripping him out of propagandize and behaving a full-on marriage rite with the boy.

If it’s even possible, the allegations essentially get worse.

He says Jackson took him to a place nicknamed “The Hideout” in Century City to splash sweet, pinkish booze and watch porn of small young kids masturbating.

On a weird note, Safechuck says at one indicate he grown a vanquish on Sheryl Crow, who was one of Jackson’s backup singers … and Michael was furious.

Showing him unflattering cinema of Crow but makeup, a sceptical Jackson obviously attempted to inhibit the youngster from these heterosexual tendencies.

When he reached puberty, he says, the abuse ceased.

The allegations opposite Jackson, who prolonged denied kid seduction claims whilst he was alive and whose estate continues to do so now, show no pointer of you do so.

Remembering Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
The Moonwalk

1. The Moonwalk
Michael Jackson pioneered so most dance moves, he flattering most is in his own category. No one ever changed similar to this guy.