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Did fuel only get total to the Beyonce-Jay Z divorce fire?

From Beyonce herself?!?

Just prior to to midnight on yesterday, Queen Bey and Nicki Minaj expelled a remix of the renouned womanlike empowerment balance “Flawless.”

And there’s no disbelief which Beyonce is referencing the barbarous conveyor situation from May in which sister Solange pounded Jay-Z at the Standard Hotel when she sings:

Beyonce feat. Nicki Minaj – “Flawless”

“We escalate, up in this b–ch similar to elevators/ Of march infrequently s–t go down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.”

But a speculation is additionally creation the approach around the Internet which goes similar to this:

Various outlets have estimated the total net value of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s net to be we estimate $1 billion.

So could Beyonce be implying there’s which many income on the line and the conveyor evidence had something to do with the shrinking state of this critical marriage?

It’s only a theory, but a new inform settled Beyonce and Jay-Z can’t wait for to separate and have been watchful until their On the Run debate is over prior to creation the announcement.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Photos!
Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

1. Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter
Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter. The thespian not long ago common this print on her website.

Following the Solange attack opposite Jay-Z on May 5, both parties concerned and Beyonce expelled a corner make a difference which read:

“The many critical thing is which the family has worked by it. Jay and Solange any pretence their share of shortcoming for what has occurred. They both admit their purpose in this in isolation make a difference which has played out in the public. They have both apologized to any alternative and we have changed brazen as a joined family.”

You oughtta know… that Alanis Morissette is a unapproachable believer of open breastfeeding.

The thespian threw it behind to 2012 in a print posted to Instagram in respect of World Breastfeeding Day today, essay as a heading to the following image:

“family on debate 😉 europe 2012 #worldbreastfeedingweek #isupportyou @msjamielynne #everlovedhischakraglasses @jaygordonmdfaap.”

Alanis Morissette Breastfeeding

Morissette and rapper Mario “Souleye” Treadway marry in May 2010 and welcomed their son Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway after which year on Yuletide Day.

Morissette has prolonged been an advocated of this parental act, observant a integrate years ago which she might breastfeed her kid until he’s six.

Many alternative important mothers have additionally voiced their await for breastfeeding, with such stars as Gisele Bundchen and Jaime King edition identical photos as Alannis and Kristen Bell creation a transparent matter to any one who takes emanate with the maneuver:

They’re only boobs, people.

Breastfeeding on Instagram Pictures
Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding

1. Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding
Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding and removing all done up for a displaying shoot. That is a little considerable multitasking right there.

Ibiza, Spain is the core of the luminary report universe these days.

As you might have heard, Orlando Bloom attempted to punch Justin Bieber final week after the dual exchanged difference over Miranda Kerr.

Then, glow and brimstone scarcely broken us all when Bieber hung out with Kim Kardashian and kompany during a birthday celebration for designer Riccardo Tisci.

Also on Friday evening, apparently, Kim held up with old crony Paris Hilton, posing for an Instagram picture with the ex-A lister:

Kim Kardashian with Paris Hilton

“Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so great to see you & catch up!! Loves it lol,” Kardashian wrote as a caption.

It seems unfit to hold now, but Kim once served as Hilton’s assistant, behind when Paris was the talentless being star mocked by many people around the world.

Then the Kim Kardashian sex fasten was released. Then Kris Jenner mastered the art of marketing. And afterwards the rest became revolting history.

Hilton will shortly recover her second college of music manuscript in an try to once again be relevant, but she’ll need a lot some-more than distressing outspoken ability to transcend Kim’s baffling celebrity at this point.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Photos
Kim Kardashian Cleavage Picture

1. Kim Kardashian Cleavage Picture
This is a print of Kim Kardashian’s cleavage. Not which we indispensable to discuss it you that, of course. We’re certain you already knew.

Miss South Carolina K. Lee Graham wowed judges and fans with her mix of beauty, charm, glamour and comprehension to win the Miss Teen USA 2014 title.

“I can’t even speak right now. This is literally a mental condition come true,” Graham pronounced after earning the desired sash. “Thank you for ancillary me. We did it!”

K. Lee Graham Photos: Miss Teen USA 2014!
K. Lee Graham Bikini Photo

1. K. Lee Graham Bikini Photo
K. Lee Graham of South Carolina was only crowned Miss Teen USA 2014. Here’s one of most good cinema of her.

Not only a flattering face, the tall propagandize youth is at the tip of her category and loves writing, and is essay toward in attendance the University of South Carolina Honors College!

Lee hopes to inspire alternative girls to find loyal beauty on the inside with her blog, Live Beautifully. “[My blog] has turn an opening for me,” she writes.

Her goal? “To residence and demonstrate opinions about issues per physique image, self-respect and personal temperament which immature adults have been challenged with each day.”

It’s a eminent pursuit, and a subject which can regularly make use of clever purpose models.

In receiving over the crown, the poetic Graham bested 50 contestants in a Q&A event and a swim suit catwalk, between alternative hurdles along the way.

Miss California, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mississippi were the last 5 ladies who modernized to the make-or-break Q&A portion.

The flourishing ladies really constructed a little noted answers.

Asked where she would wish to go if she was ever invisible, Miss California soon answered the White House … since she is such a outrageous Scandal fan.

Anyway, congrats to K. Lee and to 2014’s Miss USA Nia Sanchez!

Nia Sanchez Photos: Miss USA 2014!
Nia Sanchez: Miss USA!

1. Nia Sanchez: Miss USA!
Nia Sanchez is your brand new Miss USA for 2014. Congratulations Nia on a pursuit good done.