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Well, which was fast. The same day which E! News reliable which it’s over in between Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, J-Law’s ex was speckled on what appeared to be a cooking date with Kristen Stewart!

Stewart and Hoult have been filming a movie entitled Equals in Tokyo, and they were reportedly speckled removing extremely accessible with any alternative during a sushi dinner.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Photo

No word on either or not KStew was the means of Nicholas and Jen’s breakup, but she’s positively not on top of seducing her non-single co-stars, right, Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross?

Early reports prove which Hoult pennyless up with Lawrence unexpectedly, so whilst we hatred to burst to conclusions, we’d contend there’s positively a probability which Nicholas became soft with his co-star and dumped Jen from afar.

Yes, it’s tough to suppose any one personification J-Law similar to that, but Kristen’s got a bizarre energy over men.

Fortunately, punish is simply inside of Jen’s grasp. Kristen’s ex has, Robert Pattinson, has pronounced which he “loves” Lawrence in new interviews. 

We’re presaging a Lawttinson hook-up a little time in the nearby future. It would be a vital ascent for both parties! 

Kristen’s positively no slump (though she does tend to slouch), but have you seen Jen lately? Go for it, Rob!

21 Hottest Jennifer Lawrence Photos
Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture

1. Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture
Wow. That’s the usually word that’s unequivocally required when gazing on this Jennifer Lawrence photo.

Ben Affleck is set to star in Gone Girl and additionally as Batman in the 2016 Man of Steel sequel.

But the actor’s chaotic veteran hold up competence be zero compared to his bustling personal life… since mother Jennfer Garner is profound with the couple’s fourth child!

If you hold this week’s emanate of OK! Weekly for a little reason.

Jennifer Garner Pregnant Story

The cover of this supermarket broom screams about a SHOCKER and claims JEN’S PREGNANT, nonetheless the excellent imitation reads that Jen and Ben have been removing “ready for baby No. 4.”

It additionally alleges Affleck and Garner have been in counseling, that competence have something to do with Affleck’s gambling addiction.

Again, usually if you essentially buy what the repository is selling.

The couple, one of the favorites in Hollywood, is already relatives to Violet Anne Affleck (born Dec 1, 2005); Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck (born Jan 6, 2009); and Samuel Garner Affleck (born Feb 27, 2012).

We do not think they’ll be adding to this fruit again any time soon.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Photos: Through the Years

1. Bennifer
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Such a honeyed couple.

Pretty Woman? More similar to Totally Terrifying Woman!

In the following video, a dog is shown a design of Julia Roberts in a magazine… usually to run divided in perfect terror.

Is it a fluke? A coincidence? A entrenched fright of America’s Sweetheart? You discuss it us as you watch what happens when the canine’s owners shows him a print of Roberts for a second time:

Dog Gets Freaked Out by Julia Roberts

YIKES! Come on, dog. August: Osage County wasn’t that bad.

Then again, Roberts can be kind of frightening:

Julia Roberts GIF

This might be the funniest video we’ve seen given this dog ran in his nap and afterwards crashed in to a wall.

Seriously. Man’s Best Friend can mostly times be Man’s Most Confusing friend. But we love them anyway!

21 Giant Dogs Who Think They Are Small Dogs
Hugs Not Drugs

1. Hugs Not Drugs
Big dogs need love too.

PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson voiced a leave of deficiency from golf this week, citing personal problems. Right on evidence came reports of mixed unsuccessful drug tests.

Johnson, who is intent to Paulina Gretzky, expelled a matter observant he is “taking a leave of deficiency from veteran golf, in effect immediately.”

“I will make use of this time to find veteran assistance for personal hurdles I have faced.”

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson Photo

The 30-year-old says he will concentration on “committing the time and resources compulsory to urge my mental health, earthy contentment and romantic foundation.”

In you do so, in an unlimited time frame, “I am assured I will be improved versed to perform my intensity and turn a unchanging champion.”

It appears there’s some-more to this than this deceptive reason suggests, however.

According to TMZ and Golf (dot) com, DJ tested certain for cocaine, his third unsuccessful drug exam in the past 5 years (2009 for weed, 2012 and 2014 for coke).

The website claims he has been dangling for 6 months by the Tour.

Under the PGA’s drug-testing policies, the classification is not compulsory to make known disciplinary actions opposite players who exam certain for recreational drugs.

The PGA Tour expelled a brusque matter wishing Johnson good and observant it looked brazen to his return, but on condition which any one more details.

When asked without delay about Johnson’s suspension, Ty Votaw, senior manager clamp boss of the PGA Tour, pronounced Friday which the Tour would have no serve comment.

27 Celebrities Who Have Dated Athletes
Kim Kardashian

1. Kim Kardashian
Kanye West is the exception, not the rule. Kim Kardashian has gotten it on with Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and Kris Humphries.

Lizzie Rovsek and Tamra Barney have been in the surrounded by of an epic argument which extends over what fans saw on The Real Housewives of Orange County Monday.

After Barney inadvertently (or intentionally) bloody Rovsek’s phone series to the universe in the surrounded by of their ongoing beef, she released an apology.

One which Lizzie will not be accepting.

  • RHOC Wife
  • Lizzie Rovsek Wedding Dress

Amid reports which Bravo dismissed Tamra Barney from The Real Housewives of Orange County, she’s been attack behind at what she feels is unflattering editing.

Tamra claims which she didn’t splinter on a celebration for Lizzie (Rovsek is additionally being dismissed from the show, reports say), but rsther than had to skip it since her daughter was sick.

Barney already bloody Bravo for this, but when she took to amicable media to share a content which valid Rovsek was formulating drama, she enclosed her co-star’s digits.

“It was never my goal to display Lizzie’s phone series and it was deleted in seconds after I satisfied her series was attached,” explains Tamra.

Given her lane jot down this season, is any one out there shopping that?

“I had deleted Lizzie series after the reunion. Therefore her prior content messages came up by her phone number. I feel hideous and unequivocally contemptible which it happened.”

“I even attempted to call her rught away to let her know,” she insists.

True? Untrue? Is Tamra honestly contemptible or only spewing B.S.

Either way, Rovsek is not shopping it after she says she got so most calls and texts after Barney’s post went up which she had to shift her number.

But not prior to posting the following allude to on Facebook:

“The liar was the hottest to urge his veracity, the doormat his courage, the uncouth his gentlemanliness, and the rascal his honour.”

Oooh, that’s gotta hurt, Tam. Burrrrrrrrrn.

All the behind-the-scenes play might not have a difference most longer if these dual have been unequivocally removing the heave-ho … but it should have for one heck of a reunion show.

Real Housewives: Before They Were Reality Stars!
Tamra Barney: Before The Real Housewives

1. Tamra Barney: Before The Real Housewives
OCs Tamra was utterly the bodacious swim suit babe. Still is!

Remember Carleigh O’Connell? The 14-year old who responded to bullying by her classmates by posing for a Facebook print to one side the scornful square of wall scrawl left for her by pronounced classmates?

Now it’s time to meet Tanis Jex-Blake – and to be similarly inspired.

This mom of 5 was suntanning at Alberta Beach in Edmonton on Tuesday, wearing a two-piece for the initial time given giving bieing born to her initial kid in 2001.

While perplexing to relax, she overheard people referring to her as “nasty” and “disgusting” and afterwards non-stop her eyes to see dual group and one lady indicating at her widen mark-filled stomach.

  • Mother Stretch Marks
  • Mother of 5

Jex-Blake says she fast left, pennyless down in the car float home, but afterwards motionless to mount up for herself on Facebook.

“I’m contemptible if my initial try at object tanning in a swim suit in open in thirteen years ‘grossed you out’. I’m contemptible which my go through isn’t prosaic and tight. I’m contemptible which my swell is lonesome in widen marks,” she wrote to one side the photos above.

Added Tanis:

“I’m NOT contemptible which my physique has housed, grown, protected, birthed and nurtured FIVE fabulous, healthy, smart and smashing tellurian beings. I’m contemptible if my 33 year old, 125 lb physique annoyed you so most which you felt which pointing, laughing, and sanctimonious to flog me.”

The 33-year old says she didn’t know how folks would reply to her post, but concluded:

“I’ll have you know which as I looked at your ‘perfect’ immature bodies, I could usually think to myself ‘what good and extraordinary attainment has YOUR physique done?’. I’ll additionally have you know which I hold my conduct high, steadfast as you mocked me, sanctimonious which what you pronounced and did had no outcome on me; but I cried in the car on the expostulate home.

“I can usually goal which one day you’ll comprehend which my conflict scars have been something to be unapproachable of, not abashed of.”

A internal air wave hire shared Jex-Blake’s cinema and story online and she has been shocked/flattered by the cheer of await she’s received.

Wrote one man, for example: “My mother has 4 kids… and we call her widen outlines ‘love stories’. It’s beautiful! Real group conclude those widen marks.”

Let’s goal the lame, feign group out there take note and shift their attitude.

11 Signs You’re a Parent
Potty Time

1. Potty Time
What is it about going to the lavatory which acts as a Bat Signal for children, shocking them to your locale and vagrant them to be your assembly while you do your business?

The Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have been wasting no time acclimating to hold up in the open eye … and enjoying moments together in private.

Described as a critical lady who doesn’t take herself as good seriously, Andi valid this nonetheless again in posing with fiance Josh and his dog, Sabel:

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Frown

“The family which frowns together stays together,” Dorfman captioned the print of herself with her brand new family members, which she common around Twitter.

Andi’s signature scowl on The Bachelorette was likened to Grumpy Cat by host Chris Harrison, but given Josh’s love for Sabel, this is even better.

Even if you’re a card-carrying part of of Team Nick Viall, there’s small disbelief which Andi is happy with her preference on the 10th deteriorate of the ABC hit.

Dorfman, 27, and Murray, 29, have been tweeting and Instagramming about one an additional around the time given their intrigue went open this week.

She additionally common a print of herself with the hulk ring Josh gave her.

“In love with this ring but some-more in love with the male who gave it to me!” she wrote to one side the design of her diamond, pleasantness of Neil Lane.

Andi Dorfman Engagement Ring

Job good done, Josh/Neil. You can both relax and bask in that.

The ring is manifest in a little of Josh’s snapshots, too, together with one of the integrate en track behind to Atlanta, Ga., the city that’s home to both being stars.

“5 hours of nap in 3 days, sooooo delirious, time for moody behind home to ATL with my love @andi_dorfman,” the former ball player wrote.

Their destiny skeleton engage a total lot of purgation about any other. And some-more than expected a marriage in the spring, presumably with ABC along for the ride.

They’ve pronounced they’re in no pour out to get tied together but have been already formulation on relocating in together once the media windstorm ends and they get behind to genuine life.

What do you think: Will Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray last?


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Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray: A Bachelorette Romance
Josh and Andi

1. Josh and Andi
Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray on The Bachelorette. They have been a great-looking duo.

Two brand brand new vivid print for Gone Girl have been unveiled.

Both underline Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne, the father indicted of murdering his mother in the arriving film, which is formed on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel.

They both additionally etch a headlines yield club which tells us the poke for Nick’s mother (“Amazing Amy”) is ongoing, whilst the tagline tells us we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s… you know.

  • Gone Girl Promotional Poster
  • Gone Girl Photo

Rosamund Pike stars conflicting Affleck as Amy and the extravagantly expected movie hits theaters on Oct 3.

Have you noticed the creepily overwhelming Gone Girl trailer yet?

Affleck, of course, is additionally requisitioned for an additional really high-profile project.

He will enclose the top and leather belt as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a terribly-titled blockbuster which brings behind Henry Cavil as the Man of Steel and additionally includes Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

It comes out in 2016.

Gone Girl Posters
Gone Girl Poster

1. Gone Girl Poster
This brand brand new Gone Girl print has us funny vehement for the movie. Is it Oct 3 yet?!?

The fallout from the Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom fight gets some-more waggish by the day.

  • Justin Bieber Shrugs
  • Bloom, Orlando

As you might know, Justin has been derisive Bloom on Instagram, posting and deletion a print of Bloom looming to be in tears, as good as a shot of Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

It was creatively suspicion which this was Bieber’s approach of venting his disappointment at carrying been swung on and flustered in front of a star-studded throng in Ibiza.

Now, sources discuss it TMZ which – notwithstanding carrying not thrown a punch – Bieber thinks he “won” the fight, and his unconstrained online needling of Bloom is his approach of reminding the open how “hard” he is.

According to Justn’s posse, Bieber didn’t even commend Bloom when he attempted to shake up his hand, and was confused and pissed when Bloom rebuffed him.

Bieber right away believes which the ubiquitous open thinks he came out on tip in the confrontation, and he’s delusionally basking in his victory.

Insiders contend Justin is amatory each impulse of the press coverage, which he believes creates him demeanour similar to a badass with travel cred galore (an picture he’s been perplexing to favour for years).

He’s reportedly additionally enjoying the actuality which so most people incorrectly hold which he slept with Kerr. 

Stars React to Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom Fight
Jimmy Fallon

1. Jimmy Fallon
“Orlando Bloom assumingly threw a punch at Justin Bieber final night during an evidence at a nightclub,” the Tonight Show host pronounced in his monologue. “Orlando’s palm was flattering bruise today…You know, from all the tall fives he got!”

Justin Jedlica, a.k.a. the Human Ken Doll, says he never set out to demeanour similar to a doll by undergoing large cosmetic surgeries and apropos an Internet … something.

So he says in an talk for Oprah Winfrey’s Where Are They Now?

Justin Jedlica: Where Are They Now Promo

Becoming a vital Human Ken Doll was never his thought or goal, but 150 or so cosmetic procedures later, someone called him which and BOOM.

“20/20 called me the Human Ken Doll. It was meant to be lovable and catchy,” the 33-year-old says, reflecting on his 2012 talk with which program.

“I think of it in a laughable way. I do not indispensably think I demeanour similar to Ken.”

Perhaps not. Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova doesn’t indispensably demeanour similar to her cosmetic correspondence either. It’s some-more the thought which they’re … well, plastic.

Justin Jedlica additionally says which the prominence has been a net positive.

“All in all, the Ken Doll materialisation for me has been a certain thing,” he says, never one to demeanour a present equine (or cosmetic surgeon) in the mouth.

“It’s something that’s since me a brand new purpose, and it looks as yet it might give me a career. So I can’t unequivocally hit it. I’ll be called the Human Ken Doll forever.”

There have been worse things, he notes, than being compared to the quintessential man toy, one combined as the prototypical masculine who wants to crash Barbie.

“It’s flattering,” Jedlica mused in April. “As a kid, you fool around with Ken dolls and kind of pretence which is what a large man is ostensible to demeanour like.”

Just the same, he looks at himself as reduction Ken, some-more Japanese anime manga. “It’s arrange of which over-stylized, cartoonish chronicle of tellurian form [that I like],” he says.

Whatever you wish to call him, you gotta check out this gallery:

Justin Jedlica: The Human Ken Doll
Justin Jedlica Before and After

1. Justin Jedlica Before and After
Justin Jedlica prior to and after photos … have been kinda freaking us out.