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Paul Walker has died. The actress most appropriate well known for The Fast and the Furious authorization perished this afternoon in a single-car pile-up and blast in California.

The collision happened in Santa Clarita, north of L.A. He was 40.

Paul Walker Photo

According to TMZ sources, Walker was in a Porsche when the motorist someway mislaid carry out and strike a post or tree, causing the car to detonate in to flames.

Paul and the alternative chairman in the car were killed in the blaze.

The star was at a car show to lift income for the Philippines gale service effort, and sources contend he was receiving a float in a two-seater Porsche GT.

The pile-up reportedly happened during the gift event.

Police have been all over the scene, and the L.A. County Coroner’s Office is en route. It’s misleading at this time what caused the pile-up or who was driving.

Two victims have been conspicuous dead, yet neither’s temperament has been done publicly available. Our hearts go out to both of their families.

Paul Walker Dead at 40

A local of Glendale, Calif., Walker initial pennyless out in the late 1990s movies Pleasantville and Varsity Blues, followed by She’s All That and The Skulls.

He assimilated the successful Fast and the Furious franchise in 2001, and most not long ago reprised his purpose as Brian O’Conner in Fast & Furious 6 in 2013.

Fast & Furious 7 was voiced for a 2014 debut.

While compelling his ultimate movie Hours progressing this month, Walker suggested that his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow, not long ago changed to live with him.

Story developing

UPDATE: This inform was followed by others claiming it is all a hoax. The usually emanate is that the story job Walker’s genocide a anything forged is the tangible hoax.

These reports have been all from a website that has an involuntary generator of electric power set for any luminary whose name you instruct to block in. The anything forged reports have been false.


UPDATE: Two videos of the crash, as seen on a circuitously notice camera, and by witnesses pulling by right after it took place, have surfaced:

  • Paul Walker Crash Video
  • Paul Walker Crash

UPDATE: Paul Walker‘s deputy has reliable the tragedy that took place now and offering a little one more details, posting on Facebook:

“It is with a indeed complicated heart that we contingency endorse that Paul Walker upheld divided now in a comfortless car collision whilst in attendance a gift eventuality for his classification Reach Out Worldwide.”

“He was a newcomer in a friend’s car, in that both mislaid their lives. We conclude your calm as we as well have been dumbfounded and saddened over idea by this news.”

“Thank you for gripping his family and friends in your prayers during this really formidable time. We will do the most appropriate to keep you familiar on where to send condolences.”

New Regency, the college of music at the behind of the Fast & Furious films, Tweeted: “It is with good dolour to inform that @RealPaulWalker has upheld away. We will skip you. #RIP”

UPDATE: Walker’s physique was burnt so really bad that officials will need dental annals to brand the body. Because of this, an post-mortem has been delayed.

The bodies of Paul and his crony and commercial operation partner Roger Rodas have been now unidentifiable, pulling behind the examinations of their deaths.

Autopsies will be conducted after this week.

Paul Walker and Friend

Rodas (pictured with Walker, above) was 38. Friends for scarcely a decade, he helped Paul begin his substructure to yield mess service opposite the world.

UPDATE: The escape of pique and love for Walker in the final eighteen hours from his co-workers, friends and fans been zero short of immense.

As for the destiny of his unprepared project, sources tighten to the prolongation have been doubtful (for most reasons) per the destiny of Fast & Furious 7.

UPDATE: Officials hold speed was a cause in the pile-up that killed the star, yet it will take time prior to they know how quick he was going.

In the meantime, there is already a temporary commemorative set up at the site of the accident, with most fans of the actress entertainment to compensate their respects.

  • Tyrese Breaks Down at Paul Walker Crash Site
  • Paul Walker Mourned By Fans, Friends, Colleagues

UPDATE: Police have been questioning the probability that a travel competition was to censure for the pile-up that killed the dual men, yet this is still unconfirmed.

They think racing at tall speeds in the streets, not distinct the Fast & Furious franchise that done the actress a star, might have contributed to the wreck.

Police contend speed was a cause in the deadly accident, and the area where the pile-up occurred has a story of being a renouned travel racing location.

Other sources contend there is justification of a automatic disaster with the Porsche in question, and that a liquid trickle might have led to the pair’s black demise.

Either way, military think a competition might have been involved. Whether that’s true, or associated to any automatic emanate that felled them, stays to be seen.

The review in to the pile-up that killed Walker is ongoing. After the accident, one of Paul’s friends described the stage as he saw it. Take a look:

Paul Walker’s Friend Describes Crash

UPDATE: Paul’s father, Paul Walker Sr., not long ago pennyless down vocalization about his son and the detriment his total family is experiencing after final weekend’s events.

It’s incredibly relocating to watch the male speak about Paul, quite at the finish when he speaks about how his late son would wish to be remembered …

Paul Walker’s Dad Speaks on Tragedy

UPDATE: Movie Fanatic has posted one of Paul’s final interviews, in that he discusses his arriving Hurricane Katrina movie Hours and the stroke on his life.

Watch the actor’s Q&A and the trailer for the Dec thirteen movie below:

  • Paul Walker: One of His Final Interviews
  • Hours Trailer

UPDATE: Vin Diesel, Paul’s tighten crony and co-star in the Fast and the Furious franchise, spoke to fans at the pile-up site incited temporary commemorative Monday night.

Diesel thanked them for their love for the “angel in heaven” and pronounced the show of await for a male he desired similar to a hermit is something he’ll never forget.

Here have been dual angles of Vin’s short residence on a military megaphone:

  • Vin Diesel Gets Emotional About Paul Walker
  • Vin Diesel Speaks to Crowd at Paul Walker Memorial

His Airness will shortly acquire his heirness. Michael Jordan and mother Yvette Preito have been awaiting their initial kid together, the NBA legend’s repute has confirmed.

Yvette Prieto Photo

They’ve been gripping this on the D.L., but a print initial looming on Terez Owens shows which she is really pregnant, so the kid should be here soon.

The baby will be the initial for Yvette, whilst Jordan, right away the Charlotte Bobcats owner, has 3 young kids from his prior matrimony to Juanita Venoy.

The twin were scored equally together seventeen years prior to bursting in 2006. They have sons Jeffrey Michael, 24, and Marcus James, 22, and daughter Jasmine, 19, together.

Jordan, 50, and Yvette Prieto, 34, scored equally the tangle 7 months ago in a intemperate marriage hold in Palm Beach, Fla. They’ve been together some-more than 5 years.

MJ and the Cuban-American indication were assimilated by important pals, together with Robin Thicke, Usher, Tiger Woods, Patrick Ewing and Spike Lee, for the occasion.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be parents!

Elan Gale, a TV writer whose credits embody The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, got in to an epic beef with a newcomer on his moody on Thanksgiving.

He live-Tweeted the total thing, from prior to taking moody until after landing, and each passive-aggressive (or essentially aggressive) dart is documented.

The airline argument for the ages played out in genuine time at Gale’s @theyearofelan Twitter handle, and we’ve posted it in full subsequent for your enjoyment.

Elan Gale Airline Twitter Fight

The tale began as the pair’s US Airways moody to Phoenix was behind at takeoff, and Elan proposed pity his co-passenger’s stupid reactions.

Soon, he motionless to rivet her, and whilst he was positively antagonistic, it’s tough to feel a lot of magnetism for “Diane” after you see her responses.

Every line subsequent is a Tweet from Elan. You gotta review this, it’s value it …

Our moody is delayed. A woman on here is unequivocally dissapoint since she has Thanksgiving plans. She is the usually one obviously. Praying for her

She’s revelation the moody attendants which it is Thanksgiving. She wants them to know she wants to have cooking with her family

The masculine moody in attendance pronounced “I assimilate ma’am. I’m seeking brazen to saying my family too.” She responded “This isn’t about you”

Her family is unequivocally critical to her, she says. Her family has a special recipe for stuffing. She needs to be there to help. It is crucial

She has a joining flight. Why doesn’t any one assimilate she has a joining flight? Why do people not assimilate her needs?

“Today is Thanksgiving! I’m ostensible to be with my family. NOT with you people I hardly know!”

She had to lay down since we took off. She has been muttering “about DAMN time” and I can listen to her respirating from 5 rows back

I sent the woman a potion of booze and a note:

Elan 4

She’s pulling her call symbol a lot

The masculine moody in attendance is giving me the “let’s only fake this never happened” face. Shaking his conduct a lot

He gave me dual small bottles of vodka but he won’t palm them to her. He says I have to do it myself

I’m going to do it

Oh my God I did it I walked as if I was going to the lavatory and I leaned over and put them on her tray list and walked divided Oh my God

She only stared at me similar to REALLY hard. She was respirating by her teeth and I think she only couldn’t hold I was you do that

I’m not going to distortion I am jolt this is so terrifying she is so indignant at me it’s kind of incredible

I do not unequivocally know what to do right away I’m fearful to get out of my seat. This is similar to being on a drum coaster I’m frightened and super excited

The masculine moody in attendance only handed me a note from 7A:

Elan 3

This equates to war

Well I do not know what I’m going to so subsequent but I’ve got dual hours left on this moody and I’m going to retaliate

Diane is in her late 40s or early 50s. She is wearing mother jeans and a studded leather belt and she is wearing a healing facade over her simpleton face

I cannot hold there have been “Diane” apologists in this world. You’re with me or you’re opposite me!

I’m essay a note as we speak

I’m deliberation balling it up and putting it in my mouth and spitting it in to her tray list as I travel by but I haven’t motionless yet

I only walked by her and pronounced “I’ll be behind shortly.” Then I stopped and took this design and smiled at her:

Elan 5

I have delivered the note

My reply to “Diane” in 7A:

Elan 6

I can listen to her breathing

Diane has responded #TeamElan #7A #DianeCanEatMyD:

Elan 2

I am operative on my reply at the moment

Diane has perceived nonetheless an additional note from me. She does not demeanour gratified #7A #TeamElan #DianeCanEatMyD

My last (I think) note to Diane in 7A:

Elan 1

I have landed in Phoenix. No steer of authorities yet

Well, “Diane” only slapped me

She walked right up to me and slapped me rught away in the face

The embankment representative for the subsequent moody essentially grabbed her and hold her back. He asked me if I longed for to have the airfield military come over

I pronounced “no”

She incited to the embankment representative and pronounced “Am I going to have my moody to Sacramento?”

He pronounced “no”

I laughed. And afterwards the embankment representative pronounced “Are you certain you do not wish to speak to the police? You can if you wish to”

And I pronounced “No. It’s okay. I understand. But I do have a note for her.” And I handed it to her and I walked away

The note said…

“Diane, concede me to deliver myself. I am TheYearOfElan…”

“Look me up online. Read each tweet. Read each response. And may be subsequent time you’ll be good to people who have been only perplexing to help”

Suge Knight had an additional confront with the military Friday afternoon, which is usually somewhat reduction startling luminary headlines than DMX removing arrested.

Only Suge was trusting somehow! Like completely!

The former hip bound noble was incorrectly pulled over by Los Angeles cops, who even pulled their guns on him, meditative he was an attack suspect.

Suge Photo

Police had perceived inform of an attack which took place Friday afternoon, afterwards prior to long thereafter, stopped Knight whilst he was pushing in his vehicle.

The outline of the attack think allegedly suited the song producer’s appearance, but they shortly satisfied it was a box of in error identity.

Not prior to weapons were drawn and Marion “Suge” (for Sugar Bear) Knight concluded to go to the military hire to insist his innocence, however.

He was subsequently released, but he is pissed.

Sources told TMZ which the military think the complete inform might have been a hoax, whilst for his part, Knight is deliberation filing a legal case opposite the L.A.P.D.

No offense to Suge, and not observant pulling over the wrong man is fine or anything, but deliberation his lane record, can you unequivocally censure the cops?

Kim Kardashian has most reasons to be thankful.

And she’s listed them all in a brand new blog post.

Kim Kardashian Pushes Daughter

“Thanksgiving was the legal holiday which I regularly outlayed with my father skiing each year in Vail, Colorado since I was 2 years old to 22,” Kardashian wrote online yesterday, together with a print of her dad, who upheld divided in 2003 and adding:

“This time of year regularly brings behind such extraordinary memories. I am grateful I had them. I am so grateful for my family being tighten and regularly so supportive.”

But 2013 has since the being star dual alternative reasons to be filled with thankfulness as well: daughter North West and fiance Kanye West.

“I am additional grateful this year for my baby lady and am so happy I get to outlay this Thanksgiving as a family with my daughter and fiance,” Kardashian continued. “I instruct you all a great full of health happy invocation from the family to yours… Don’t eat as well much.”

Kanye has been generally kind to Kim over the past couple of days.

He labeled her the Most Beautiful Woman in the World on one arise and afterwards compared her agreeably to Marilyn Monroe.

Bruno Mars is set to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII.

But Selena Gomez took to the theatre mid by the Dallas Cowboys-Oakland Raiders matchup yesterday and done her representation for this special mark in the 2015 chronicle of The Big Game.

Watch right away as Gomez belts out a miscellany of hits – together with “Champion,” “Slow Down” and “Come and Get It” – in front of a outrageous audience.

How did she do? Should Justin Bieber lamentation the couple’s breakup? Watch and conflict now:

Selena Gomez Halftime Show

Justin Bieber might be prohibited and erotic in his brand new song video provoke for “All That Matters.”

But in the following video, Justin Bieber’s life guard is simply hot.

While roving in a car with the thespian on debate Down Under, one of Bieber’s environment members pulls over, gets out and approaches an Australian part of of the paparazzi.

The heated sell is prisoner on camera, as the contributor proudly stands his belligerent and Bieber’s life guard flattering obviously kicks his car.

No charges have been filed yet, but watch the funny fight now:

Justin Bieber Bodyguard Attacks Paparazzo

Just final week, an additional one of Bieber’s bodyguards was arrested for assaulting a paparazzo in Hawaii.

Justin might be correct to tie the reigns on these employees. The star is rsther than famous. Cameramen have been gonna follw him around. It’s not a distressing traffic off for celebrity and fortune, is it?

Evelyn Lozada has sparkling headlines to share: she’s pregnant!

And in even some-more sparkling news, for the imminent baby at least, Chad Johnson is NOT the father!

Evelyn Lozada Close Up

Insiders tighten to the former Basketball Wives is 6 months along and which the fetus go to an unnamed male she’s been saying for about a year now.

Moreover, the conceiving physically was programmed and usually a small series of kin have been wakeful of it.

Until now, which is.

Lozada and Johnson had a rocky, well-publicized attribute which came to an finish in Aug 2012 after the ex-wide receiver was indicted of head-butting Evelyn.

This will be Lozada’s second child. She has a 20-year old daughter to whom she gave bieing born at seventeen years old and we send her the most appropriate wishes.

Forget Black Friday.

For dual X Factor finalists, final night became Black Thursday after they were since the foot from Season 3 of this Fox competition.

Goodbye, Lillie McCloud

The hour kicked off with Mario Lopez announcing Lillie McCloud had perceived the slightest series of altogether votes and – poof! – she was simply left from the show.

After a series of alternative artists were deemed safe, it afterwards came down to Josh Levi and Rion Page to conflict it out for survive.

Page sang Pink’s “Perfect” with hopes of remaining, whilst Levi went with Bruno Mars and “When I Was Your Man.”

Paulina and Kelly voted for Rion, Demi and Simon went for Josh… and we were left with a deadlock. Therefore, the preference went behind to the viewers and which was bad headlines for Levi.

He unsuccessful to have the Top  and was sent home.

So, did America get it right this week? Were the correct singers sent home?


View Poll »

BONUS: Demi Lovato additionally achieved “Neon Lights” during the show. Watch now:

Demi Lovato – “Neon Lights” (X Factor Results Show)

A 10-year old Amish lady declared Sarah Hershberger has fled her home, along with her parents, in sequence to equivocate chemotherapy, the family’s profession reliable to The Associated Press yesterday.

The contingent has been intent in a justice conflict with a internal sanatorium in Northern Ohio for months after the relatives chose to hindrance healing diagnosis since they believed it was creation their daughter ill.

Amish folks

A state appeals justice allocated a defender to take over healing decisions for Sarah final month, but Maurice Thompson says his clients have left their home since they “don’t wish Sarah to be taken away.”

Physicians at Akron Children’s Hospital contend Sarah’s leukemia is treatable, but which she will pass divided if unless she receives veteran attention.

The family, however, would cite to provide Sarah’s cancer with healthy medicines, spices and vitamins.

A justice has ruled, however, which the eremite idea of relatives cannot transcend the rights of the state to strengthen a child. Hence, the allocated guardian, with whom the family has had no contact.

The relatives have appealed the preference to both the appeals justice and the Ohio Supreme Court and additionally devise to record a suit to cancel the guardianship.

While the box is being appealed, there have been no skeleton to ask the justice to lane down the family or force the lady in to chemotherapy.

 “I’m really endangered about [Sarah],” pronounced Clair Dickinson, the guardian’s attorney.

Thompson, however, counters which he has been in hit with the family and which the girl’s pick treatments have resulted in softened appetite and even CT scans which show genuine healing progress.