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Miley Cyrus might be putting on a dauntless action – and/or exposing a unclothed breast – but the ultimate emanate of In Touch Weekly alleges it’s all an act.

The thespian has strike stone bottom, is some-more frail than ever and has eventually admitted… she needs help. If you essentially hold this cover story, which is.

Miley Cyrus Tabloid Photo

The repository quotes unknown insiders who contend Cyrus is “destroyed by celebrity and feeling all alone” in the arise of her separate from Liam Hemsworth. She’s additionally ill of the “constant critique from haters” and has incited to pointless hook-ups for solace.

Oh, yes, In Touch essentially has published a print of Miley with her legs widespread and screams which she is “out of control,” carrying been with “4 group in 4 weeks.”

Those would presumably be Mike WiLL Made It, Theo Wenner, a “skater-looking guy” and a little “male model.” This is Pulitzer-winning stating if we’ve ever seen it, folks.

“She doesn’t have most genuine friends and is all the time messed up,” a ostensible crony claims. “She never wants to go home, never wants to be alone and doesn’t wish the celebration to end.”

She additionally has a frightful mania with drug and is all the time in tears, according to the cover story.

Are you shopping any of it? Do you think Miley will be looking assistance any time soon? And should she be? Should Miley Cyrus go to rehab?


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With the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie behind a month, the expel is still being built around Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.

To wit, Victor Rasuk will execute Jose, the determined photographer and classmate of Anastasia, whose tighten loyalty with her pits him opposite Christian.


Of course, we all know he loses out to Grey, the rich office worker whose unfortunate past has left him with a need to browbeat his partners … S&M style.

Rasuk was in HBO’s How to Make It In America, as good as Raising Victor Vargas and the Steven Soderbergh-directed Che. He’ll subsequent be seen in Godzilla.

Luke Grimes was not long ago expel as Christian’s hermit Elliot, and Jennifer Ehle as Ana’s mother, whilst Ana’s most appropriate crony Kate Kavanagh has nonetheless to be cast.

With the brand new lead, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie will proceed prolongation in December. It is still on track, at slightest as of right now, for an Aug 2014 release.

Tara Lynn is generating headlines this week for covering the Spanish book of Elle.

Why all the bitch over a indication on the front of a conform magazine?

Because Tara Lynn is deliberate a plus-size indication and most have been right away wondering since some-more women of her physique sort have been not featured in American publications.

Tara Lynn Elle Cover

Lynn – who is dubbed a “real woman” (Mujer Real) by this book of Vogue –  has graced past covers of Elle France and Vogue Italia, but she has never been partial of a widespread in the U.S.

Do editors think American audiences would be incited off by her shape?

It’s an engaging subject these days, generally as Doutzen Kroes says she feels guilty for being a indication since she thinks those in her on all sides set a bad e.g. for immature women.

Perhaps Lynn could assistance shift that. Are you listening, repository higher-ups?

Amid a flurry of publication reports, name calling, and a control battle, Pauly D’s baby mom Amanda Markert has eventually invited him to see his baby lady … on Twitter.

  • Pauly D's Baby Mama Amanda
  • Pauly D Daughter
  • Pauly D: MONEY

“This is removing out of hand, you’ve had my series given day 1,” she wrote to the DJ. “Come down payment with her any day, any time you and your family want.”

The olive branch/tweet comes after an profession for Markert reportedly shot down his ask for visitation of Amabella, who Pauly has still not met.

The Jersey Shore star (real name Paul DelVecchio) schooled progressing this month which Amanda Markert gave bieing born to their daughter Amabella behind in May.

Soon after, the brand new father told TMZ which he “100 percent” believes which the former Hooters waitress is regulating their kid for her own fifteen mins of fame.

Still, he is perplexing to concentration on the positives and welcome his role.

“Sometimes in reason up things aren’t programmed and they might even shock you at first, but they finish up being a blessing, which is how I feel about carrying a daughter,” he said.

“I’m seeking brazen to being a primogenitor to her.”

Pauly D wants full control of Amabella, and has filed a suit to move a control conference from New Jersey to Las Vegas, where he now lives.

We wouldn’t reason the breath for an gentle fortitude to this, sadly, from what we’ve seen of Amanda so far. But maybe this Tweet is a great begin …

Pauly D's Baby Mama Invites Him to Meet Daughter

Pauly D’s Baby Mama Invites Him to Meet Daughter

Attention, THGers: There has been a Robsten reunion.

Multiple outlets endorse which Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart met up yesterday inside the actor’s gated Los Angeles community.

Us Weekly reports which Stewart’s car was parked at her ex-boyfriend’s residence for we estimate 3 hours and which Pattinson gathering at the at the back of of Kristen in his jeep after she over and got in to her pick-up truck. Hmmm….

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Meet Up!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Meet Up!

Was her hair a mess? Was his shirt unbuttoned? Were there any signs of a hook-up? We simply do not know at the moment.

We do know, however, which this sighting follows speak which Rob and Kristen have been still hooking up.

The former integrate appeared to be headed toward Kristen’s home after their meet-up, a declare says, but split ways after they were speckled by the paparazzi.

Pattinson and Stewart pennyless up in May after they outlayed most months perplexing to correct the repairs caused by Kristen kissing executive Rupert Sanders.

Ironically, this event took place only days after Sanders’ ex-wife, Liberty Ross, spoke to Vanity Fair and labeled her husband’s event with Stewart as “the worst.”

Kristen has not been romantically related with any one given bursting from her Twilight Saga colleague, but Pattinson is rumored to be dating Dylan Penn, the 22-year old daughter of Sean Peen.

We’ll be gripping a tighten eye on Rob and Kristen and will inform at the back of any and all wake up which takes place in between the dual on the travel or at the at the back of of sealed doors… if you know what we mean!

Katy Perry pennyless in to the song gaseous envelope with “I Kissed a Girl” in 2007, but for years prior to that, she toiled and struggled to find celebrity in Hollywood.

Now 29, the recalls you do subsidy vocals for a little vital stars, together with Mick Jagger, with whom she had a really engaging confront a decade ago.

Katy Perry, Jagger

In a new talk with Australian DJs Ash, Kip & Luttsy, on Nova FM, Perry claimed which Jagger came on to her when she was only eighteen years old.

Perry worked with the Rolling Stones rocker on his strike “Old Habits Die Hard,” and she pronounced she even went out to cooking with the right away 70-year-old icon.

“I essentially went to cooking with [Mick] one time, and he strike on me when I was 18!” she said.

“That was a prolonged time ago,” Perry was discerning to note, “and he’s been really kind.”

Indeed, the doubtful paid has left on to combine on some-more song given then. Asked how she incited down the stone god’s advances, Perry suggested a tactic:

“You move a crony and afterwards they do them!” she said. “You scapegoat your friend.”

She’s teasing … hopefully. Jagger’s rep, meanwhile, denies the incident.

“Mick Jagger definitely denies which he has ever done a pass at Katy Perry… Perhaps she is treacherous him with someone else,” the repute pronounced Thursday.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have staid their divorce at last, and she will not removing any wedding await from her soon-to-be-ex, which she primarily sought.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight

The integrate distant behind in 2011, but Moore has been perplexing to get wedding await in the divorce on drift which Kutcher deceived on her whilst married. 

California is a no error state, however, which equates to what it sounds like. It doesn’t make a difference because a integrate splits for purposes of how the finance management have been divided.

The integrate fundamentally separate what they acquired during their marriage, which began in 2005, and sources contend both parties have been confident with the resolution.

Ashton, who only proposed his gig on Two and a Half Men when they separated, is right away the highest-paid singer on TV. Demi does not get half of those earnings.

Yes, Ashton unequivocally is the highest-paid singer on TV. For 2.5 Men.

The singer additionally felt Ashton was stealing a little of his tech businesses/investments from her, which caused a little animosity, but all’s good which ends well.

Especially when you move on and begin dating Mila Kunis.

Justin Bieber has left out of his approach to infer he has horrible ambience in friends is on Team Breezy.

The thespian – who has done no tip of his love for Chris Brown (he’s super dope, people!) – found an astonishing approach to show await for his embattled (?!?!?) associate artist final night:

Bieber spray-painted the summary “FREE BREEZY” on a wall in Bogota, Colombia.

On Team Breezy

This, of course, is a anxiety to Chris Brown’s new detain on attack charges.

But we see at slightest 3 things wrong with the square of graffiti:

  1. Chris Brown is free. His attack assign has been marked down from a transgression to a misconduct and he was expelled this week but wanting to post bail.
  2. Chris Brown has checked himself in to rehab for annoy management, definition he admits he has a complaint and isn’t just a plant here.

Seriously, JB. Brown creates Lil Twist demeanour similar to a certain influence. Find a improved purpose model.

Justin additionally showed off his tagging skills by profitable loyalty to his late hamster, Pac.

Check out dual some-more wall scrawl functions by Bieber next and receptive to advice off: Should he unequivocally be an outspoken part of of Team Breezy?

  • Justin Bieber Honors Pac
  • Justin Bieber Graffiti Art

A Chicago lady charged with DUI and interference a assent military military military officer behind in Mar says in a legal case which a Skokie, Ill., Police military military military officer used extreme force.

In her polite rights legal case filed Tuesday, Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, claims Skokie Police Officer Michael Hart used extreme force when she was arrested.

Video of the eventuality done headlines and Hart was charged with brutality.

Police Officer Charged with Brutality After Shocking Video

Police Officer Charged with Brutality After Shocking Video

“At the doorway of the open prison cell, suspect Hart gave plaintiff a aroused force in the back, regulating both of his hands,” according the legal case she filed.

“Defendant Hart used so most force in you do this which the plaintiff was flung opposite the cell conduct initial in to a petrify dais at the far side of the cell.”

The fit states which Feuerstein’s face was “split open” and which she began to drain profusely. She pennyless multiform skeleton in her face, her counsel said.

The legal case additionally claims which Hart done fake statements to others at the department, erroneously accusing her of facing efforts to be escorted in to a prison cell.

Feuerstein’s lawyer, Torreya Hamilton, subpoenaed footage which shows a male in unvaried pulling her in to a cell and afterwards her conduct distinguished a petrify bench:

“He whips her by the doorway and in to the cell. There was no hazard to any of the military officers. It’s transparent on the video which the [behavior] was indefensible.”

Feuerstein underwent facial reformation operation and right away has a titanium image in her face. All of the teeth on the right side of her mouth have been loose.

The full border of the repairs is not nonetheless known, she said.

The legal case doesn’t ask for a specific volume in damages. The fit states Feuerstein is looking “a satisfactory and only volume enough to recompense her.”

The Skokie military inform of Feuerstein’s detain states she was parked at an intersection with her right feet lazy on the stop pedal, military said.

Feuerstein pleaded guilty to pushing underneath the change of alcohol, Hamilton pronounced Wednesday. The assign of interference a military military military military officer was dismissed.

Judge Jeffrey L. Warnick condemned her to one year of court-ordered organisation and systematic her to compensate a rounded off $1,600 fine, according to justice records.

The facing detain assign opposite and 3 alternative trade citations were dropped, annals show. Hamilton pronounced her customer had no prior charges.

Kelly Ripa might not get points for originality.

But she earns a tall regard for perseverance.

The speak show host and co-anchor Michael Strahan ready to go as a series of cocktail enlightenment icons this sunrise on air, starting with a origination of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke Twerking at the VMAs and stability with their impressions of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

  • Kelly Ripa as Miley Cyrus
  • Kelly Ripa as Kim Kardashian

From there, it was on to the universe of of doubtful authenticity drug dealers (Jesse Pinkman and Walter White) and real-life athletes in love (Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods).

  • Kelly Ripa as Jesse Pinkman
  • Kelly Ripa as Lindsey Vonn

And, finally, the dyad got a little assistance from alternative organisation members and done similar to the dear members of Duck Dynasty:

Kelly Ripa as Duck Dynasty Member

We goal the habit and makeup dialect were paid large bonuses for this discerning changes, all of that took place inside of 60 minutes.

Which Kelly and Michael dress is your favorite?