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When will the halls of William McKinley be filled with strain again? When will Booth and Brennan take on a brand brand brand brand brand brand brand new case? When will America begin to omit The X Factor?

The answers to all these questions and some-more await, as Fox has denounced the tumble premiere date calendar…

fox trademark pic

Wednesday, Sept. 11
8 pm The X Factor (Part 1)

Thursday, Sept. 12
8 pm The X Factor (Part 2, dual hours)

Monday, Sept. 16
8 pm Bones
9 pm Sleepy Hollow (new series)

Tuesday, Sept. 17
8 pm Dads (new series)
8:30 pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine (new series)
9 pm New Girl
9:30 pm The Mindy Project

Thursday, Sept. 19
9 pm Glee

Sunday, Sept. 29
8 pm The Simpsons
8:30 pm Bob’s Burgers
9 pm Family Guy
9:30 pm American Dad

Monday, Nov. 4
8 pm Almost Human (new series)

Friday, Nov. 8
8 pm Bones (new time container premiere)
9 pm Raising Hope
9:30 pm Enlisted (new series)

Sam Mendes, you’re killing us!

After he insisted he didn’t wish to approach any some-more Bond films, Mendes had reportedly sealed on to helm Bond 24, and was even operative on a understanding for Bond 25.

But, which no longer seems to be the case.

During a red runner eventuality for the opening of his West End melodramatic prolongation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mendes insisted he’s been as well focused on the brand brand new fool around to understanding with Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond Pic

When asked about his impasse with the subsequent Bond film, Mendes said “I don’t know yet. I’m in contention over the ‘B’ word and I won’t have any preference until this [play] is open.”

Regardless of either Mendes is directing it, we do know which Daniel Craig will lapse to fool around 007.

We additionally know about the voluptuous brand brand new Bond girl: Penelope Cruz.

That’s great sufficient for now.

Amanda Bynes isn’t happy with a brand brand new set of paparazzi pics, and pronounced on Twitter that she will sue any one who dares to tell the “morphed” image.

“OH MY GOD! THAT’S NOT ME!” wrote the image-obsessed 27-year-old. “They morphed my face onto someone with a opposite face shape!”

“I’m suing any site/magazine that shares that image!”

Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie

It’s not transparent that Amanda Bynes photos she’s articulate about, but in the seductiveness of creation her happy/not removing sued, we have used one of her Twitpics here.

A voluptuous one, we competence add!

Threatening authorised movement isn’t brand brand new for Bynes, who not long ago in jeopardy to sue In Touch for “morphing photos of my face onto someone’s physique to hurt my life!”

In Touch denied altering the images, but no matter. She additionally speedy luminary report magazines to strech out to her but delay … or compensate the price.

“You CAN NOT speak about someone you do not know!” she tweeted.

“All Magazines: Contact Me Personally! I’m ill of your insanity!”

Amanda’s logic is simple, if you stop and think about it:

“You can’t state something about me by conference it by someone I do not know/met once and never spoke to again who right away claims to still know me sufficient to check MY brain and poke inside it and find a grown at twenty-seven mental seizure but removing a outrageous legal case at your office.”


Catching Fire: Coming to Comic-Con!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will have a row at Comic-Con subsequent month, Lionsgate voiced currently in both predicted and overwhelming news.

Sam Claflin as Finnick

It’s misleading which Hunger Games stars will be in attendance, but Lionsgate promises which “talent” from the movie will be there for the Saturday, Jul twenty panel.

One can usually goal (nay, pray) for Jennifer Lawrence.

And Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson and Sam Claflin (above) too, sure. But for reals, Lionsgate … J-Law. Make it happen.

The Lionsgate row will additionally entrance an disdainful brand brand new Catching Fire trailer and brand brand new footage from I, Frankenstein, whose expel will additionally be on hand.

Buy your tickets to San Diego now!

Justin Bieber is confronting a brand brand new lawsuit.

But here’s the great news, Beliebers: it’s not from any brand brand new scandal!

Justin Bieber Crotch Grab Pic

In his authorised filing, Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran alleges which he was perplexing to snap cinema of Bieber and Selena Gomez final year in Calabasas when Justin jumped out of his Mercedes and “delivered a armed forces arts-type flog … in the reduce rib enclosure on the left side of his abdomen.”

From there, according to TMZ, the paparazzo says Bieber punched him in the face and pushed him opposite a parked vehicle.

Gomez returned to the stage of the suspect crime a couple of moments later, grabbed her cell phone and apologized for her then-boyfriend.

No word on what kind of indemnification Duran is looking – but the fit essentially brings up most of Justin’s past deeds, from speeding in his area to allegedly hidden the SIM label of an additional journalist.

Kate Middleton is due to give bieing born to the stately heir(ess) in only a couple of weeks … which creates this luminary report publication cover zero short of amazing.

Kate Middleton Delivery

Promising ALL THE DETAILS of the stately birth, Life & Style omits only one:

  1. Kate Middleton hasn’t essentially delivered the stately baby yet.

Despite this teenager discrepancy, her family and confidence group have “rushed to the hospital,” whilst Prince William has been “torn” from his wife’s side.

Life & Style has taken up essay a little chronological fiction, apparently.

Isn’t the indicate of being a report repository which you write only that?

As in report people competence essentially believe, and which whilst formidable to prove, is similarly severe to disprove? Thus gripping the gossip indent churning?

This is only a bizarre, obvious misstatement of commonly-known fact, not distinct if THG were to discuss it you these Kim Kardashian baby photos were real.

THG NOTE: They’re not, but they’re hilarious.

It’s a stressful time for Kim Kardashian.

She’s a brand new mother, the universe is derisive her daughter’s name (North West… really?!?) and SHE ABSOLUTELY MUST LOSE ALL BABY WEIGHT AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!

At slightest that’s how one source puts it to In Touch Weekly.

Kim Kardashian Weight Story

“Kim is spooky with removing the baby weight off – and fast,” an insider tells the tabloid, adding which she rught away asked her sisters if she looked skinner once North was born.

“Kim’s shocked she will never get her physique back,” combined the birth mark “Everyone has told her not to highlight – which it’s about being full of health and carrying a great mindset for your baby, but her family knows which at the finish of the day, Kim will do what Kim wants.”

That’s true.

Except for the partial about Kim you do what Kim wants. We all know Kim usually does what Kris Jenner wants.

Hell Baby Trailer: Watch Now!

The initial trailer for the abhorrence comedy Hell Baby has arrived.

And no, it’s not about Kanye and Kim’s kid.

…Had to.

Watch the Hell Baby trailer below:

Hell Baby Trailer

Hell Baby Trailer

Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb star as a integrate who move in to a condemned New Orleans mansion.

When Bibb’s impression becomes possessed, they enroll the assistance of a span of Vatican exorcists, played by writer/directors Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon.

 Keegan Michael Key, Riki Lindhome, Paul Scheer, and Rob Huebel additionally star.

Hell Baby looks similar to a really silly, really waggish humerous entertainment in the convention of Garant and Lennon’s Reno 911. Should be fun!

See it in theaters Sep 6, or get it on iTunes Jul 25!

Paula Deen’s partnership with Caesars Entertainment has left bust.

The ultimate misadventure of the celeb chef’s ongoing injustice scandal, which resulted in her banishment from Food Network, Deen was 86’d by the association today.

Poor Paula Deen Photo

Paula Deen Cries on Today

Apparently Paula Deen’s Today talk didn’t stop the bleeding.

The association “reached an agreement with Paula Deen Enterprises not to replenish the commercial operation relationship,” a matter expelled now reads.

While Caesars “appreciate[s] Paula’s frank apologies,” the association believes the move to disjoin ties with her is “in the most appropriate interests of both parties.”

Caesars now operates 4 branded Paula Deen Buffet properties in the following casinos in Louisville, Memphis, Chicago and North Carolina.

The buffets will be rebranded in the entrance months.

On Monday, Deen was forsaken by Smithfield Foods, which had formerly sole Paula-branded hams and used her as a mouthpiece for the brand.

Other sponsors have been reportedly weighing their options.

Paula Deen Today Show Interview

Paula Deen Today Show Interview

Not everybody is prickly to embankment Deen, though. Her restaurants have reportedly been “slammed” (with customers, in a good way), according to her brother.

Interest in her annual Paula Deen Cruise has been so good given the liaison pennyless which the organizer combined an one some-more depart date for 2014.

Finally, a Paula Deen Facebook air blower page has some-more than 200,000 Likes given it was combined over the weekend, a pointer which she still has a air blower base.

Think which will final if her bearing is reduced? In alternative words, will people still hunger for Paula Deen recipes if she loses all her shows and big partnerships?

On Aug 12, The Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 will premiere on Bravo.

Viewers of the being array can design a tide of cat fights, marriage planning, drama.. and a bit reduction of Marysol Patton.

Along with her interesting mother, the star reliable this week to Radar Online which she’s been demoted to a repeated part of of the program’s cast.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Trailer

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Trailer

“I’m not in the main pretension shot with the photos with the girls, but I movie only as most as I did when I was a unchanging housewife,” Patton says. “So, I theory it will come down to the editing.”

Why did the network revoke Marysol shade time?

She thinks Bravo longed for to concentration on fewer Housewives “so which there was some-more peculiarity and the assembly could get some-more concerned with the ladies and their stories. It was as well tough to do which when there was 7 or 8 of us.”

Patton isn’t sour (even referring to the move as “smart”), but she isn’t concerned to leave the show wholly either.

“I suffer myself and I suffer the friendships which were done and the ladies which I’ve met,” she said. “Today and where I am today, I could contend may be a couple of some-more years.”