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Hey, Keyshawn Johnson: you had your chance.

On Sunday, the former far-reaching receiver and tip NFL breeze collect attempted to confront Justin Bieber over which singer’s forward pushing around in his neighborhood, generally in the closeness of children.

But Justin reportedly fled in to his home and refused to encounter the soaring ex-athlete on his driveway.

Last night, however, the Biebs attended the Los Angeles Kings hockey diversion (where David Beckham pecked his daughter on the Kiss Cam) and was speckled in the throng by an announcer who obviously follows his luminary gossip.

Watch and attend right away as the contributor tries to call Justin out on Keyshawn’s behalf:

Justin Bieber at Kings Game

Justin Bieber at Kings Game

Gisele Bundchen covers the ultimate emanate of Vogue Brazil, seeking officious beautiful in a black swim suit and sleeveless motorcycle vest.

And typically this would be old headlines for the super (duper!) model… solely which she acted for the print only dual months after giving birth.

Don’t hatred her too much, ladies.

Gisele Vogue Brazil Cover

Gisele had her initial kid (a son declared Benjamin) in 2010 and pronounced at the time which she did kung fu and yoga up to dual weeks before to apropos a parent.

“I think a lot of people get profound and confirm they can spin in to rubbish disposals,” Gisele told Vogue at the time, obviously not referring to herself.

Because one redolence is never sufficient And, heck, conjunction is two…

Taylor Swift has introduced her third incense to the world, a smell patrician “Taylor by Taylor Swift” (it’s misleading where she got the name from) which will go on sale in June.

Taylor Swift Perfume Pic

“Taylor by Taylor Swift is a brew of a lot of things – it’s sweet, it’s sophisticated, it draws you in – it’s unequivocally my approach of translating classic, nonetheless modern, in to a perfume,” the 23-year-old star pronounced in a statement.

Look for records of fruits such lychee and tangerine to be enclosed with the perfume, along with peonies, hydrangeas and vanilla orchids.

Will you be wearing the fragrance?


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He’s saved the universe from mutants and from most an attempted fight in outdoor space.

But Patrick Stewart had never once eaten a cut of pizza… until today!

Yes, it took over 72 years for the male at the back of Professor Charles Xavier and Captain Jean-Luc Picard to give this Italian sweetmeat a try, but once he did so, he did so properly!

“My initial ever pizza ‘slice’. Please note: the accurate NY fold,” Stewart Tweeted this afternoon along with the following photo:

Patrick Stewart Pizza Eating

Well done, great Sir!

Now which you’re hooked, concede us to shameless shill for Food Fanatic and this caprese pizza recipe. You’ll appreciate us later.

Twitter can be a dangerous apparatus – and not only in the hands of Amanda Bynes.

A 22-year old male was condemned to 6 months in prison currently after he was arrested in Sep for creation Tweeted genocide threats opposite President Barack Obama.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Donte Jamar Sims will additionally be forced to live underneath supervised recover for a year after his prison tenure is up.

President Barack Obama Pic

The North Carolina local used the hoop @DestroyLeague_D to emanate his threats, most of that have been still online and include:

“Well Ima Assassinate boss Obama this dusk !… Gotta get this gorilla off my chest whilst he’s in town.”

Yeah. That’s only all bootleg and not the slightest bit creative, Donte.

Sources additionally contend Sims essentially attempted to beg guilty in justice to equivocate incarceration, but the decider deserted his plea.

Nathan Fillion is such an donkey in this flattering droll brand new shave from Much Ado About Nothing.

The shave additionally stars Riki Lindhome as the ass-accuser. Take a look:

Much Ado About Nothing Clip

Much Ado About Nothing Clip

Joss Whedon directs the present-day instrumentation of the Shakespeare play.

The story follows dual couples with really opposite takes on love.

Amy Acker, Reed Diamond, Alexis Denisof, Clark Gregg, Fran Kranz, Spencer Treat Clark, and Ashley Johnson additionally star.

Much Ado About Nothing premiered at final year’s Toronto International Film Festival. It hits theaters Jun 7.

Demi Lovato screeched in pleasure final week when she saw Ben Stiller on the streets of New York.

But right away the thespian has a brand brand new reason to be excited: her first-ever eBook!

Demi Lovato in London

“I have an eBook entrance out!! Exclusively for iPad!! Aaaand you can pre-order it NOW!!!!!” The X Factor decider Tweeted currently along with a couple to the pre-order page.

Titled Demi, the online book will underline uninformed footage from Lovato’s song video shoots, along with personal photos and discernment in to her brand brand new album.

There will additionally be a special forewood by Ryan Seacrest and backstage highlights from Demi’s tour.

In alternative words: it’s a must-have for all hardcore fans.

What do you call impression posters when the actors in a movie aren’t unequivocally personification characters?

Actor posters?

Meta-character posters?

Shmaracter posters (as in “character posters, shmaracter posters”)?

Regardless, a total garland of brand new shmaracter posters have forsaken for This is the End, together with this one of James Franco:

This is the End James Franco Poster

Click the couple to see the This is the End impression posters for all 6 of the main expel members.

Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson turn out the organisation of 6 friends who face the finish of the universe when a cataclysmic eventuality strikes Los Angeles.

Rogen co-wrote and co-directed the movie with his essay partner Evan Goldberg.

This is the End premieres Jun 12.

There’s no way… is there?

A documentary which aired over the week end on Discovery’s Animal Planet has lifted brand new questions over the life of mermaids.

Aptly patrician Mermaids: The New Evidence, the array examines the parable and the rumors surrounding these nautical hominids. It is a follow-up to 2012’s Mermaids: The Body Found.

The module netted jot down ratings for the network, notwithstanding The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration saying which “no evidence” of these creatures has ever been found.

Still, the following video has assumingly lifted a little questions for viewers:

Mermaids: New Evidence of Existence?

Mermaids: New Evidence of Existence?

Where do you stand? Do mermaids exist?


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Just one day after branch 38 years old, Andre 3000 perceived the misfortune headlines possible this week:

His mom upheld away.

Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, 58, upheld divided in her nap early yesterday morning, sources endorse to The Associated Press, with the Clayton County Police Department in Georgia observant she died of healthy causes.

Andre 3000 Picture

A series of celebrities, prominently in the hip bound industry, Tweeted their thoughts and prayers to Andre shortly afterward.

“My condolences go out to Dre, and the complete Benjamin-Hodo family,” Jermaine Dupri wrote, whilst writer 9th Wonder added: “Pray for the great hermit Andre 3000 and his family…”

We send the most appropriate wishes to Andre and his desired ones as well.