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Kelly Osbourne is assumingly gallant of a couple of (million) monsters.

The radio luminary flashes her bra and her disruption on the cover of the brand new emanate of Cosmopolitan – but it’s what she says about Lady Gaga inside the repository which is creation headlines.

Kelly Osbourne Cosmopolitan Cover

It all proposed progressing this year, when Gaga penned a minute to Osbourne and labeled her a “bully” for criticizing luminary conform choices for a living.

Sharon Osbourne afterwards stranded up for her daughter and went off on Gaga, job the thespian a “hypocrite and an courtesy seeker.”

And right away Kelly has left forward and forsaken the H Bomb once some-more herself.

“I desired Lady Gaga. I all believed in all she stood for, until I satisfied she’s a good big hypocrite,” she tells Cosmo. “Don’t say, ‘When you see bullying, intervene,’ whilst vouchsafing your fans send me genocide threats. If my fans did that, I would not mount for it…

“I know the truth. Your bells and whistles meant zero to me. You’re stuff oneself on the freaks and geeks to serve your career? Do you unequivocally caring about the happy community? Because if you did, you’d mount up for it some-more than you do.”

Dizzamn. Shots. Fired.

Osbourne additionally pronounced her idea in hold up is to win a Golden Globe and afterwards took a shot at her critics.

“People think this is my fifteen minutes. F*ck you. I’ve got an hour.”

Do you goal it’s up soon? Choose a side in this Osbourne/Gaga argument now:


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Chief Keef is you do his most appropriate to have the luminary report universe dont think about about Amanda Bynes Tweeting and Justin Bieber pushing similar to a manic.

The 17-year old rapper has been arrested for the time second in a week. In this instance, he was pulled over by Illinois State Police… for going 110 in a 55 miles per hour zone!

Chief Keef Picture

Keef was cited whilst pushing in his BMW with 3 passengers (a defilement of his permit) around 3:45 a.m. in Northfield. He’s due in justice on Jun seventeen for a conference associated to the charge.

Just 7 days ago, Keef was destitute for pot possession, an situation which was followed by him melancholy to attack Katy Perry.

He’s additionally been sued for kid support. This is one category act.

Brandi Glanville is wakeful of her repute – and she’s anticipating to shift it around a integrate Tweets.

“I do not harass or brag people on twitter, never have, never will,” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wrote yesterday, eloquently adding:

“I might contend f*** off and which I def mean, but thats [sic] to the haters.”

Brandi Glanville Smiling

Glanville was expected essay in reply to Courtney Love, who took to the which same amicable media opening progressing in the week and released a notice to the enemies of LeAnn Rimes.

“Send the difficulty makers to me,” Love wrote. “I eat which sh*t for breakfast. Leanns [sic] my girl, u f*** with her you f*** with me!”

New play emerged final week in between Glanville and Rimes after the former Tweeted which she couldn’t get in hit with the sons she shares with Rimes’ male and her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian.

After Glanville resorted to Tweeting at Cibrian to get his attention, Rimes shot back:

“Name job and chatter rants: so 2012. Music and truth: so 2013.”

That’s a little surpassing things right there.

It’s not formidable to get dogs excited.

Sometimes, it only takes a informed face in a marriage gown. Other times, a unaccompanied word which starts with a W.

And alternative times, the elementary smoothness of mail by the doorway container can set have a canine’s day. Watch one go positively bonkers at which sparkling eventuality in the following waggish video:

Excited Dog Gets Mail

Excited Dog Gets Mail

We have an refurbish on Justin Bieber and his run-in with military on Sunday.

And it doesn’t suffering the artist in a really certain light.

As formerly reported, cops responded to mixed calls from neighbors which Bieber was speeding around and endangering young kids on the street, with former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson essentially pulling up to Justin’s chateau to confront him over this behavior

Justin Bieber Waves in Spain

Now, according to TMZ insiders, we’ve schooled which Bieber’s actions around his gated village go far over one forward pushing incident.

Over only the past couple of days alone, they allegedly include:

  • Reaching dangerously tall speed in his Ferrari and motorcycle.
  • Nearly attack a walking when pulling out of his drive Sunday.
  • Loud noises emanating from parties which ran until at slightest 3 a.m., with military called per sound reports on dual occasions.
  • Riding on a Segway with a friend, both of whom were obviously smoking marijuana.

Neighbors additionally take vital emanate with cars parked on the travel all night and with Justin using a commercial operation from his house, which goes opposite homeowners organisation rules.

All of these complaints come on the heels of Bieber being booed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, an knowledge which led to Justin observant he indispensable to take a little time.

But maybe we misunderstood only what the luminary would be you do with which time.

The great headlines for Miguel? He didn’t leg dump any one in the throng during a opening this weekend.

But the artist did stir up debate for a really opposite reason yesterday, Tweeting of his competition and the stereotypes which approximate it:

“Im unapproachable of my birthright but honestly, black people have been the many judgmental people in the world. S–ts unhappy man. we’ve been conditioned, pre-programmed to hatred ourselves”

Miguel Photo

Miguel – whose father is Mexican and whose mom is African-American – did not give specific examples to behind up his point, but did add:

“that’s because I conclude those who select to think and action for themselves in any case of ethnicity or culture. the complaint can not be bound until the complaint is recognized. Not everybody is the same appreciate goodness. And obviously, I love all my fans.”

Perhaps promulgation he had pronounced something controversial, Miguel afterwards concluded:

“Of march EVERYONE is judgemental. I only PERSONALLY hold WE have been the many vicious of the own”

Interesting. What do you have of Miguel’s comments?


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According to a code new report, Kim Kardashian will shortly get the last, well-paying giggle in her ongoing conflict with the paparazzi.

Sources discuss it The Daily Star that Kardashian is on the verge of signing a understanding with Weight Watchers, as she’s unequivocally endangered with removing “her figure back” once her baby is innate in July.

Kim Kardashian is Pregnant

Kardashian, of course, has been at the core of uninterrupted disturbing from supermarket tabloids for months.

They’ve taken target at her flourishing baby bump, with one cover essentially claiming Kim is intentionally make-up on the pounds in sequence to good from a post-birth diet understanding with a association such as Weight Watchers.

Jessica Simpson, meanwhile, additionally sealed with which code shortly after apropos a first-time mother.

She afterwards went forward and got profound again shortly afterward, creation the weight detriment understanding arrange of pointless.

Let’s all goal Kardashian doesn’t get any such ideas. One parent from her and Kanye West is unequivocally all this universe can take.

Maurice Jones-Drew has been arrested and, only to get this out of the way, no: we do not know how this will start his anticipation football breeze status.


According to the military inform performed by TMZ, the Jaguars using behind stands indicted of attack a confidence ensure at the Conch House in St. Augustine, Florida… and knocking him comatose in the process.

The rumpus took place on Sunday after MJD shielded a crony who was told to stop in contact with a womanlike patron.

After the crony took difference to this recommendation and slapped the guard, a full-on fight ensued, during that MJD stepped in and slugged a ensure who has his companion in a headlock.

The victim’s jaw line line was “”swollen a good understanding and had a large pile on his jaw line line bone,” according to military at the scene, whilst the ensure was found to have bruises and contusions (but no damaged bones) on being hospitalized.

No word nonetheless from Jones-Drew or any one in his camp.

UPDATE: Police right away confess they screwed up and MJD has not nonetheless been charged with any crime.

The Hangover 3 reviews have been anything but certain around the Internet, whilst the movie itself accomplished in a apart second this week end to Fast & Furious 6.

But Zach Galifianakis has come up with a approach to retreat the movie’s fortune: he’s shaved off many of his important fuzzy beard!

That’s right, the actress walked the red runner of final night’s Paris premiere with only a goatee covering his chin. It’s a thespian shift for the star… but is it a certain one?

Decide now: How do you cite your Zach Galifianakis?

And the
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Zach Galifianakis has shaven many of his fuzzy beard. Do you cite his old demeanour or his brand new look?
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Brace yourselves, readers, for a little critical Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry marriage talk.

Just kidding. Sort of.

The celebrities – who have been spending a lot of time together recently, with a little reports saying Perry pushed Pattinson to bail out Kristen Stewart – were speckled Sunday afternoon in the behind of a yard at San Ysidro Ranch, People confirms, examination dual strangers discipline for their wedding.

  • Katy Perry in Sunglasses
  • Robert Pattinson, Very Close Up

“Katy and Rob were only sitting subsequent to any alternative examination the marriage operation in the main yard area,” a source tells the magazine. “There was no PDA in between them and no physique denunciation which showed they were dating. They only sat together and watched.”

Sounds trusting enough, right?

Still, Great Britain’s The Daily Mail quotes an unknown insider who says Katy and Rob’s attribute “is removing curiouser and curiouser.”

Do you wish to see these dual date? Or do you wish to see Robsten run it back?

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