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Two weeks after Angelina Jolie went open with her preference to bear a stand in mastectomy, the singer has mislaid her aunt to breast cancer.

Angelina Jolie in New York

The Oscar winner’s uncle, Ron Martin, pennyless the unhappy headlines currently to E! News, observant his mom (the younger kin of Jolie’s mother) upheld divided early this morning.

“Angelina has been in hold via the week and her hermit Jamie has been with us, giving his await day by day,” Martin said. “They both desired Debbie really most and nonetheless Angie is not means to come right right divided she has sent her love and await that was really nice.”

Jolie’s mom died of ovarian cancer in 2007 and the singer will shortly have her ovaries private to take divided the risk of descending to the same disease.

Debbie upheld divided at Palomar Hospital in Escondido, California and is survived by her dual sons and Ron, who combined in his statement:

“We have seen Angelina a series of times given Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer and Debbie and I were both really unapproachable of her new preference to have the stand in mastectomy and to do all she can to keep her family from carrying to go by what we’ve been through.”

We send the condolences for Debbie’s friends, family members and desired ones.

The NFL Players Association has set the sights on Jay Z.

According to, questions have arisen over the recruitment of New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith, who dumped his representative shortly after this year’s breeze and sealed with Roc Nation Sports.

Under joining rules, no one outward of a approved representative is available from assembly with impending clients.

But Smith’s adviser, John Thornton, has pronounced Smith and Jay-Z “connected” during a new visit, yet he after claimed to have been misquoted. There’s additionally this Instagram print of the song star and Smith together:

Jay Z and Geno Smith

The kinship will shortly send a minute of exploration to Roc Nation Sports representative Kim Miale to sense some-more about Jay-Z’s impasse in courting Smith.

Forget allegedly throwing a bong out a window and accusing a military military officer of passionate harassment.

Amanda Bynes only done her greatest inapplicable designation to date: she dared to cranky Rihanna.

  • Amanda Bynes on the Street
  • Rihanna in Morocco

In a Tweet which has given been deleted, the effed up thespian incidentally SLAMMED Rihanna, essay of the thespian and her barbarous run-in with Chris Brown’s fists:

“@rihanna Chris Brown kick you since you’re not flattering enough.”

Bynes combined which “no one wants to be your partner so you call everybody and their mom which I roughly declared my dog Rihanna.”

Ummm… zing?

Rihanna replied to Amanda’s unexplained diss with one simple, overwhelming sentence:

“Ya see what happens when they terminate Intervention?”

And shortly following Bynes was at it again, promulgation an additional Tweet which she fast erased, but not prior to it etched the approach on to the Internet for all to see:

“@rihanna distinct ur fugly faced self I do not do drugs! U need the involvement dog! I met ur nauseous face in person! U aren’t flattering u know it!”

RiRi is nonetheless to write behind to this surpassing insult, but there is a china backing to this astonishing feud: it can confuse Rihanna from Brown relocating behind in with Karrueche Tran.

On Friday morning, Amy Beth Cavaretta gave bieing born to her second kid in Boca Raton. What creates this a newsworthy event?

The smoothness took place on the path OUTSIDE the hospital… and it was held on camera in each shocking, supernatural detail!

Birth Photo

Photographer Emily Robinson was on the stage to snap countless cinema of the birth, as the midwife came out to encounter Amy and finished up in the right place at the really right time.

“It was the initial time I ever saw a mom be wheeled INTO the sanatorium land her brand new baby,” Robinson wrote on her blog. “It was the fastest, many incredible, beautiful, furious bieing born I’ve ever had the wish to document.”

Cavaretta was generally ease and picked up whilst her father ran for a wheelchair, Robinson reports, as reduction than a notation gone by in between mom disposition opposite a wall in credentials and daughter being delivered.

The baby is declared Sienna Grace.

Visit Robinson’s blog for some-more photos of the implausible eventuality – and let’s all send the really most appropriate wishes to the newly stretched family!

From a dog on wheels to the indication rehab patient?

We unequivocally have right away seen it all from Lindsay Lohan.

Following reports that the burning crotched one was flipping out at the Betty Ford Clinic since she craved a little Adderall, sources right away discuss it TMZ that Lohan has been on her most appropriate behavior.

Lindsay Lohan  at the Airport

She’s in attendance organisation therapy. She’s display up (on time!) for her personal conversing sessions. She’s opening about about issues of self-control.

She’s – gulp! – on the trail to recovery?!?

Lohan is reportedly revelation those tighten to her that the module is challenging, but she has no goal of subsidy down.

And visitors to Betty Ford have been repelled over how great Lindsay essentially looks, that is extraordinary on countless levels, not the slightest of that being how strongly Lohan believed she did not need diagnosis only a integrate weeks ago.

See Amanda Bynes? There’s goal for you yet.

This only in: dogs love to go for a walk.

When they aren’t bustling cleaning the teenager of a lion, which is.

In a elementary and darling viral video, dual canines have been happily at play, rolling around and ignoring their owners until he says the sorcery W word.

Watch them snap to courtesy at it right away and try not to definitely warp to pieces at your desk:

Dogs Love to Walk

Dogs Love to Walk

Chris Brown might be bromancing Justin Bieber, but it’s some-more transparent than ever, according to a brand new report:

He’s once again romancing Karrueche Tran.

Sources endorse to TMZ which Brown and Tran have been radically vital together, as the latter still has her unit but has changed roughly all of her effects in to the former’s residence.

  • Chris Brown Stare
  • Karrueche Tran Photograph

The verbatim move comes days after the integrate rear-ended a Mercedes together and not prolonged after Rihanna taunted her ex with a swimsuit photo.

What do you think this time, THGers? Will Brown and Tran last?


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Taylor Lautner appears to have a brand new girlfriend.

The singer was speckled at a Los Angeles Dodgers diversion this week with Malika Monroe, land the palm of the singer most appropriate good known for starring conflicting Zac Efron in At Any Price.

She was even romantically related to which immature star as good only a couple of months ago.

Taylor Lautner at Baseball Game

Monroe, 19, worked as a veteran freestyle kiteboarder before to her behaving career receiving off and is now starring in The Bling Ring as “Beach Girl.”

Among others, meanwhile, Lautner has formerly antiquated Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and Lily Collins.

What beats Will Smith rapping the Fresh Prince thesis strain for for a garland of propagandize girls in London?

How about Will Smith rapping the Fresh Prince thesis song… with son Jaden by his side… and DJ Jazzy Jeff spinning annals at the back of him?!?

That’s just what went down Friday on The Graham Norton Show, usually the fun didn’t stop there: with Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham bopping around in the background, Smith introduced former costar Alfonso Ribeiro.

Who came out and did the Carlton Dance!

It was an extraordinary couple of minutes, capped by a organisation slight to “Apache (Jump On It).” You unequivocally need to watch this video:

Fresh Prince Reunion

Fresh Prince Reunion

Just when you suspicion the Amanda Bynes detain box could not get any stranger…

Two days after removing requisitioned on charges of unfinished control since she allegedly tossed a bong out a window, Bynes has come out and denied all charges, adding a brand new turn to the saga.

Amanda Bynes Selfie Pic

“I was intimately tormented by one of the cops the night prior to final which is who afterwards arrested me,” the really uneasy star Tweeted yesterday, expounding:

“He lied and pronounced I threw a bong out the window when I non-stop the window for uninformed air. Hilarious. He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal. I afterwards called the cops on him. He handcuffed me, which I resisted, utterly distinct any of the reports stated.

“Then I was sent to a mental hospital. Offensive. I kept asking for my counsel but they wouldn’t let me.”

Bynes appeared in justice Friday (wearing a wig) and was expelled on her own recognizance. She is approaching behind for a conference in July.

Which equates to she has copiousness of time to take some-more selfies and Tweet her own chronicle of events.

“The cops were creepy,” combined the star yesterday. “The patrolman intimately tormented me. They found no pot on me or bong outward my window. That’s because the decider let me go. Don’t hold any reports.”

This is the second time Bynes has taken to Twitter to beg her case.

In her primary self-defense, Amanda wrote which she usually smokes tobacco, does not own a bong and need “to get an additional nose pursuit after saying [her] mugshot!”

What do you think? Do you hold Bynes was set up by the police?


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