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The universe of republic song will come together for an critical means on May 29.

With Blake Shelton heading the way, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Vince Gill and most others will perform on “Healing in the Heartland,” a fundraiser which will good victims of this month’s Oklahoma tornado.

It will air on at 9 p.m. EST on NBC, Style, G4, Bravo, E! and CMT on possibly a live or behind basis.

Healing in the Heartland: Relief Benefit Concert Poster

In light of the tragedy progressing in the week, Shelton and Lambert achieved “Over You” on The Voice formula show, whilst donations go on to flow in from celebrities around the nation.

Carrie Underwood and Kevin Durant, for example, have any contributed $1 million to the cause.

Readers seeking to assistance can content REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief or they can call 1-800-RED CROSS for some-more information.

You can additionally present to the Red Cross online.

Andrea Tantaros is fed up with the Barack Obama administration dialect and any one that authorised it to climb to power.

On her Fox News air wave show Thursday, the host went off on the Justice Department for drumming the phones and hacked the emails of contributor James Rosen.

This acknowledgment comes amidst an ongoing liaison in that the same dialect additionally performed the phone annals of multiform Associated Press members.

“This is what’s function to the press,” Tantaros pronounced on air. “This is Obama’s America. It’s similar to the Soviet Union. He pronounced he would shift the country. He pronounced it … and a lot of people voted for him. And if you see any of those people today, do me a preference and punch them in the face.”

Listen to Tantaros’ malediction below:

Andrea Tantaros Tells Listeners to Punch Obama Voters

Andrea Tantaros Tells Listeners to Punch Obama Voters

Robbie Rogers has sealed a stipulate with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer, definition he will shortly turn the initial plainly happy contestant to experience in an American organisation sport.

The former U.S. inhabitant organisation wing blogged in Feb which he was both homosexual and receiving a mangle from the sport, essay at the time:

“Secrets can means so most inner damage. People love to evangelise about honesty, how probity is so solid and simple. Try explaining to your desired ones after twenty-five years you have been gay.”

Robbie Pic

Since which time, Jason Collins has come out as happy and Rogers has perceived await from his friends and family members, along with players in the MLS.

Rogers told USA Today which his preference to lapse to the margin was change by a vocalization rendezvous final month in front of a organisation of about 500 young kids at the Nike Be True LGBT Youth Forum in Portland, Oregon.

“I severely felt similar to a coward,” he told the newspaper. “These kids have been station up for themselves and becoming different the world, and I’m 25, I have a height and a voice to be a purpose model. How most of a doormat was I to not step up to the plate?”

It’s misleading when Rogers will see his initial diversion action, yet Los Angeles plays tomorrow night. He additionally pronounced he has an eye on creation the 2014 World Cup squad.

Frances Bean Cobain is not vouchsafing Kendall Jenner off the hook.

After the former slammed the latter as a egotistical simpleton for Tweeting about the worry of her life, Jenner responded in sincerely in accord with fashion.

She concurred her great happening in life, but additionally took Cobain to charge for judging her, radically asking: Can’t rich people have problems, too?

  • Kendall Jenner Cell Phone Pic
  • A Frances Bean Cobain Pic

So, with the quarrelsome round in Frances’ Twitter court, the 20-year old wrote behind final night with a semi-apology (“I do not know you nor do I think ur a bad person”), followed by a bashing of both Kendall and most amicable media users in general:

“Publicly angry about how tough your hold up is is utterly self portion … I hold which venting about ones problems around the Internet is a obvious cry for attention. “

Cobain resolved with difference of wisdom/mockery:

“I try to understanding w/ suffering in a demeanour which pertains to my genuine hold up not in a approach where strangers throw me a empathize party.”

Is Cobain out of line? Do you determine with her comment of self-indulgent Tweets overall? Should Kendall only close up already?

Choose a side in this feud:


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It hasn’t been a good couple of months for famous, young, rich, tasteful couples.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez separate toward the finish of 2012.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev pennyless the hearts of Vampire Diaries fans progressing this month.

And afterwards Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finished their three-year attribute only final weekend.

Might there be goal for any of these twosomes? Do you wish there to be? Consider the duos next and vote: Which do you many goal gets behind together?

And the
  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

    Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

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  • Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

    Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

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  • Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

    Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

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All 3 of these couples not long ago split. Which do you many goal runs it behind again?
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Meet Tina. Or, as she might shortly be called, The Next Eddie Van Halen.

In a video that’s been floating up the Internet, this 14-year old takes on which legend’s classical guitar piece for one person on the lane “Eruption.” And she positively kills it.

Forget which Amanda Bynes detain video. This is what you need to watch, people:

Van Halen Eruption Guitar Cover

Van Halen Eruption Guitar Cover

Very unhappy headlines currently out of South Korea:

A 39-year old male jumped to his genocide on Wednesday from the 11th office building of a office building in the city of Busan.

He landed on a five-year old lady who was on foot with by with her relatives on the travel next and finished up murdering her, as authorities endorse she died hours after from brain damage.

South Korea Image

The temperament of both the male and the toddler have been being withheld, whilst no one knows the reason he committed suicide. There was no note left at the stage or anywhere else.

South Korea, however, has top per capita rate of self-murder in the world.

It’s official*: Jimmy Kimmel creates approach as well many money.

The stand up comic has assumingly answered the subject of Who the Heck Would Pay $1.9 million for a Painting of Bea Arthur Nude with the following:

I would! As a fun at the responsibility of crony Jeffrey Ross!

Jeffrey Ross with Bea Arthur Nude Painting

“Biggest warn of my life. Thank you @jimmykimmel – the many inexhaustible man in the world! #BeaArthur,” Ross Tweeted yesterday, along with the on top of photo.

There’s been no central word from any one in Kimmel’s stay yet, but the host assumingly wrote back: “@realjeffreyross Bea is examination over all of us, but generally you.”

Amen, Ross replied, whilst the rest of the universe sighed, slapped the foreheads… and laughed hysterically.

*UPDATE: Kimmel has Tweeted which it’s all a fun and the portrayal in the design here is merely a prop.

“Contrary to ‘news’ reports, I didn’t buy the Bea Arthur portrayal – not even for @realjeffreyross – but I did buy the Mona Lisa Lampanelli,” wrote the speak show host online.

She might have invited them in to her hold up at one point, but Kim Kardashian has had it with the paparazzi.

Yesterday, after nearing at LAX, the profound being star was surrounded and hounded by these ostensible journalist.

Covering her face, Kim only done it to her car… where photographer had non-stop a doorway in sequence to snap some-more cinema when she yelled: “Shut the f*cking door, you idiots!”

Watch the idiocy reveal here:

Kim Kardashian Yells at Paparazzi

Kim Kardashian Yells at Paparazzi

Earlier this month, Kanye West walked in to a stick due to the paparazzi and Kim scarcely got in to a car crash.

Sound off now: Do you think the paparazzi should leave Kardashian alone?


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Amanda Bynes might be guilty of being an unhinged particular dependant to Twitter, wigs and bizarre behavior.

But she claims to be trusting of any pot smoking and/or bong throwing.

Amanda Bynes Mugshot

The uneasy singer – who was arrested Thursday for unfinished control and taken for psychiatric analysis – Tweeted a reply to her purported actions final night.

“I usually fume tobacco I do not splash or do drugs,” she wrote, following a justice coming during which she denied the bong toss and donned a wig. “I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get an additional nose pursuit after saying my mugshot!”

Yes, which is the critical thing, Amanda.

Bynes resolved her online summary with the emoticon “:D,” but decider Neil Ross wasn’t smiling yesterday when he expelled her but bail.

He told the star which if she gets arrested again – or if she pulls a no-show for her Jul 9 conference – he will “set a poignant bail.”