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When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Snooki run in to any alternative on a Jersey Shore boardwalk, awkwardness ensues. For them. For THG, peculiarity viewing.

During the meeting, which took place as they filmed apart segments for NBC’s Today, Snooki griped which Christie was station as well tighten to her.

Hilariously, he responded by station even closer to the being star.

CC afterwards lengthened a palm to Snook (who was flanked by JWoww and Deena), she replied, “I only longed for to encounter you, and just, goal you begin to similar to us.”

As Snooki walks away, her facial countenance is hilarious. Watch:

Snooki Meets Chris Christie

Snooki Meets Chris Christie

Justin Bieber is featured on a poster advertisement in Los Angeles.

For a internal permanent skin stain parlor? For a brand new album? For the Chris Brown Fan Club?

Nope. For, an classification which believes a lift in the smallest salary will daunt commercial operation owners from hiring, which will negatively start the stagnation rate between today’s youth.

Justin Bieber Billboard

Reads the sign:

“Why is Justin Bieber so sad? Could it be since 24% of teenagers who wish a pursuit can’t find one?”

We’re guessing it’s since Selena Gomez has left him mislaid and alone, but hey.

The ad afterwards states which “teen stagnation creates us all sad” and which “raising the smallest salary will usually have things worse.”

It’s misleading either or not Bieber authorized of his physiognomy being used in such a manner, but we strongly disbelief it.

Third grader Maggie Ciara has a critical box of Stanley Cup fever, as evidenced by an answer the Chicago Blackhawks air blower put on a new math test.

The question: “What is 9 times 9?” The answer? Hossa.

Marian Hossa wears No. 81 for her the one preferred NHL team.

  • Blackhawks Fan Test
  • Nine X Nine

As you can see, her Oak Lawn, Ill., clergyman was baffled.

What is this? The most appropriate part? After saying that she didn’t get it, Maggie simplified it for her teacher, Christine Mech … who gave her full credit and an A+ overall.

“Maggie is a really crafty girl,” pronounced Mech, who essentially is a Blackhawks air blower herself. “I love how Maggie has a clarity of humor. We had a small bit of a giggle afterward.”

Also awesome? After Maggie’s mom, Diane, posted a print of the examination on Facebook, the NHL group itself “Liked” it and posted it on the central page too.

Hockey. It’s regularly the right answer. Although the numbers aren’t seeking utterly as great for Chicago, that trails Detroit 3-1 in the discussion semifinals.

A male has gotten a hulk O.J. Simpson permanent skin stain on his leg.

But here’s the indeed implausible thing: it might not even be the strangest square of ink we’ve seen this week.

Taco Bell has expelled the video of a enthusiast declared Jason who loves the Beefy Brunch Burrito. Like, really loves it.

Like, loves it so most which he let a cameraman follow him in to a permanent skin stain sitting room where he got the item’s trademark henceforth etched on to his skin.

Beefy Crunch Burrito Tattoo: Inked!

Beefy Crunch Burrito Tattoo: Inked!

“I have an mania for the Beefy Crunch Burrito and tattoos,” Justin says in the Obvious Statement of the Year.

We tremble to think of Justin will do about the Waffle Taco.

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock done an entrance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the alternative night, and it was a bit ungainly … which is customary for Des.

Still, it began to intrude in to ungainly ungainly … not lovable awkward.

Obviously, she’s not gonna give divided The Bachelorette spoilers or anything. But when Jimmy proposed asking her about Sean Lowe? A tad uncomfortable:

Desiree Hartsock on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part 1

Desiree Hartsock on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part 1

She’d “probably” have supposed his proposal? Seriously?

Maybe she’s only being honest and was which in to the guy, but you have to consternation from a lady who only came off her really own special tour for love on ABC.

Could Desiree Hartsock be land out goal which Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici do not last, only in box she and [see on top of for winner] additionally hiss in the entrance months?

We’re substantially only reaching. It’s a delayed headlines day people.

Check out the second half of her talk next …

Desiree Hartsock on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part 2

Desiree Hartsock on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part 2


You’ll pardon Ann Curry for not caring a total lot about what her NBC bosses think.

The former Today Show host finished her initial live coming on shade final night given her argumentative firing, hosting the Nightly News for Brian Williams.

And whilst fans were psyched to see the lapse of this former co-host, they were additionally taken by surpise by her brand new haircut. As were network producers, apparently.

Ann Curry Haircut

“Ann was regularly told by her bosses which her hair had to be long, and she only didn’t similar to to wear it at which length,” an insider tells The Daily Mail. “She is a no-fuss gal, and doesn’t wish to outlay a ton of time styling her hair. [So] she only motionless to cut it.”

Curry reportedly clashed mostly with producers during her Today run, with higher-ups derisive her conform and style.

So maybe this was her small try at revenge?

Either way, what’s finished is done. What do you think of Curry’s shorter hair?


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The Bluths unequivocally have been entrance back.

On Sunday at midnight PST, Michael, Gob and association will lapse for Arrested Development Season 4, years after they were believed to have pronounced goodbye in 2006.

What can fans design from brand brand new episodes? The expel and organisation have been superfluous quiet.

But brand brand new clips have it transparent which bees and ostriches will both fool around a little kind of role. Yes, you review which correctly. Catch up on the most appropriate Arrested Development quotes and watch now:

  • Arrested Development Season 4 Sneak Peek
    Arrested Development Season 4 Sneak Peek
  • Arrested Development Season 4 Clip
    Arrested Development Season 4 Clip

Has Alex Trebek been hosting Jeopardy a small as well long?

Conan believes so, as evidenced by a new montage.

On final night’s episode, the host common a little flattering engaging footage from new Jeopardy episodes, and it seems similar to possibly Trebek or his writers have been … 

Well, possibly they’re on something or losing it. Watch:

Alex Trebek is Insane

Alex Trebek is Insane

We’ll take Utter Nonsense SMH Clues for $1,000 Alex!

After a debate which saw a astounded President Obama heckled by an anti-war, anti-drone, and anti-Gitmo activist, the Internet was the big winner.

As Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin interrupted and tormented the POTUS during his debate on Thursday, Obama regularly told her:

“Let me residence it!”

She was in the future private from the room, and Obama went off-script to admit her concerns and even urged people to “cut her a little slack.”

And which was about it, which equates to we can move on and giggle at the requisite auto-tuned low-pitched chronicle of events which someone done online. Enjoy!

Obama Sings 'Let Me Address It'

Obama Sings ‘Let Me Address It’

Amanda Bynes appeared in justice Friday, offering a classical forgive for the antics which got her arrested final night, and was expelled on her own recognizance.

She will be behind in justice in July.

Amanda Bynes in Court

Amanda Bynes in Court

What began with a reeling call finished with Amanda Bynes arrested for pot possession, justification tampering and forward endangerment late Thursday.

The latter dual offenses were allegedly committed when she tossed a bong out of her 36th-floor window … yet she claims it was “just a vase.”

Seriously, she pronounced that. As for the pot charge, which stems from her allegedly on fire up in the run of her building, which led a doorman to call the cops.

Shortly after eleven a.m. this morning, the former kid star showed up in justice in a blonde wig, gray sweats and a relaxed black sweater, seeking blase.

That wig was additionally transparent in the viral detain video taken on the travel as she was hauled out of her building, and in Amanda Bynes’ mop shot.

Her lawyer, Andrew Friedman, pronounced his customer denies throwing a bong out of a window and claims which military illegally followed her in to her apartment.

Prosecutors pushed to reason her in lieu of bail, but the decider cut her loose. Bynes told the decider to “have a good day” and jumped in to a watchful cab.

  • Amanda Bynes Arrest Video
    Amanda Bynes Arrest Video
  • Amanda Bynes Mugshot

As for the stupidity final night, the rapist censure from the situation says officers responding to the run situation found a bong on her kitchen counter.

According to the report, the law coercion official, wearing a “full military uniform,” asked Amanda about the bong and the singer flipped out.

It’s not transparent either her doorway was open or she invited the military in.

The military officer said, “I celebrated [Amanda] grab pronounced bong, run to the westbound-facing window, and throw it out the window where countless pedestrians were walking.”

Thirty-six floors down, on 8th Ave. and West 47th Street. Bynes was afterwards arrested for forward endangerment, drug receive and justification tampering.

Bynes has a story of DUI and alternative automobile-related cases, not to discuss provocative Tweets and roughly every day media accounts of surprising behavior.