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Amanda Bynes Arrested, Finally

Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night in New York City, to the startle of no one.

Police were called to her Midtown Manhattan unit office building on guess of unfinished conduct. When officers arrived at the scene, they witnessed Bynes throw a bong out of her 36th building window.

Amanda Bynes Tabloid Cover

Bynes was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, prior to removing requisitioned at a Midtown military station. She’s been charged with forward endangerment, pot possession, and transgression tampering with evidence.

The uneasy starlet has been exhibiting weird function for the past couple of months and is already portion 3 years trial for pushing with a dangling license.Bynes is additionally still confronting a DUI assign from Apr 2012. 

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On Feb 14, Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair was reported dead, with sources as creditable as Rolling Stone stating he upheld divided from a diabetes-related seizure.

But Esther Pilgrim believes otherwise: she says the ex-rapper calculated his genocide in sequence to imitation her out of $32,000.

Tim Dog  pic

Blair and Pilgrim met by an online dating site and the former pleaded guilty in 2011 to defrauding Pilgrim in to appropriation his presumably resurrected strain career.

Tim Dog was systematic to compensate $19,000 in compensation over a five-year period, income he did flare over to Pilgrim in assorted installments… until his ostensible genocide in February.

But Pilgrim had questions at the time, zero of that have been answered.

“What city? Who found him? There was zero with any sort of petrify details,” she says.

Now, prosecutor Steven Jubera is operative with Pilgrim to have Blair’s trial revoked and there is right away a aver out for his arrest.

“I need a genocide obligation display that’s he’s upheld since as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive,” the counsel told WREG this week.

Pilgrim says Tom Dog might have scammed most others around the universe and owes over $2 million in total.

The artist shot to celebrity in 1991 with the strain “F**k Compton,” a lane directed at West Coast rappers Dr. Dre and N.W.A.

Mia Grace is a expert when it comes to comic book trivia.

Rather than barbecuing her on spelling or math, her relatives torpedo her with specific questions about The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The X-Men and more.

Not only run-of-the-mill, introductory-level ones, either:

Girl Knows Her Superhero Trivia!

Girl Knows Her Superhero Trivia!

We think we’re only going to call her Marvel Girl from right away on.

Because she is one … and knows a lot about their comics.

See what we did there! Play on words, people. THG out.

Katherine Webb is no longer a competitor on Splash.

But the indication is still creation waves.

In an talk with People, Webb – who sky-rocketed to celebrity in Jan after ABC cameras held her in the stands of the BCS Title Game – pronounced she subsists on 1,120 calories per day. Total.

Katherine Webb in a Two-Piece

Katherine Webb swim suit photos have been really attractive. But they come at a dietary cost.

How does she presumably get ahead such a meagre goal?

Webb lists her standard menu as together with a smoothie for breakfast; an apple for a snack; a little kind of salad for lunch; a yogurt bar; and grilled duck for dinner.

And if she’s scheming for a fire of a little kind?

“I cut out any sort of bread product, and cake, cookies, bagels,” she says, yet she allows for the occasional lenience of Buffalo wings of French fries… but afterwards is certain to bake those off during one of her 3 weekly workouts.

“I try my hardest not to highlight myself out,” she says. “If I find myself meditative as well most about what I eat, afterwards I go crazy.”

Sounds similar to it’s approach as well late for that, Kat. We have 4 difference for you: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Recipe. Trust us. You’ll still demeanour great in a two-piece.

Foxy Brown denies job Jay-Z a gonorrhea-infected “tranny chaser” and is melancholy to sue tabloids who reported and attributed such comments to her.

  • Foxy Brown Pic
  • Jay to the Z

Brown is referencing reports claiming which Foxy not long ago went to a baby showering and proposed dishing about Jay-Z’s sex hold up to one of the guests.

She claims she mislaid her decency to him when she was fifteen and he was twenty-seven … and which he’s a bisexual with STDs who might or might not have a sex tape.

You know, between alternative things. But Foxy says she never pronounced any of it.

Brown tells TMZ which “The atrociousness of this story has disgusted me to my stomach. Any and everybody concerned will be contacted by my attorney.”

“In all my years in the song industry, these have been the many outrageous and unpleasant allegations I’ve ever experienced. This is a of doubtful authenticity story.”

“NO audio, visible or created interview, concocted with antagonistic intent.”

“Jay has usually been smashing to me and my family, a good crony by the years I’ve well known him and we had zero but good success as a team.”

“Beyonce, his wife, has regularly been friendly and honeyed to me … I will NOT let any clandestine hater emanate conflict and disregard my name and reputation.”

“This disregard will NOT be tolerated.”

OKAY then. Consider us on notice.

In alternative rumors involving Jay-Z which might or might not be true:

  • Beyonce’s profound with baby No. 2 (or not)!
  • The 1939 Jay-Z look-alike is essentially him!

Xenna Kristian, an 18-year old from England, says she right away has a damaged jaw line as the outcome of a beatdown she suffered due to her similarity to Taylor Swift.

The aroused situation allegedly went down on Tuesday when Kristian was study at college.

Taylor Swift Lookalike

“It escalated unequivocally quickly,” Kristian told The Daily Mail. “The lady came up at the back of me and dragged me off my chair by my hack tail, afterwards proposed kicking me in the face. It only came as a finish shock.”

Xenna essentially achieved this year at a integrate gift events as a Swift lookalike and says her enemy were “jealous” of her similarity to the superstar.

“I’ve had to terminate 3 appearances only from this week and I won’t be means to do any some-more until the bruising goes,” she said. “Nothing similar to this has ever happened to me before. I still feel jarred up.”

Police have been told of the conflict and have been seeking in to it.

Kim Kardashian has been held in nonetheless an additional scheme.

First, In Touch Weekly suggested how the profound being star is intentionally gaining weight in sequence to distinction down the line from a little kind of diet deal.

And right away Life & Style has unprotected what it describes as a “greedy plot,” one which is receiving place at the behind of the behind of Kanye West.

Scheming Kim Kardashian?

According to repository sources, the rapper has been transparent which he has no seductiveness in offered the couple’s imminent baby photos.

But Kardashian is “already shaping to measure a outrageous payday” for these pics, an unknown insider alleges.

“Kanye only wants to recover a shot of their child on Tumblr or Instagram, identical to what his friend Jay-Z did with Blue Ivy,” the story reads, adding which when he schooled of Kim’s dishonourable plot, he told her to “stop all negotiations immediately, and which she is to eventually begin behaving similar to a mother instead of a commercial operation women.”

Damn. Kardashian slam!

We wonder, however, if Kanye would shift his balance if he knew the truth: The Kardashians have been broke!!!

Ah, promenade season. This annual, ungainly sermon of thoroughfare might be circuitous down, but it lives on in photos for President Barack Obama and large alternative celebs.

Time unearthed this classical print from the destiny President’s 1979 promenade in Hawaii. Take a demeanour at the 17-year-old with his date and an additional couple:

Obama Prom Photo

Kelli Allman, second from left, says Obama outlayed his H.S. days studying, personification basketball (as a player on the varsity team) and unresolved out with his friends.

Allman shares, “It was a unequivocally fun, happy time. We were all enormous up, and everybody was smiling. It was flattering standard from there out as far as what happens at prom.”

“Dinner and, dancing and the photos, all of that.”

Not to discuss good hair on the Prez. Take a demeanour at a ton some-more luminary promenade photos, immature and old, after the jump, and see if you can ID them all!

  • Will Ferrell Prom Photo
  • George Clooney Prom Photo
  • Meryl Streep Prom Photo
  • Katie Couric Prom Photo
  • Michelle Obama Prom Photo
  • Sarah Palin Prom Photo
  • Ellen DeGeneres Prom Photo
  • Brad Pitt Prom Photo
  • Kobe Bryant, Brandy Prom Photo
  • Tiger Woods Prom Photo
  • Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass Prom Photo
  • Lady Gaga Prom Photo
  • Snooki Prom Photo

Row 1: Will Ferrell, George Clooney, Meryl Streep.

Row 2: Katie Couric, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin.

Row 3: Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt.

Row 4: Kobe Bryant and Brandy, Tiger Woods, Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass.

Row 5: Lady Gaga (center, blue), Snooki.

His eight-year run on Saturday Night Live over, Bill Hader sat down with Howard Stern this week and discussed dual of the show’s most buzzed-about hosts:

  1. Justin Timberlake.
  2. Justin Bieber.

While praising Timberlake for regularly nearing by himself, the stand up comic couldn’t assistance but take a poke at Bieber, who assumingly showed up to speaker with a hulk entourage.

Bill Hader Disses Justin Bieber

Bill Hader Disses Justin Bieber

“Justin Bieber showed up with similar to twenty guys,” Hader said. “He had a man land a cut of pizza. A man land a Diet Coke. You’re perplexing to quarrel by all these people to get dressed.”

It’s not a outrageous deal, of course, solely which most have suspected Bieber’s new fibre of bad function is continuous to those around him, privately a little rapper declared Lil Twist.

As for Timberlake?

“It was only him,” Hader said. “He’s a genuine category act.”

We couldn’t determine some-more from what we know of JT, but the import is obvious. Bieber? Not as classy.

As we predicted, Amanda Bynes is IRATE over In Touch Weekly’s ultimate cover story claiming she is being broken by luminary and behaving weirder than ever.

Specifically, Bynes took emanate with cinema the repository ran in an epic Twitter rant, declaring, “I’m suing them! They f–ked with my photos!”

How did they f–k with them, you ask?

  • Amanda Bynes Drug Photos
  • Amanda Bynes Partying Pics

“That’s not my bed! Those aren’t my toes! My toes have been pedicured” she said.

“I usually did an disdainful talk with in hold final week, right away they paid for feign changed photos by which nauseous black male in the print or someone who knows him!”

“They used an old shot of me on the cover with a bad point of view of my old nose prior to I had operation to reshape my form and to remove the webbing from my eyes.”

“I have to sue since that’s not my apartment, those aren’t my clothes! They morphed photos of my face onto someone’s physique to hurt my life!”

“I have to have a big understanding of this and sue since that’s not me! I caring about my coming so I have to urge myself! I demeanour similar to a opposite chairman right away which I had surgery!”

“Why did they put an old shot of me on the cover? I do not demeanour similar to which anymore! I usually wish photos of my beautiful brand new nose on the cover of tabloids and genuine magazines!”

“The photos in this emanate have been feign and mocked up! I do not caring sufficient to keep articulate about it. Just pretence I f***ed the beloved of the editor of in hold since they f***ing hatred me!

Amanda Bynes Tabloid Cover

Amanda Bynes afterwards singled one of the editors of the luminary report magazine, Jessica Finn, alleging which she purchased and/or doctored the on top of pics:

“@JessicaFinnNYC hey ugly.”

“This nauseous faced lady @JessicaFinnNYC is the one who paid for feign photos of me & put which design which looks zero similar to me on the cover!”

Jessica Finn didn’t reply, so Bynes incited her courtesy to Perez Hilton … assumingly since he reported on In Touch’s story? Writes Amanda:

“The usually thing sadder than your nauseous face still essay stories about me is the actuality which you think I’d even step feet in a room with which nauseous faced black man.”

The male in subject is Giovanni Arnold, according to the caption. ITW identifies him as a photographer, yet their attribute is not known.

Ugly or not, on his own Twitter account, Arnold did write this to her behind on Apr 3, Bynes’ birthday: “@AmandaBynes Happy BDay … Stay Black.”

So, which about sums it up.