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Amanda Bynes: Destroyed By Fame!

Oh. No. They. Didn’t. Amanda Bynes is gonna be pissssssssssssed.

Not usually does In Touch accuse her of “increasingly haphazard antics” in the brand new cover story, they all make use of an old print of her! It’s similar to they’re TRYING to stir the pot!

Their conclusion: She’s being broken by fame! Destroyed!

Amanda Bynes Tabloid Cover

The old pic is only a provoke of the shameful Amanda Bynes pics inside, allegedly.

Although she has continually denied you do drugs, photographer Giovanni Arnold claims he’s got images of the uneasy star squandered out of her mind.

From when he hung out in her “drug den,” supposedly.

When she’s finished Twerking and receiving selfies, Amanda, the luminary report claims, passes out on a unwashed mattress in her New York City apartment.

Dreaming, perhaps, of carrying a baby so she can be the subsequent Kim Kardashian.

Amanda is a remarkable air blower of Kim and her K-siblings, but whatever she’s you do or thinking, it involves large amounts of drug – or so ITW claims.

“She gets so tall which infrequently she won’t even leave her house. One notation she’s cool, down-to-earth,” he says. “The next, she’s all different.”

“Indecisive, can’t reason a review … mentally, she’s all over the place.”

Okay, well, which most we’ll determine with.

Under glow from media and fans, European Tour star Sergio Garcia released a second and far some-more frank reparation for his extremist fun about Tiger Woods.

Garcia done the jest about Woods at a debate duty the prior night, and acknowledges his comments were “totally foolish and out of place.”

Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods

There is no love mislaid in between the dual golfers, who have been vigilant in a fight of difference around the media going behind dual weeks to The Players Championship.

It incited nauseous this week when Sergio was asked if he would have Tiger over for cooking at the U.S. Open. Yes, he quipped, and “we’ll offer boiled duck each night.”

Garcia, 33, pronounced which he done a “silly” reply to an viewable fun and pronounced his vigilant was not to be racist. But Woods, 37, was far from pleased.

Tiger Tweeted, “The criticism which was done wasn’t silly. It was wrong, hurtful and obviously inappropriate.” Sergio got the summary and apologized for real.

“I wish to swallow ones pride to Tiger and anybody which I could have offended,” Garcia pronounced in a matter today. “I feel ill about it. I’m truly, indeed sorry.”

“I goal we can kind of solve things down and hopefully move on.”

That and slightest to some extent assured Woods, who Tweeted later:

“I’m assured which there is genuine bewail which the acknowledgement was made. The Players finished scarcely dual weeks ago and it’s prolonged past time to move on and speak about golf.”

The Woods-Garcia argument exhilarated up during the The Players Championship, where Sergio indicted Tiger of distracting him during the third round.

Tiger denied wrongdoing, whilst Garcia told the media which Woods, who went on to win the Players after Garcia imploded late, is not a good guy.

Tiger, who done it transparent which he’s not the greatest air blower of the Spaniard, combined which it’s never a warn if Sergio is angry about something.

Don Jon Trailer: Arrived!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a porn addiction? Sure, sounds entertaining.

Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson articulate with clever New Jersey accents? Even better.

Check out the first Don Jon trailer, that outlines Gordon-Levitt’s writing/directorial debut:

Don Jon Trailer

Don Jon Trailer

Gordon-Levitt plays Jon Martello, a porn-addicted male with a robe for objectifying everything.

When he meets a Barbara, played by Johansson, his perspective starts to change.

Julianne Moore, Tony Danza, and Brie Larson additionally star, with Anne Hathaway, Channing Tatum, and Cuba Gooding Jr. creation cameos.

Don Jon premieres Oct 18.

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries unequivocally kicked the self-evident hornet’s nest.

By remarking, basically, which his wardrobe association caters usually to “the cool kids” and he doesn’t wish any fat girls in his stores, he caused a vital uproar.

Stars similar to Kirstie Alley and Ellen slammed A&F for promulgation such a message, and right away a blogger declared Jes (a.k.a. The Militant Baker) has upped the ante.

Attractive and Fat

Recreating renouned topless Abercrombie ads (and wearing their clothes) in a array of photos, the Size-22 Jess says A&F should mount for “Attractive & Fat.”

She published the images – which should have Jeffries tremble – on her blog, with an open minute to the association wailing the position on “larger people.”

Jeffries told Business Insider which A&F is “exclusionary,” and for “cool and renouned kids … a lot of people do not go [in the clothes] and they can’t belong.”

Jes writes which she hopes one day all ads, even A&F’s, will underline plus-size females or “unconventional models” with “not short, not fat, veteran models.”

H&M’s swimsuit indication in this summer’s catalogue qualifies, but someway we do not see A&F following fit – even if, as Jes notes, their garments do fit her.

Take a prolonged look, Mike! Check out some-more of Jes’ photos below:

  • Attractive and Fat (A&F Ad Parody)
  • A&F Ad Parody
  • Attractive, Fat
Abercrombie & Fitch Ad Parody

We someway disbelief Ted Nugent will be shopping a copy, but Piers Morgan voiced currently which he is penning a tell-all which will be expelled in October.

The discourse will reportedly be patrician “Shooting Straight: Guns, Gays, God, and George Clooney” and will concentration on his hold up as host at CNN.

Most recently, which hold up has centered on Morgan debating the emanate of gun carry out with such conservatives as Nugent, Alex Jones, many memorably, Larry Pratt.

Piers Morgan Pose

According to a Simon & Schuster’s press release, the book will cover Morgan’s “adrenaline-fueled hold up at CNN as host of ‘Piers Morgan Live’ together with the genuine time play of covering outrageous violation headlines stories from the murdering of Osama bin Laden to the electrocute at Newtown.”

Earlier today, it was voiced which a Robin Roberts discourse is additionally on the way.

So receptive to advice off now: Will you squeeze this Piers Morgan tell-all?


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Kyle Richards competence owe her hold up to Angelina Jolie.

A week after which A-lister suggested in a relocating New York Times square which she underwent a stand in mastectomy, Richards Tweeted which she’ll shortly be following the star’s lead.

Kyle Richards Pose

“I mislaid my Mom to Breast cancer & am broke to confess which I’ve been as well frightened to get tested,” the 44-year-old wrote Real Housewives of Beverly Hills expel part of wrote. “I feel otherwise currently #AngelinaJolie.”

Richards says she has a exam lined up in the entrance days.

Jolie has desirous millions given pity her tale.

She wrote in the op-ed which she chose “not to keep my story in isolation since there have been most women who do not know which they competence be vital underneath the shade of cancer,” adding:

“It is my goal which they, too, will be means to get gene tested, and which if they have a tall risk they, too, will know which they have clever options.”

It looks similar to Kyle has taken those difference to heart. Let’s goal most others do the same.

J.J. Abrams is staying in the family for his costumes on Star Wars Episode VII.

Not usually will the dual greatest sci-fi franchises in story be rubbed by one director, but they’ll additionally be written by one costumer.

Michael Kaplan, the Costume Designer on Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, has assimilated the prolongation of Star Wars Episode VII.

Star Wars Font

Not a total lot has been set in mill for Episode VII, though Jonathan Rhys Meyers is rumored to be in talks to star.

The movie will reportedly follow the young kids of the strange 3 protagonists, Luke, Leia, and Han.

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford have been additionally assumingly in talks to return.

Star Wars Episode VII is scheming for a 2015 recover date.

Are the Kardashians Going Broke?

We take it all back, Kardashians! We had no idea!

The ultimate emanate of Star Magazine gives us a reason because Kim Tweeted about her code of tan extenders whilst a hurricane was wiping out tools of Oklahoma:

The family is low in debt and unfortunate for cash.

Broke Kardashians?

“The Kardashians have critical monetary issues,” a all not made-up source tells the tabloid. “They do a good pursuit of gripping it quiet… but their bake rate is out of control, and so most of their businesses and endorsements have been failures.”

This ostensible insider goes on to contend Kim is a “shopaholic” who charges $350,000 per month on her credit card. That’s a lot!

Custom-clothes and Louis Vuitton handbags have been allegedly Kim’s soft spot, whilst the repository additionally cites a pick up of selected cars as contributing to the debt-filled mess.

Fortunately, Kim – who warranted $18 million in 2012, according to Forbes – does assumingly have a intrigue to get her desired ones out of the red.

According to ANOTHER publication report, she’s going at the behind of Kanye West’s at the behind of as celebration of a miserly tract to sell her baby photos.

Hey, whatever it takes when your family’s contentment is at stake, right?

The Baby Bachelor is behind for a second, darling installment!

As we mangle down The Bachelorette spoilers and await Monday’s premiere on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel’s cute, late night satire is apropos a viral hit.

The feign show premiered final week, starring Kimmel’s nephew Wesley as a love-seeking immature associate who courts and dates twenty-five womanlike toddlers.

Here’s the sophomore part of The Baby Bachelor:

The Baby Bachelor Episode 2

The Baby Bachelor Episode 2

While the initial part introduced Wesley and his ladies, the second part brings us the season’s organisation date. Paste is eaten. Tales have been tattled.

As the emotionally flighty and unfortunate girls bob to brand new lows in an try to mount out from the field, we sense the many critical doctrine yet:

Nap time is not an forgive to skip the Dinosaur Ceremony.

A D.C. male used Craigslist final week end to find a marriage date, and … finished up carrying the most appropriate time ever! We know, we can’t hold which either.

Jake the Huffington Post that he can appreciate his friends. Why?

Craiglist Wedding Date

They common his Craigslist ad on Facebook, and a lady he’d formerly volunteered with at Dreams for Kids D.C. sent him a in isolation message.

With a ask to be his date. And he accepted. And it ruled!

“I’ve had a vanquish on her given we met roughly dual years ago but never acted on it,” Jake said. “We both had the time of the lives at the wedding.”

He adds, “We will really be unresolved out again soon.”

Safe to contend things do not work out similar to which as well often!

These dual have a lovable couple, do not you think?

  • Craigslist Date 2
  • Craigslist Date 1