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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have damaged up, according to a brand new report.

People reliable the separate today, yet reps for the dual could not be reached.

The headlines comes among innumerable reports which they’ve been carrying “difficulties.”

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart at Coachella

Guess which was true, to contend the least. “Priorities” were pronounced to be the issue.

Whatever which means. Still, all goal might not be mislaid for the duo. Insiders contend they have been still “in love” and might in the future get behind together again.

Prior to Rob’s 27th birthday this week, during which he allegedly ditched out on skeleton with Kristen, the span appeared to be still on and going strong.

They were seen at NYC’s MET Gala, and afterwards flew behind to L.A. May 8. They not long ago distinguished K-Stew’s 23rd birthday and hold hands at Coachella.

Following final summer’s distress – her intrigue with Rupert Sanders and arising a open reparation – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart worked things out.

With the difference of Stewart’s acknowledgment of her fling, the dual never publicly addressed their romance, and things appeared to be all behind to normal.

So most for that. Stick a flare in Robsten, for now.

Robsten: Can they work it out?


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Kim Kardashian. Chris Brown. Farrah Abraham.

Not all on THG is appetizing, we know.

Fortunately, the friends at Food Fanatic have been here to suggest a little tasty recipes which means your go through to complain with anticipation. Not only nausea.

What has FF baked up this week? Let’s see …

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  • A lemon rosemary duck recipe for a big duck cooking winner.
  • A robust duck unfeeling stir grill recipe with Ponzu sauce.
  • A fava bean salad recipe, as a full of health messenger of spring.
  • A Greek quinoa salad recipe for an additional anniversary spin.
  • An almond biscotti recipe for a healthy, chewy desert.
  • A no-knead pizza mix recipe. Need we contend more?
  • A homemade Nesquik recipe. Just because.

A house keeper who once described saying Wade Robson in the immersion with Michael Jackson might be the key to the former’s claims of molestation.

Robson, 30, not long ago indicted Jackson of passionate abuse in a explain conflicting his estate, afterwards shielded himself on Today, job Michael a pedophile.

Wade Robson, Michael Jackson

Blanca Francia’s sworn statement during Jackson’s 2005 kid seduction hearing enclosed a striking comment of MJ immersion exposed with a immature Wade Robson.

Francia described saying Michael’s hoop skirt on the building outward the Neverland Ranch shower, as good as Wade’s child-sized neon immature underwear.

She pronounced she couldn’t see only what the King of Pop was you do in there since the immersion doorway was fogged up, but pronounced she listened him laughing.

Despite Francia’s story, Michael was clear – in no small partial since Wade himself additionally testified and insisted Jackson never abused him.

That’s the opposite, of course, of what he is claiming now.

Robson is formulation to disagree which the late icon’s companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, had a avocation to strengthen him when he was a immature boy.

Because they were concerned in recruiting him from Australia to work with Michael – who he says abused him from ages 7-14 – they have been probable today.

According to TMZ, Wade wants to make use of Blanca’s 2005 sworn statement to show Michael abused him, and goal which she will concur in his brand new box as well.

Robson has been beaten by MJ’s former profession Tom Mesereau, as good as Michael’s nephew Taj Jackson, his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, and others.

Michael’s stay says Wade is patently becoming different his story right away since he’s encouraged by money, and indicate to his relocating 2005 comment – underneath oath.

Wade says he understands this, but is austere which he’s not lying now.

“I never forgot one impulse of what Michael did,” he said. “But I was psychologically incompetent and reluctant to assimilate which it was passionate abuse.”

“I lived in overpower and rejection for twenty-two years,” Robson went on, observant which he suffered shaken breakdowns which scarcely finished his career dual years ago.

“In sequence to heal, I have to verbalise the law and verbalise the total truth.”

You discuss it us: What do you think of Wade Robson’s allegations?


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Beyonce released a oppressive reply on Instagram to rumors which she’s awaiting baby #2, afterwards took it down a couple of mins after … for viewable reasons.

Of course, zero indeed vanishes for great once it’s online, and Bey’s diatribe – which was shade grabbed by some-more than a couple of people – is a doozy.

  • Bey Insta Gram
  • Beyonce Tumblr Pic: Beyond!

In the arise of E! News confirming Beyonce profound with her second child, she lamented (via the picture above) which she can’t stop rumors from starting.

Indeed not. But what the 31-year-old star can do is “sit behind and giggle at these low hold up people who have zero improved to do than speak about me.”

Ouch. They’re only conceiving physically rumors – reliable ones, even, if you hold E! – not allegations of drug use, kid abuse, intrigue on Jay-Z, etc.

We get which carrying no remoteness can be frustrating, but it seems similar to an peculiar reply when a elementary “true” or “not true” (or nothing) at all would suffice.

We’re going with pregnant, and pissed which it leaked. You?

Vote below: Is Beyonce profound with baby #2?


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Ellen DeGeneres is the ultimate luminary to take Abercrombie & Fitch to charge over the CEO’s argumentative and exclusionary offered strategy.

The TV host discussed the subject in her monologue, slated to air on May 20.

“The [A&F] CEO voiced which his stores will stop offered wardrobe for women incomparable than distance 10,” she said. “You know what I contend to that? Oh, Fitch, please!”

Ellen: Abercrombie & Fitch Monologue

Ellen: Abercrombie & Fitch Monologue

“Beauty isn’t in between a distance 0 and a distance 8,” pronounced Ellen, echoing Kirstie Alley’s critique progressing this week. “It’s not a series at all. It’s not physical.”

“I know a lot of kids watch this show, so I wish to contend one some-more thing to you all. What you demeanour similar to on the outward is not what creates you cool.”

“What’s important,” she urged, “Is which you’re full of health and you’re happy.”

Ellen lamented which someone who’s a distance 10 could be deliberate a plus-size indication and speedy her viewers not to endure A&F’s attitude.

And also, if you unequivocally wish cool clothes, 3 words: “The Ellen Shop.”

Yup, DeGeneres is as overwhelming as Mike Jeffries is hated right now.

The embattled CEO pronounced in reply to his flourishing carol of critics which A&F is “completely against to any discrimination, bullying, or derogative characterizations.”

Jeffries pronounced he does not distinguish formed on “race, gender, physique type” only since his store “targets the offered at a sold shred of customers.”

Customers possessing one sold physique sort and skin tone.

Kelly Rowland will expected be entrance to a radio set nearby you this fall.

The former Destiny’s Child part of is reportedly nearby to signing with The X Factor as a Season 3 judge. If the stipulate goes through, she will stick on Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell on the arriving panel.

Kelly Rowland Photograph

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is still be seeking to supplement a fourth decider and Latin singer/actress Paulina Rubio is between the favorites.

With The X Factor beginning prolongation on Tuesday, central announcements will be done really shortly.

Do you think Rowland will have a plain judge?


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They contend second place in the initial loser.

But only try revelation which to Kree Harrison.

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison on the Finale

On the heels of Candice Glover receiving home the American Idol Season twelve title, Harrison didn’t receptive to advice remotely unhappy when chatting with Access Hollywood.

“I’m happy for her. I love her similar to a sister and I’m so freaking unapproachable of her,” Kree said. “It’s a sisterhood serve than friends perpetually could unequivocally assimilate since we’ve left by this knowledge together. Not most people could assimilate it.”

Of course, copiousness of Idol finalists who did not win went on to suffer unequivocally successful career. Take Jennifer Hudson, Daughty and Adam Lambert as only a couple of examples.

Did Harrison see her second place finish coming?

“I unequivocally had no thought since we have been dual all utterly opposite artists, so I didn’t know,” she said. “But I’m so freaking unapproachable of her. We both have so most drive, whatever would have happened I was only meditative in which impulse which I’m so vehement to do something, like, the subsequent step.”

We instruct Kree the unequivocally most appropriate of fitness and we ask again: Did Glover merit to win?


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Kim Kardashian is scheduled to give in July.

A couple of months later, Kanye West is scheduled to go on tour.

And whilst the dates/locations have been nonetheless to be announced, Kim has reportedly done up her mind: she and the baby have been fasten their male opposite the country, presumably even the globe.

Kim Kardashian: Very Pregnant!

The preference is being met with both regard (Way to keep the family together!) and doubt (Who travels from city to city, road house to hotel, with a newborn?!?), so right away it’s time for the THG organisation to import in:

What do you think of Kim Kardashian and her baby fasten Kanye West on tour? Is it the right call?


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A span of Golden State Warriors fans, on their approach home from Oracle Arena after their group was separated from the NBA Playoffs, were killed in a sharpened Thursday night.


Christopher Beardon and Terrance Marks were headed home in a white Porsche Panamera when someone in a SUV pulled to one side their car on Interstate 880 and non-stop glow with a semi-automatic.

Beardon – who was at the back of the circle – was killed by the gunfire; Marks was strike by an approaching car after the Porsche strike a guardrail and he possibly fled or was ejected.

He was additionally shot in the drive-by.

Police have been asking alternative fans in assemblage for assistance and study notice video in an try to slight down the think list.

They do not hold it was a pointless action of highway rage.

Ever longed for to demeanour similar to The Girl on Fire?

Covergirl is giving you the chance.

The association has voiced a singular partnership with Lionsgate in that it will marketplace a Catching Fire-inspired code of makeup. It will reasonably be called The Capitol Collection.

Katniss Everdeen Close Up

It’s misleading only what products will be enclosed in the war paint line or when it will strike stores, but a press recover hypes this as “a first-of-its-kind beautiful promotion debate desirous by the film.”

And it’s protected to pretence copiousness some-more merchandising deals have been to come prior to the blockbuster supplement is expelled on Nov 22.

Watch the central Catching Fire trailer now!