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American Idol Winner: Crowned!

It was a deteriorate of judges fighting and ratings dwindling.

Of group disintegrating early and women display their strength.

And, oh, did we discuss judges fighting?

But American Idol eventually came to an finish tonight and – distinct the magisterial dual hours and 7 mins which it took for Fox to make known the leader – we will not rubbish any more of your time in announcing the hold up is…

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison


Considered the front-runner for months, Glover pennyless down as shortly as Ryan Seacrest pronounced her name, hugged Kree Harrison and afterwards achieved a superb chronicle of “I Am Beautiful.”

What do you think? Did Candice merit the title?


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Game changed. Jaws dropped. Fingernails unresolved off cliffs all around the nation.

On The Vampire Diaries Season 4 culmination – SPOILER ALERT! – we watched as Elena chose Damon… Katherine was force fed The Cure… and Silas suggested which Stefan is his doppleganger!

Yes, Stefan Salvatore is the shade self of Silas the Witch, who has right away returned to his true, Paul Wesley-like form and plunged his doppleganger in to both a sealed protected and the bottom of the ocean.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Scene

Like we said, diversion changed.

Did you presumably see this turn coming? Where will things go in The Vampire Diaries Season 5? Try to hang your thoughts around the end and receptive to advice off now:

What did you think of the TVD finale?


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Kai the Hitchhiker, the oddity who gained online celebrity this year following a pointless action of intrepidity and a extensive internal TV interview, is longed for for murder.

Union County law coercion has released a aver for him for the attempted attempted attempted murder of Joseph Galfy, Jr., in Clark, N.J., the Union County Prosecutor’s Office says.

Galfy was reportedly found passed inside his home on May 13.

Kai the Hitchhiker Interview

Kai the Hitchhiker Interview

The means of genocide has been spoken as brief force trauma. Police contend Kai (Caleb Lawrence McGillvary) is deliberate armed and dangerous.

Kai is pronounced to have cut his hair to disguise his identity, and was final seen at a rail hire nearby Haddonfield, N.J. He is strictly a attempted attempted attempted murder suspect.

Back in February, McGillvary, a.k.a. Kai, was flitting by Fresno, Calif., when he stumbled in to an intolerable incident – and quasi-celeb status.

Kai saw a male conflict a application workman with a car and conflict a lady at a gas station, after which he strike the male with a small axe to stop the attack.

His talk prior to long afterward (above) was a viral sensation.

Basically, he was Charles Ramsey prior to Charles Ramsey, but Antoine Dodson was Kai prior to Kai was Kai. Okay, which done positively no sense.

Anyway, Kai videos have been noticed millions of times, creation the strong dim spin in McGillvary’s once-great story all the some-more shocking.

Sadly, we do not predict this finale well.

He posted this on Facebook this week:

Kai FB Status

Saturday Night Live will demeanour unequivocally opposite in the fall.

With Bill Hader confirming his skip this week, it’s right away seeking increasingly expected that Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis will be fasten him on the sidelines.

  • Jason Sudeikis Photograph
  • Fred Armisen Pic

An insider at NBC tells The New York Post that Armisen is unequivocally on the approach out whilst Sudeikis will “probably” burst as well.

(And who could censure the latter, really? When he can distortion in bed all day and glance at Olivia Wilde nude?)

Seth Meyers, meanwhile, will skip in the open to concentration on his gig as host of Late Night, that will leave Kenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan as the show’s many seasoned expel members.

Will you hang around to watch with a little a immature cast? Which of these vacating droll group will you skip many if they all leave?


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The brand new The Hangover Part III red rope trailer is here!

It looks a lot similar to today’s Last Vegas trailer, usually with immature people (that’s a joke).

The initial partial of the trailer is a summation of the initial dual films, yet that often consists of Zach Galifianakis’ Wolfpack debate and a exposed Ken Jeong. Take a look:

The Hangover Part III Trailer - Red Band

The Hangover Part III Trailer – Red Band

Galifianakis returns along with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha for the last monthly payment of the raunchy humerous entertainment franchise.

This time, they have been forced by a crime trainer to lapse to Vegas and find Chow.

John Goodman, Heather Graham, Jeffrey Tambor, Gillian Vigman, Sasha Barrese, Jamie Chung, Mike Epps, and Melissa McCarthy additionally star.

Tod Phillips directs the film, that he co-wrote with Craig Mazin. The Hangover Part III will premiere May 23.

Tommy Wilson, son of actress Thomas F. Wilson, who played Biff Tannen in Back to the Future, is rising as an chosen tall propagandize pitcher.

Wilson starts for Notre Dame High in Sherman Oaks, Calif., and we can suppose which he gets his satisfactory share of heckles thrown his way.

Why? Well, his dad’s iconic impression was full of ’em. From “butthead,” to “chicken,” hostile fans have copiousness of options.

  • Tommy Wilson High School Pitcher

    Tommy Wilson
  • Biff's Insults from Back to the Future
    Biff’s Insults from Back to the Future

In 33.1 innings, the younger Wilson, who was usually not long ago combined to the starting rotation, has a 1.68 ERA with 44 strikeouts. Excellent numbers.

As for how the throng treats him, meaningful who is father is?

The younger Wilson says, “They’ll allude to the movie sometimes… They’ll try to have jokes about it and stuff, but I try not to concentration on which as well much.”

Thomas F. Wilson has additionally appeared on shows like Freaks and Geeks and Franklin & Bash, and he can be seen in the arriving movie The Heat.

Farrah Abraham is essentially no foreigner to the room maneuvers she showed off in her sex tape. If you do not know what we mean, recollect the title:

Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Says it all.

Just a couple of mins in to the adult movie smash, she tells James Deen which she needs to oil up, because, well, it’s not as lubricated in which orifice.

Sorry. We’re grossed out too, but we do have a point.

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Interview

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Interview

She tells her porn star companion which “This is my initial time!”

Well, theory what? The being star was lying, as usual.

In an talk with The Dirty’s Nik Richie, Farrah Abraham suggested that, actually, she’d left there prior to at age 15, prior to dating Derek Underwood.

Yep, prior to she even had “real” sex with her baby daddy.

And Chrissy Teigen called her a prostitute already.

Pressed by Nik about her passionate history, Farrah pronounced she loves to do it which approach and is not ashamed. Heck, it competence even be her number-one passionate option.

“This is a small bit weird, but if you wish to go there,” she said. “Why can’t I do whatever I want? I can cling to from a gorilla club and do sex up there initial if I longed for to.”

Quote of the year element right there, Farrah.

Last Vegas Trailer: Watch Now!

Four guys transport to Las Vegas prior to one of them gets married, and they finish up in a garland of funny situations.

The catch? They’re oooooooooolllllllddddd!!!!!!!!

When we initial saw The Hangover, many of us yet “well what about this, but they’re all golfers?” Or “this, but nothing of them similar to tuna.”

But The Hangover with group in their 60’s? Now that‘s an strange suspicion which nothing of us could have suspicion of!

Check out the initial trailer for Last Vegas below:

Last Vegas Trailer

Last Vegas Trailer

Who wants the one of the hottest comedic actors working currently (Zach Galifianakis), and one of the many tasteful heading group around (Bradley Cooper) when you can have one of the hottest comedic actors operative in 1989 (Kline), and one of the many attracting heading group of 1979 (DeNiro)?

Kline and DeNiro have been assimilated by Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas in the raunchy geriatric romp.

Jon Turteltaub directs, with the book by Dan Fogelman. Last Vegas will premiere Nov 1.

Dick Trickle, a former NASCAR star, has died. He was 71 years old.

Police in North Carolina hold that Trickle took his own life, sharpened himself at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Lincoln County at 12:02 this afternoon.


Officials contend they got a phone call prior to the sharpened in that the tourist pronounced there would be a passed physique at the tomb … and it would be his.

Operators scrambled to call back, but got no answer.

When puncture responders arrived, they found Trickle nearby his pickup truck. The air blower the one preferred is pronounced to have died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Trickle did leave a self-murder note at the genocide scene, yet the essence of the note have been expelled at this time and it’s misleading if and when they will be.

Dick, who mostly smoked whilst racing, won the NASCAR “Rookie of the Year” endowment in the Winston Cup in 1989, when he was a brisk 48 years old.

He won twice and notched 78 tip tens in his career.


The many important partial of the The CW’s Upfront eventuality in New York today?

No, not the CW 2013-20414 schedule, yet which is arrange of interesting.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev reuniting! At slightest on stage!

Ian and Nina Picture

The Vampire Diaries stars, who not long ago called it quits after 3 years of dating, were “consummate professionals” at the big display to advertisers.

While Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder avoided a red runner run-in, the stars assimilated network boss Mark Pedowitz on stage. Hot (and awkward)!

“They flanked him on any side, pronounced hi to the assembly and walked off stage, withdrawal Mark to broach his residence to advertisers,” a source says.

“As they walked off stage, Nina was a walk or dual forward of Ian.”

“Later, Nina and Ian were side by side and chatted with any alternative quickly prior to they all left the stage. They seemed friendly, not ungainly at all.”

And that’s about it. FYI, Dobrev, 24, rocked a Versace dress, Rupert Sanderson heels and Cuyana earrings, whilst Somerhalder, 34, wore Simon Spurr.

Also FYI, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 culmination is tonight at 8 p.m.