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If there’s one thing The Real Housewives of Orange County love, it’s wine. Vicki and Tamra launched Wines by Wives final deteriorate and right divided it’s time to concentration on bureau building their business.

Except they’re not unequivocally friends anymore, so this should have for engaging bureau politics.

Join us right divided as we mangle it all down with our THG +/- system!

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Cast

At Casa Dubrow, Terry asks the many outrageous theme a father can ask a wife. “Do you wish to cut my toenails?” Minus 20

These dual have been still on the outs following their cooking the night before. She tries to insist since she was harm the night prior to and he usually goes right on writing his toenails. Minus 10

Heather’s emanate is which she needs await from Terry instead of jokes. Terry cracks an additional joke.

Get it together, you two!

The booze is in and Tamra checks to have certain she’s the core mother on the label. She and Eddie conduct out to Malibu for a small booze tasting with the girls. 

Tamra’s jealous of Eddie’s bike and says if there’s any one he would ever have an event with, it would be his bike.

Vicki climbs in to the limo with the Dubrows and the McLaughlins. She’s feeling similar to a fifth circle as the usually chairman on the outing but a poignant other.


Lydia’s kids done a get great label for Slade’s son. Super sweet. Plus 12.

Tamra’s ready to do a little business. Yes, they’re sampling wine, but they additionally need to select brand brand brand new wines for their mail-order business. 

During the initial sampling, the booze goes to Vicki’s conduct and she insults the winery owners by observant she suspicion he and his daughter were essentially a couple. Minus 13.

Heather asks how old the daughter is and she responds “24.” Then Vicki adds damage to insult by revelation the lady she looks comparison than 24. Minus 7.

A Vicki Gunvalson Image

Jim and Alexis have a brand brand brand new Sky Zone opening in San Diego so she’s not on the Malibu trip. And she wasn’t invited in the initial place.

They’re going to the opening of their trampoline play ground for kids but their own kids. 

Back in Malibu, the organisation arrives at their road house and Vicki turns on the tears and whines about the actuality which she’s single. Or usually there by herself, since she and Brooks have been arrange of dating but afterwards not? 

At dinner, there’s some-more alcohol. Doug asks which booze they’re celebration at cooking and asks who chose it. Tamra raises her palm and Vicki gives her the Evil Eye.

Talk turns to the blank thespian component of the night: Alexis. Lydia says which Alexis misses Gretchen and Gretchen says she doesn’t hold that. 

To change the subject, Tamra asks Heather if she’ll get to have out with any one on her arriving guest purpose on Hot In Cleveland. Atta girl, Tamra! Way to change the focus! Plus 8

Terry starts enormous jokes and Heather’s appearance changes instantly. 

Heather Dubrow Pic

Vicki has a brand brand brand new commercial operation try which she hasn’t told Tamra about, one to which she’s focusing many of her attention. Instead of assisting sell Wines by Wives, she’s peddling Vicki’s Vodka.

It’s day dual in Malibu and there have been some-more wines to taste. Eddie and Slade have been blank breakfast for cycling. Heather asks if Tamra and Eddie need to have a review about the cycling and Tamra tells her that’s an evidence she’ll never win.

Thus starts a review about matrimony and concede and flattering shortly Terry spills the beans which after their dinner, he forsaken the “D” word in review with Heather. 

Vicki essentially gives virtuoso recommendation when she says which throwing around the word “divorce” builds a wall in between a tied together couple. Plus 10.

Heather usually wants what she gives. That’s not as well most to ask.

Eddie and Slade arrive from their float usually in time to pull the courtesy divided from Terry and Heather. Plus 5.

Slade Smiley Photo

Instead of tasting and selecting wine, Vicki tries on coats. Then she needs to leave to go to cooking with friends in L.A. even yet she’s ostensible to be on a commercial operation trip.

The most appropriate thing which could presumably occur for Vicki and Tamra at this indicate is for the dual of them to stop being commercial operation partners. 

Tamra calls Vicki a dog and Vicki calls Tamra a miserable person. 

Heather and Terry take a impulse to speak about brunch and he apologizes. He knows he screwed up. They determine to strike the postponement symbol on the review and collect it up again after she films. 

Briana brings Troy by Vicki’s bureau since that’s the usually approach she feels similar to she can see her mom. Vicki gives her side of the story about Malibu and unequivocally angles the review so she’s in a great light. Minus 8.

Tamra and Eddie go to cooking to plead the aptness studio. Tamra has difficulty balancing dual businesses. She additionally thinks she has an annoy emanate since her ultimate coming out with Vicki.

Tamra doesn’t know how to speak about tension and has a unequivocally guileless impulse with herself and Eddie about how she reacts to situations. Plus 30. 


Dr. Joyce Brothers, a renouned clergyman who was additionally well known as an writer and ubiquitous media personality, upheld divided today. She was 85 years old.

JB Pic

Publicist Sanford Brokaw pennyless the pronounced news, confirming which his customer died in New York City after a prolonged conflict with an unclear illness.

Brothers rose to celebrity after winning The $64,000 Question in 1955.

She went on to a extravagantly successful promote career which enclosed hosting a syndicated speak show where she gave recommendation to listeners.

Dr. Joyce additionally appeared – typically as herself – on countless of radio programs, from Saturday Night Live to CHiPs, whilst creation cameos in a operation of films.

Also an author, Brothers wrote a series of best-selling books, together with What Every Woman Should Know About Men in 1982 and Widowed. The latter, published in 1992, was desirous by the genocide of her father of 40 years, Milton Brothers.

Dr. Joyce is survived by her daughter and the thoughts go out to her desired ones.

Barbara Evans, Jenelle Evans’ mother and visit player on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, is unequaled between being stahs. BAHBRAH is indeed one of a kind.

  • Jenelle's Mom
  • Boooooooooooyfriend

Not only for receiving caring of the child Jenelle acts similar to she doesn’t have, or for being gallant to lay the pound down on her daughter when she deserves it.

The lady is only waggish and her accent, whilst arrange of unpleasant and equivocal indecipherable, only gives this all-time impression even some-more character.

Babs does not chop words. Or verbalise in a approach which you can assimilate hers. But as bad as her daughter is, she’d be worse but her mom.

Basically, as tough as it is to watch Jenelle Evans self-destruct, at slightest you know it hurts Babs – who gives her all to her daughter and her grandson – harder.

She’s fundamentally the reason for the show.

Follow the burst for some-more classical Bahbrah GIFs and photos as we compensate reverence to the unheralded, under-appreciated and unsung star of Teen Mom 2 …

  • Jenelle and Barbara GIF
  • Ya High!
  • Barbara Evans Image
  • Barbara Evans GIF
  • Barbara Evans Quotes
  • Credit Caaaaaaaaaaaaards
  • Where Ya Been Jenelle?
  • Babs Evans
  • Jenelle Evans' Mom
  • Jenelle Evans' Mother

LeAnn Rimes is not pregnant, people. We repeat: Not true.

Brand Glanville, breathe. And put down the Chardonnay.

LeAnn Rimes Fashion Choice

In the arise of a video surfacing online of the nation star clearly affirming which she is with child, the 30-year-old’s repute says, again, which she is not.

If it sounds familiar, that’s since it flattering most is.

Back in February, rumors flush which Eddie Cibrian got LeAnn Rimes pregnant, whilst the star herself quashed the conjecture again in March.

Nothing in April, but that’s 3 of the final 4 months! Twitter and the luminary report tabloids unequivocally hold these dual should reproduce, it would appear.

Maybe shortly they will take a hint. Sheesh.

Red 2 Poster: Arrived!

All the main expel have been benefaction in the first Red 2 poster. Take a look:

Red 2 Poster

The action-comedy supplement once again follows late CIA op Frank Moses, as he reassembles the old group to lane down a blank chief weapon.

Along the way, the contingency wand off a fusillade of gangland slaying attempts.

John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Mary Louise-Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lee Byung-hun, Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, and Brian Cox star.

Red 2 will premiere Jul 19.

Selena Gomez might not be the hottest lady on the Maxim Hot 100, but the immature thespian isn’t as well unsettled over her ranking.

She is number-two, after all.

And what does she think of the magazine’s tip choice, Miley Cyrus?

“She’s beautiful,” Gomez pronounced Friday’s book of “The TJ Show” on 103.3 in Boston, adding which she doesn’t assimilate because such a list even exists.

So we can review her and Cyrus, of course! D-uh! Do so right away and confirm either Maxim got this ranking right. Who looks hotter?

And the
  • Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus

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  • Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez

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Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez? Who is essentially hotter in her Maxim photo?
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TM-I-Can’t-Believe-They-Are-Showing-This-on-Television Alert:

Last night’s E! special Holly Has Baby rang really loyal to the name, as the array featured former Playmate Holly Madison… essentially carrying a baby.

Yes, really insinuate shots of the indication giving bieing born to daughter Rainbow have been seen below, as Madison admits which she’s “scared” and sheds most tears during this joyous/frightening occasion.

Consider yourself warned and click Play now. Between this video and the one of Kourtney Kardashian giving birth, let’s Kim Kardashian doesn’t get any ideas…

Holly Madison Birth Video

Holly Madison Birth Video

As I Lay Dying Trailer: Arrived!

James Franco is rising as a loyal Hollywood Renaissance Man.

His initial vital directorial effort, an instrumentation of the William Faulkner novel As I Lay Dying, will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival after this month.

Check out the first As I Lay Dying trailer below:

As I Lay Dying Trailer

As I Lay Dying Trailer

The movie tells the story of a Southern family traffic with the genocide of their Matriarch, whilst perplexing to follow the wake requests set about in her will.

Franco stars in the movie along with Danny McBride, Logan Marshall-Green, and Tim Blake Nelson.

O.J. Simpson done his ask for a brand brand brand brand new hearing today, claiming the warn who represented him in his abduction and spoliation box screwed him over.

Guy will severely never go divided it seems.

  • O.J. Simpson Mug Shot (2013)
  • O.J. Simpson Fat

Simpson appeared in justice wearing a blue jail uniform; his hair was shorter and grayer than it was during a prior justice coming in 2008.

He’s additionally not wasting divided in jail. Just saying. Guy contingency have the reward dish devise in there or something, since wow. Letting himself go.

Anyway, he entered the courtroom in handcuffs, flanked by confidence guards and nodded and lifted his eyebrows to admit people he recognized.

A organise warned people in the assembly not to try to promulgate with Simpson, who’s you do 9-to-33 years in prison. No difference were exchanged.

Simpson, who never testified in his 1994-95 attempted attempted murder hearing or in the 2007 spoliation box which sent him to the big house, is due to attest Wednesday.

His former attorney, Yale Galanter, is scheduled to attest Friday.

Simpson says Galanter knew about his devise to collect what he suspicion were personal equipment from dual sports memorabilia dealers in a casino road house room.

O.J. additionally pronounced Yale never told him a defence understanding was on the table.

Galanter was paid scarcely $700,000 for his invulnerability but had a personal seductiveness in preventing himself from being identified as a declare to the crimes, O.J. says.

As a result, he misled Simpson so most which the former football star deserves a brand brand brand brand new trial, brand brand brand brand new lawyers for the NFL good claimed currently in court.

“To me, the claims have been solid. I do not know how the justice can’t accede to relief,” pronounced Patricia Palm, the appeals warn who is spearheading this effort.

Of the twenty-two allegations of conflict-of-interest and ineffectual warn which Palm raised, Clark County (Nev.) District Court Judge Linda Marie Bell concluded to attend to 19.

The five-day record have been technically conjunction a hearing nor appeal.

There won’t be any opening statements from possibly side. The decider will attend to sworn statement prior to determining either Simpson deserves a brand brand brand brand new trial.

It’s not transparent either Bell will order immediately.

Simpson maintains the devise was to take behind family photos and personal effects stolen from him after his 1995 “trial of the century” attempted attempted murder acquittal.

He was shortly convicted of recruiting a little goons to “get a little heat” and robbing the memorabilia dealers, however, and was sent to state prison.

O.J. was additionally found probable for indemnification in a polite prejudicial genocide legal case and systematic to compensate $33.5 million to the family groups of the dual people he substantially killed.

McDonald’s is adding 3 brand brand brand brand brand new Quarter Pounders to the menu and phasing out Angus offerings as it looks to concentration the courtesy on one of the most renouned brands.

3 New Quarter Pounders!

The association says the brand brand brand brand brand new burgers will reinstate the meatier Angus third-pounders, that were between the most costly equipment on the menu at around $4 to $5.

The Quarter Pounders will come in dual of the same varieties as the Angus burgers, Bacon and Cheese and Deluxe, and Habanero Ranch as well.

The brand brand brand brand brand new Quarter Pounder line will make use of a bun that has 8 grams of total grains, whilst strange Quarter Pounders will stay with their unchanging bun.

McDonald’s will hurl out the brand brand brand brand brand new equipment nationally in mid-June.

Greg Watson, Senior VP of the menu creation group at McDonald’s, pronounced “Once we combined these burgers, we didn’t see the need for the Angus line.

They’ve been piloted in Toledo and Sacramento, successfully.

The barter for burgers with reduction beef comes as grill bondage opposite the attention face – between most pick hurdles – taking flight beef prices.

Those costs have been quite cryptic for fast-food chains, well known for poor cooking and regularly heedful of scaring divided price-conscious customers.

McDonald’s in sold has been going to larger lengths of late to stress the affordability of the food in a pull to spin around slumping sales.

Watson pronounced that “price was not unequivocally a driver” here, but conceded that “the Quarter Pounder will be an even larger worth than the Angus burgers.”

Beyond fighting for customers, normal fast-food bondage have been additionally struggling with the some-more elemental complaint of becoming different eating habits.

The be concerned is that people in their 20s and 30s have been increasingly opting for some-more full of health recipes and streamer to bondage that stress aloft quality.

Even those who love quick food and have been seeking for poor dishes out have been mostly drawn to paleo recipes and abstain from food they hold is rarely processed.

The enterprise to eat improved is reflected in the expansion of Subway, that right away has about 26,000 U.S. locations and positions itself as a healthier alternative.

To win behind the younger customers, McDonald’s not long ago rolled out the duck McWraps, all egg-white Egg McMuffins and total pellet muffins.

McDonald’s is anticipating such brand brand brand brand brand new equipment and mixture can progress the slumping sales, that not long ago fell for the initial time in some-more than a decade.