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Looks similar to it’s SO ON in in between Chris Brown and Rihanna … only not in the regretful clarity this time. More similar to the passive-aggressive Twitter argument sense.

Chrianna Photo

The ultimate Chris Brown-Rihanna separate was reliable by the R&B star, who pronounced progressing in the week which “Im’ma do it solo” but didn’t unequivocally get in to why.

From the looks of their amicable media accounts, there might be a little slow sourness on both sides, not only flapping detached since of prolonged distance, etc.

You do not have to review in in between the lines as well aggressively when Rihanna, before long after the split, goes and posts an Instagram picture similar to this one:

Rihanna Posted This

This implies which the Barbados-bred beauty mislaid her friends (we pretence that’s what she equates to by “hoes” here) to get behind with the argumentative singer.

Now which they pennyless up, she wants her “hoes” back. Obviously.

Plenty of people were vicious of Rihanna for receiving Chris behind – she reportedly mislaid Katy Perry as a BFF in sold – so it creates clarity in context.

In reply (maybe), Brown posted a mysterious Tweet of his own:

Chris Posted This

This implies which she possibly deceived on him or which he all the time disturbed about it with her on the road, which additionally isn’t just a big stretch.

Brown lamented in a new talk which he’ll never know what goes on when she’s on tour, yet he did contend it’d be cool if she deceived with a girl.

There’s additionally Drake and Chris’ viewable distrust there.

If these messages unequivocally do meant what they think they mean, that’s flattering juvenile. Then again, it keeps us talking, and … they can be flattering juvenile.

Lena Horne Dies … in 2010

Yesterday, the Sacramento Bee reported that mythological actress/singer Lena Horne died at the age of 92, citing an necrology in The New York Times.

The usually problem? She died on May 9 … 2010.


It’s misleading how the Bee blew this, but Lena Horne began trending nationally and large headlines outlets picked up the story (which they have given taken down).

On Twitter, thousands of users mourned, tweeting condolences as if it only happened.

“Just schooled Lena Horne upheld away. Saddened. A legend. A loyal star,” one wrote.

“Crying so hard. I didn’t know that her genocide would start me identical to this!” pronounced another.

This was followed by a collective, “Wait, didn’t Lena Horne die 3 years ago?”

“LISTEN UP: Today, May 10, outlines the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of the genocide of Lena Horne. Got it? Third anniversary,” one air blower tweeted in response.

Another air blower of the singer sent out a identical rebuke, “Lena Horne died 3 years ago people. I’m judging you if you didn’t know that already.”

This isn’t the initial time Twitter has reacted to a fake inform of a luminary death, but it’s the initial we can stop in that the chairman was already dead.

At slightest Lena’s bequest was remembered again?

Revenge, Nashville and Once Upon a Time have been all in.

But ABC dissapoint millions of viewers final night when the network additionally voiced which a couple of determined shows will not be enclosed on the tumble schedule.

abc logo

Those reception the mattock include:

  • Happy Endings
  • Body of Proof
  • Malibu Country
  • How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life
  • Red Widow

There’s essentially been articulate of USA picking up Happy Endings and pairing it with Cougar Town.

Which of these canceled comedies and play will you skip the most?

On Apr 19, a 25-year old Reddit user motionless to request for the NBA Draft.

Who cares which he lacked any collegiate basketball experience?

This city slicker was ready to fit up, as he pleaded his box in a minute sent to Commissioner David Stern:

Draft Letter

But here’s the thing: by rule, the joining must reply to any one who seeks Draft entrance.

Which is because Vice President Andy Taub wrote behind to the Hoboken resident, concurred his college grade was awarded in 2010 and concluded:

As a result, you were authorised for the breeze rught away following your comparison year, and have been right away a giveaway representative authorised to pointer with any NBA team.

HA! Hilarious! And even funnier?

You know the Charlotte Bobcats have been deliberate this guy’s services. He couldn’t just have them worse.

Angie Miller is gone.

Heck, so is Randy Jackson.

We’re down to Candice Glover and Kree Harrison on American Idol Season 12, dual estimable competitors who will unfortunately be remembered for looming on the show’s lowest rated season.

Which of these gifted ladies will take home the title? Vote and confirm now!

And the
  • Candice Glover

    Candice Glover

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    Kree Harrison

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Candice Glover or Kree Harrison? Who will be declared American Idol Season twelve champion?
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Gwyneth Paltrow will never attend the MET Gala again, but that’s okay.

There’s a place where this singer feels far some-more gentle anyway: in the kitchen.

The Oscar leader expelled her second cookbook final month. “It’s All Good” is comprised of gluten giveaway recipes, now resides at number-five on The New York Times bestseller list…

… and can be all yours with a couple of clicks of the mouse!

Gwyneth Paltrow Cook Book

Our friends at Food Fanatic have been giving divided a duplicate to one propitious winner.

Simply fill out the form next to come in in any one of multiform ways and find out if you win on May 18. Good luck!


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Lindsay Lohan’s Adderall calamity appears to be really real.

The Betty Ford Center have cut off her changed supply, after evaluating her this week and last which she does NOT need her ADHD pills.

Now she’s allegedly formulation to shaft from the place ASAP.

What a Waste

The rehab trickery roughly never gives people over age fifteen the absolute drug, due to the addictive qualities and the actuality which damaging meds can provide ADHD.

Many luminary sorts injustice Adderall as a weight-loss drug.

If we were articulate about a normal chairman who satisfied she had issues and took rehab seriously, she’d substantially siphon it up and deal. But this is Lindsay Lohan.

She wants out since they have been hard-nosed about Adderall.

LiLo reportedly wants to switch comforts (again), but it’s tough to see Judge Jim Dabney and prosecutors ignoring Betty Ford doctors by vouchsafing her.

The star’s Adderall make use of / debate is zero new, sadly.

It was a non-negotiable on entering rehab. She refused to check in to any trickery for her COURT-ORDERED 90-day army unless they authorised it.

And they had to concede her to fume cigarettes, too.

Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? It’s not about the pills or the cigs, but the actuality which she’s obviously only going by the motions.

Makes you consternation what the indicate of any of this is.

Lindsay Lohan: Can she get/stay clean?


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Khloe Kardashian fell plant to a Swat yesterday.

Sources endorse to TMZ which the being star became the ultimate luminary to be pranked by morons who dialed 911 and claimed something was astray at her home.

In this case, they essentially told an user which father Lamar Odom was shot by a friend.

Pretty Khloe Kardashian

Police proceeded to intersect on the stage with guns drawn… usually to find the basketball player alone and unharmed.

Authorities hold this is the same the organisation obliged for identical Swatting incidents over the final couple of months, targeting such stars as Diddy, Magic Johnson, Clint Eastwood, Rihanna and Chris Brown.

So Kanye West walks in to a club … and BAM! That’s gotta hurt!

No, really, he did. A travel sign, to be specific. He and Kim Kardashian were out and about in Beverly Hills when the rapper wasn’t seeking in front of him.

Walking with his conduct to equivocate removing his design taken, he plowed in to a stick (holding a Wrong Way sign, amusingly enough), and it obviously didn’t feel good.

Kanye West Walks Into Pole

Kanye West Walks Into Pole

Kanye clenched his conduct in pain, afterwards appeared to harmonise himself and leave but situation as his really profound baby mom attempted to console him.

However, the unavoidable pretension did start a couple of moments later.

West proceeded to positively GO OFF on a photographer a couple of moments later, even yet it looked similar to which man had only arrived and was clueless.

Vintage ‘Ye. Check out the situation above, it’s amazing.