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Joe Francis was found guilty this dusk of aggressive a lady at his palace in 2011, as the Los Angeles City Attorney voiced which the businessman was convicted on 5 sum charges.

They embody one equate of assault, 3 of fake seizure and one of dissuading a declare from reporting.

Francis Photo

The situation took place about dual years ago when a contingent of females indicted Francis of receiving them behind to his home in Hollywood… and not permitting them to leave.

One claimed he slammed her conduct in to the ground.

Francis, a great crony of Kim Kardashian and a series of alternative celebrities, will be condemned this week and faces up to 5 years in prison.

Lindsay Lohan has usually been at the Betty Ford Center for a make a difference of days, nonetheless is already revelation people that she wants to leave the diagnosis facility.

Holy Crap

The star checked in to the famous Palm Desert, Calif., rehab core late final week, carrying bailed on dual opposite comforts in the preceding days.

This is LiLo’s second stay at Betty Ford, and her sixth army in rehab overall.

Apparently – and this should come as no surprise, since how she not long ago pronounced rehab is a fun and she doesn’t even need it any way – she’s not happy.

Some feel it’s not a make a difference of possibly she’ll last, but when Lohan will bail.

“Lindsay is already vagrant to switch out of Betty Ford,” a source said.

“She has been angry uninterrupted to any one and everybody that will attend that she doesn’t wish to be there and that it isn’t the most appropriate place for her.”

LiLo was creatively slated to attend Seafield in Westhampton, N.Y., but altered her thoughts and opted for Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif.

All so she could fume cigarettes. What a plain learn of priorities.

That stay lasted all of dual minutes, however, as Morningside was brisk with paparazzi (and the place has no permit to discharge diagnosis anyway).

That’s when Lindsay Lohan canned unhandy counsel Mark Heller, re-hired her old standby Shawn Holley and checked her donkey in to Betty Ford. Again.

The core where she had a quarrel with staffer Dawn Holland in 2010 is not where LiLo wants to outlay the subsequent 86 days of her imperative 90-day sentence.

“Lindsay says she wants to go to possibly a diagnosis core in Hawaii, Crossroad Centre in Antigua, or even Lukens Institute in Florida,” says a source.

According to the source, Lindsay has already asked her profession to transparent the switch, that equates to you can expected design some-more authorised wrangling imminently.

Do you think Lindsay can get and stay clean?


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Things do not appear to be so balmy for the Real Housewives of Orange County. Relationship troubles everywhere for these chubby blondes (and Heather and Lydia). 

Will Vicki and Tamra ever be friends again? How does Terry unequivocally feel about Heather working?

Find out which and some-more in the THG +/- recap!

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Cast

Tamra, Heather, and Lydia encounter for lunch and separate a bottle of “champs.” Heather believes Lydia deserves her own possibility to fit in eccentric of Alexis. 

Lydia’s mother likes glitter. She calls it “fairy dust.” Minus 5.

She sprinkles it on people who have been carrying a bad day. Lydia’s mother should substantially shower a small angel dirt all over these women. 

Tamra calls herself “vocal.” Lydia calls her “straight crazy.” 

Talk turns to Alexis and Tamra calls Alexis a puppy who craps on the floor. Oh, Tamra. Such a approach with words.

At the Bellino house, Jim’s gotten brand brand new “flannels” and Alexis is de-facing herself for the night. This has to be an hour-long process, stealing all her makeup. 

Jim wonders because Alexis went to the celebration at all and Alexis says which if she could go behind in time she wouldn’t have gone. Then Jim called her insane? I think? 

Minus 30 for creation us watch Jim moisturize his face.

Jim tells Alexis which she’s got to mount up for herself opposite the ladies. 

At Vicki’s house, Ryan is perplexing to implement a brand brand new carseat in her car. And afterwards she asks if they can have a small chitchat. 

She wants to have Brooks over to the residence and he says no. She says they have to apply oneself her enterprise to date Brooks and he says, no, he doesn’t have to apply oneself which decision.

Ryan’s not selling it. Brooks is sum and crazy. Stay strong, Ryan. Plus 5.

So, Yeah, We Got Married

Lydia and her mother have been selling and Mama Crazy has to angel dirt the salesgirl. Minus 8. Lydia calls her “unpredictable.” 

Growing up, Mama did poison and smoked pot and outlayed lots of income whilst she was stoned. They only outlayed $2553 whilst Mama wasn’t high, so I do not wish to suppose the repairs during Lydia’s teenager years. 

Slade’s son is still in ICU, so he’s going behind to New York to outlay time with him. Plus 10

They’re carrying a difficult review about their destiny and her reproductive clock. She feels similar to her enterprise to have a baby is astray since the stream situation. 

These dual have been gaining on Terry and Heather for the one preferred couple. Plus 10.

Tamra and Heather go selling for examination gear. Heather laments which her bust aren’t up to standard with their pre-baby days and Tamra tells her to get them done. Heather doesn’t wish to be partial of the Orange County cliche’. Plus 10

Heather gets a phone call from her representative with a true suggest to guest star on Hot In ClevelandTamra gets chills and Terry offers to assistance her run lines.

Vicki meets Brooks for cooking and wears the hair he paid for her with her own money. Then he botches grouping a martini. What kind of male is he? Minus 12. 

Vicki Points Fingers

She asks “what have been we doing?” and he says “well, we’re carrying cooking tonight.” Hello, Captain Obvious. 

Vicki asks him if he’s dating alternative people and he scoffs which she says she’s single. Then he says yes, he’s seen alternative people and keeps pushing home the indicate which she goes around revelation people she’s single. 

Vicki says won’t flog her daughter out to be with him and he says whoever lived in his residence would reside by his rules. Guess what, Brooks, IT’S NOT YOUR HOUSE. Minus 9

Brooks tells her which if she doesn’t mount up to Briana, she doesn’t have him. She cries. 

What does she see in him? 

Lydia and Mama Crazy conduct to breakfast. Her mother tells her not to put her purse on the belligerent lest she remove her chi. 

Mama hasn’t smoked pot in multiform months so Lydia wants to honour her and celebrate. Mama misses the tall brought on by her Bay Bombers but vows to stay solemn for Lydia and her grandsons. Plus 25.

Tamra has a Wines by Wives assembly and Vicki, her commercial operation partner, is a no-show. They’re formulation a outing to Malibu to revisit a winery and Tamra’s frightened Vicki will screw up the trip.

Heather, Terry, and 3 of their 4 young kids conduct out for dinner. The kids do their task at the cooking list and Heather talks about how bustling her report is about to get.

Terry doesn’t assimilate because the kids have to do their task prior to they can discuss and afterwards Terry insults Heather’s capability to do math. Minus 4.

Heather Dubrow Pic

She tells him which when she’s sharpened for Hot in Cleveland she’ll need his assistance removing the kids to school. He rught away bristles at the suspicion and reveals skeleton for Casa Dubrow to devolve in to a state of lawlessness.

Heather does not approve.

The thought of her residence in disharmony whilst she’s operative doesn’t work for her. 

He eventually gives her the answer she’s been seeking for this total time “whatever it is, it’ll be fine” and she’s obviously still upset. 

He tries apologizing and she’s not carrying it. Then they fool around the “who functions harder” diversion and which only never ends well. Minus 10.

Heather says she doesn’t ask for most for herself and this is which moment. 


Lauryn Hill’s sentencing conference Monday saw the singer’s profession explain which she’s paid off all of her debts – some-more than $970,000 in state and sovereign taxes.

Was which sufficient to keep the thespian out of the slammer?

No. She’ll be headed to sovereign jail for 3 months!

Lauryn Photo

A Newark, N.J., judge, in dishing out the judgment of Lauryn Hill, pronounced after she does the 3 months, three some-more months of residence detain will follow.

After that, she contingency do 9 months of supervised release.

Hill pleaded guilty in 2012 to not profitable taxes on $1.8 million warranted from 2005-2007. Two weeks ago, a decider pronounced Hill had paid usually $50,000 of what she owed.

More than a couple of days late and some-more than a couple of dollars short.

She faced up to a year in jail on any of 3 counts of taxation evasion, which she claimed took place became she “withdrew from society” among genocide threats.

That’s a brand new one.

Hill says she not long ago sealed a jot down understanding with Sony, and denied which she’s a squatter. Whatever you wish to call her, she’ll be an invalid for 90 days.

The last note has been sang for Crystal Bowersox and Brian Walker.

The former American Idol finalist voiced currently which she and her father of two-plus years have been filing for divorce.

Crystal in NYC

“After dual and a half years, we have motionless to finish the marriage,” the integrate pronounced in a statement. “The loyalty and love which brought us together stays strong, and we will go on to await any alternative in the careers and personal lives. We have been carefree which people will be deferential of the remoteness as we face this romantic and severe time for the family.”

Bowersox has a four-year-old son from a prior relationship, but she and Brian did not have any kids together.

Crystal was a vital air blower the one preferred but mislaid Lee DeWyze in the Season 10 finale.

With the worldwide success of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Paramount is right away developing Mission: Impossible 5.

Today, Tom Cruise has sealed on to lapse to the purpose of Ethan Hunt. He will additionally produce.

Tom Cruise on Set

So far, no executive or bard have been reliable for the project, but Cruise’s Jack Reacher director, Christopher McQuarrie, is rumored to be in the running.

Ghost Protocol, that was the fourth movie in the series, warranted $694.7 million worldwide.

Despite Iron Man 3 earning the second greatest opening of all time this weekend, Avatar is still far and divided the highest-grossing movie of all time, earning over $2.78 billion worldwide.

So it’s no warn which big things have been in the functions for James Cameron’s Avatar sequels.

The second and third installments of the authorization have been set to fire simultaneously, and not prolonged ago Zoe Saldana reliable that Avatar 2 and 3 will fire in early 2014.

Avatar Girl


“They’re substantially going to fire [Avatar 2 and 3] at the same time,” Saldana said, “Because if we only do dual and afterwards wait, I’ll substantially be 45 or 50 by the time we get to partial three. It takes a prolonged time, it’s a really tough process.”

Avatar 2 is scheduled to premiere in 2015.

Seven days. Seven countries. One cocktail song superstar.

A craft full of bemused, angry fans and journalists.

Yup, it’s that time. Rihanna’s 777 Tour, that done headlines for all the wrong reasons final year, is eventually debuting as a documentary tonight on Fox.

Rihanna 777 Promo

Rihanna 777 Promo

The seven-day, seven-country debate to applaud the recover of her brand new album, Unapologetic, incited out to be bedlam, but not the great kind of bedlam.

Just the verbatim clarification of it.

The star, 25, invited 250 fans and reporters on her custom-designed VIP plane, but was MIA many of the time and didn’t broach the publicized perks.

Onboard guest blogged and Tweeted disappointment about craving on the plane, and the actuality that Rihanna was frequency on it … a small city slicker ran around naked.

“Crowd chanted ‘Just one quote!,’ ‘I need a headline!’ and ‘#Occupy 777’ whilst Aussie journo nude exposed and ran around,” one bard Tweeted.

How most of the play will be addressed in the documentary?

What will we sense about the singer’s personal life, that is roughly regularly in the headlines – generally currently after Chris Brown and Rihanna separate again?

It’s unclear, but one allude to from the 777 promo says it all:

“It’s already feeling a small brutal,” she says.

He is no longer tied together to Kim Kardashian, but which isn’t interlude Kris Humphries from behaving similar to an idiot.

According to Us, the Brooklyn Nets energy brazen partied late in to the night Friday, superfluous at New York City bar Beauty & Essex until at slightest 1 a.m.

Why was this a problem? Because his group played the Chicago Bulls in Game 7 of the playoffs Saturday in Brooklyn, and went on to lose, 99-93.

Kris Humphries Pose

Humphries was reportedly at the hotspot to applaud his comparison sister’s 30th birthday, dancing and behaving like… well, Kris Humphries.

“Kris was celebration champagne and stayed late. He was a jerk to everyone,” an witness tells the tabloid.

As for the game?

The Nets fell at the back of by sixteen points at halftime and never unequivocally challenged Chicago. Humphries accomplished with 3 points and done only one of 4 tainted shots.

Brooklyn’s deteriorate is right away over. Sources contend the group will try to traffic Kris prior to precision stay opens in the fall.

We consternation why.

She’s entrance back, folks.

A day after Jun Shannon tied together Sugar Bear, the family was since an additional reason to celebrate, as TLC voiced a lapse date for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

New episodes will flog off on Jul 17.

Honey Boo Boo Promo Pic

The network teases that this eerily renouned family will experience in “butter rolling, daub dancing lessons and wrestling events” on the brand new season, that will additionally take us at the back of the scenes of Mama Jun and Sugar Bear’s wedding.

The array premiered final Aug as a spin-off of Toddlers & Tiaras and averaged 2.3 millions viewers. Per week. For real.