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American Idol Results: Who’s Out?

The 4 American Idol finalists sang classics and stream hits final night.

But the tour for one of these gifted immature women is eventually over, after final Thursday’s warn NON-elimination.

Tallying those 38 million votes along with the ones expel this week, viewers have done their voice heard. So who is the detrimental lady?

American Idol Final 4


Were you repelled by the result? Relive this finalist’s most appropriate performances in the Amber Holcomb video territory and opinion now: Did she merit to go home?


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Jeff Hanneman of the trounce steel rope Slayer has died. He was only 49.

The grievous guitar player died of liver failure, according to reports.


The punk rock-influenced thrash-metal fable and associate guitarist Kerry King shaped Slayer when both were auditioning for the same rope in 1981.

Instead, they motionless to begin their own, to drawn out success.

Slayer’s sales neared thirty million albums worldwide, and they were mostly called one of the “big four” in steel to one side Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax.

Hanneman is survived by mother Kathy, a sister and dual brothers.


Robert Downey Jr. is building a Pinocchio movie with Warner Bros., and he is deliberation Ben Stiller to direct, according to reports.

Downey Jr., who might retire from Iron Man after tomorrow’s Iron Man 3, creatively spoke with Tim Burton to direct, but in a new talk referred to that he could reunite with his Tropic Thunder executive for the project.

Lookin Blue

Downey Jr. would fool around Geppetto in the live-action film, that he would furnish along with his mother Susan Downey.

Little else is well known about the Pinocchio project per story, tone, or schedule.

The same day she publicly apologized for her detain final month and vowed not to have the same inapplicable designation again, Reese Witherspoon pleaded no competition to charges of unfinished conduct.

Reese Witherspoon Mug Shot

The singer was not benefaction during the conference in Atlanta, but her profession entered the defence on her interest and concluded which his customer will compensate a excellent of $213.

Jim Toth, meanwhile, did crop up prior to the decider and pleaded guilty to dipsomaniac driving.

He did not embrace any prison time, but contingency perform 40 hours of village use and attend an ethanol preparation program.

There had been speak which Toth would come in rehab.

“Consider yourself advantageous you didn’t harm your newcomer and didn’t kill anyone,” a decider told the bent agent.

Bradley Cooper is fast branch in to one of the many sought-after actors in Hollywood, with a really far-reaching range.

After not long ago leaving the prolongation of Jane Got a Gun, it has been voiced that Cooper will star in Steven Spielberg’s subsequent film American Sniper.

Fancy Bradley Cooper

American Sniper is formed on the journal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, that chronicles his hold up in the armed services and the romantic fee it took on his wife.

Kyle, well known for being the many fatal sniper in the story of the American armed forces, was tragically killed progressing this year by a associate maestro on a Texas sharpened range.

Is Minka Kelly the undiluted preference for the purpose of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey? She’s the ultimate voluptuous singer to be rumored for the desired part.

The former Friday Night Lights star has presumably held the cast of characters director’s eye, which is not a startle given her beautiful eyes, lips, and body.

Can she action great sufficient to authority which kind of part, though?

Minka Kelly Fashion

Her FNL purpose gives her copiousness of cred, as it was one of the most appropriate shows ever. But she additionally hasn’t finished all which most since, over date Derek Jeter and be hot.

There have been additionally a ton of alternative names underneath care for Ana Steele, a little of whom move some-more star energy than Minka, and others who move less.

Minka might be the kind of lady each man wants, and each lady wants to be, but is which sufficient when it comes to a movie partial of this magnitude?

You discuss it us: Minka Kelly as Ana Steele?


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Amanda Bynes is at it again on Twitter, this time slamming Jenny McCarthy of all people after the Playboy fable voiced genuine regard for her.

  • Amanda Bynes Underwear Photo
  • Clothed Jenny McCarthy Pic

Last night, Jenny listened from an dangerous source (Jonathan Jaxson) on Twitter that military were knocking down Amanda’s doorway in fright for her life.

After flitting along the gossip – that no arguable site, THG included, even worried using – out of loyal regard for Bynes, Amanda let her have it:

“I need help?” she Tweeted at Jenny. What have been u articulate about? Aren’t u 50 years old? I’m 27, u demeanour 80 compared to me! Why have been you articulate about me?”

“You’re ugly! Police weren’t at my residence old lady! Shut the f–k up!”

We know Amanda Bynes usually has prohibited friends, and has a thing opposite “ugly” people, but has she seen Jenny McCarthy? Hottest would-be crony ever!

It’s misleading because “ugly” has turn Mandy’s default word when lashing out at “haters,” but Jenny, to her credit, responded to Amanda with a elementary apology:

“@AmandaBynes contemptible girl. Looking out for ya.”

To that Amanda cheerfully replied, obviously: “@JennyMcCarthy thanks! I’m contemptible if I annoyed you! You’re beautiful! I was lying! I’ll undo the tweets!”

That was good of her, we suspect … of course, the strange harangue was all nonessential as McCarthy, 40, was usually expressing certain wishes.

Then again, perplexing to request proof to this sold tellurian being is same to awaiting Lindsay Lohan to be ashamed and take shortcoming for her actions.

Just an additional day at the Amanda Bynes Twitter playground …

Kanye West has clearly suggested the recover date for his subsequent album.

Or may be the due date for Kim Kardashian.

Or presumably even his marriage date.

Kanye West in France

But it’s protected to pretence Kanye’s puzzling Twitter comment is referring to his subsequent veteran milestone, as the rapper has deleted all on it solely for one summary which reads:

June Eighteen.

That date does tumble on a Tuesday, the normal recover day for brand new albums.

It’s additionally rsther than doubtful which Kim would travel down the aisle when she’s scarcely 9 months pregnant. The tabloids won’t bombard out tip dollar for those images!

But all we can contend for certain is this: Kanye’s manuscript will NOT be patrician “I Am God.” Unfortunately.

Do you have your 3D eyeglasses ready?

Or have been the kids these days only removing operation on their eyes to have them 3D-capable?

Either way, figure out your ish and watch the new Star Trek Into Darkness 3D trailer:

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Trailer

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Benedict Cumberbatch star in the sci-fi sequel, that takes place after the 2009 reboot.

Alice Eve, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, John Cho, Simon Pegg, and Bruce Greenwood additionally star.

J.J. Abrams directs the film, that will premiere May 17.

“What would you do?” Farrah Abraham asks her fans.

In a summary to fans on video pity site Keek, Farrah explains since she sole her sex tape, and wants people to put themselves in her position.

And no, not the positions James Deen had her in.

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Justification

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Justification

“Say you have been a singular mom for 4 years, off and on, dating loser-ass boys who regularly try and sell information, distortion to you, try by artful means to get you.”

“You have only satisfied you have been an overwhelming chairman and you merit someone,” adds the Backdoor Teen Mom star, never one to miss for self-esteem.

“Now you’re 21, you’ve flattering most been great each night since you’re singular and alone. So, you have your own video, applaud your overwhelming body, get your own voluptuous shots.”

“So, the chairman you did this with has the titillate to scream it out, when he should be veteran and is not. But you have companies which have been interested, so since not sell it.”

“And that’s what I did.”


Despite the actuality which she masterminded the total Farrah Abraham sex fasten plot, which James Deen blew the lid off of before long after the fasten was made.

Deen says Abraham concocted a tract to have a “leaked” sex tape, and which he refused to comply, signing on to have a porn movie with her and zero more.

THG sources have reliable this is the case, nonetheless she continues to wind on and on about how the fasten was only for personal make use of until Deen ran his mouth.

Sure thing, Farrah. We all hold that.

Why not only own it? You done a porno for income and got paid a lot. Some might subject your decision, but it was the devise all along, and it worked.

Might as good be honest, right? You would think.

In any event, the lady is really not indifferent when it comes to lying to people’s faces. Or carrying sex. Check out the (NSFW) Farrah Abraham sex fasten photos.