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Who will allege to the final 6 on Dancing With the Stars?

Kellie Pickler. That we knew going in, since which she warranted shield final night. For everybody else, it left 6 people opposed for 5 spots in the field.

Who got them? Were there any big surprises? Let’s find out!

  • Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
  • Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
  • Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess

Given Monday night’s scores, the celebs in risk entrance in to this dusk flattering most done clarity – Andy Dick, Ingo Rademacher and Jacoby Jones.

Sean Lowe was protected early on, withdrawal the 3 of those fellas at risk.

Of the three, Dick seemed similar to the odds-on the one preferred to get the boot.

But did he? The competitor withdrawal the dance hall tonight is …

Dick. He had an interesting run though. Respect.

You’re on notice subsequent week, Jacoby and Ingo!

What do you think: The right call?

Chris Brown: I Can’t Win!!!!

Chris Brown has expelled a strain called “I Can’t Win.”

Sometimes, a strain pretension is value a thousand words.

Chris Brown - I Can't Win (Audio)

Chris Brown – I Can’t Win (Audio)

The dance-heavy lane facilities CB auto-tuning his approach by a story of regretful suffering, mouth-watering you to review in to it however you similar to formed on his life.

It’s been an engaging week for the maligned singer.

His father doesn’t wish him to date Rihanna, whilst he publicly pronounced he’s happy and beholden for redemption … nonetheless he only unfollowed her on Instagram.

Also, he only common this judicious Tweet:

CB Tweet May

Pretty much, Chris. Pretty. Much.

Christian Chavez, a vital radio star in Mexico and a renouned cocktail thespian around the world, was arrested currently following an purported rumpus with his boyfriend.

Christian Chavez Pic

Chavez – who sky-rocketed to celebrity on the Spanish soap show Rebelde and whose former band, RBD, sole twenty million albums – was taken in to control early this morning.

According to TMZ source, Chavez and his partner were requisitioned on charges of transgression made at home violence, as any were speckled with manifest injuries.

The integrate has been an object for we estimate eighteen months.

The District Attorney will examination the justification and confirm either or not to prosecute.

Things have been seeking up for Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielson, after their new argument over the Teen Mom star’s porn career.

In a new intense sell with her being show daughter, however, Debra appears to be fluctuating an olive branch. Take a demeanour at her letter:

Farrah Abraham Letter

“Farrah & Sophia, I skip you both so much!” Danielson wrote.

“Love you and urge God will magnify and keep you safe. Want the family to reanimate and grow. I will NEVER leave you or leave you. You have been a priority in my life.”

Somewhere, Dr. Phil is over murderous with Deb.

The TV doc not long ago eviscerated Farrah as an entitled, coddled brat who is never hold under obligation for anything or peaceful to take responsibility.

He referred to which comes from upbringing, too.

Looks similar to her mother caved once again here. Earlier this month, 21-year-old Farrah opted to move out of her mother’s home after the dual got in to a fight.

When headlines of the Farrah Abraham sex fasten surfaced, and she denied it was real, Danielson resolutely denied her small lady would do such a thing.

“We have eremite beliefs,” she pronounced at the time.

She even went so far as to impact porn star James Deen for “trying to exploit” her daughter … solely Farrah staged the total thing and recruited Deen.

When she did sense the truth, Danielson kicked her daughter out of the house, yet it looks similar to she’s already behind to full-on coddling mode.

Way to have a spine, Deb.

Sofia Vergara covers the brand new emanate of Cosmpolitan. In it, the fanciful Colombian beauty discusses Modern Family, Nick Loeb, saggy bust and more.

  • Sofia Vergara Cosmopolitan Cover
  • Sofia Vergara in Cosmopolitan

“I’ve never had a devise for anything,” the 40-year-old, innately extemporaneous star pronounced when asked what’s subsequent for her, privately and professionally.

“I know I’m not going to get any some-more shows similar to Modern Family.”

“If it ends in 5 years, it would be great to do movies, concentration on my Kmart line. Maybe have a kid. But I am going to work my total life. I love creation money. I unequivocally love it!”

Spending it on a wedding? She loves which suspicion less.

“He was already tied together with a big marriage and I was already tied together with a big wedding, so we’re going to something but not right now,” she says.

One thing she did do with an eye to the future?

I froze my eggs. I had to go to my doctor’s bureau a hundred million times to do injections. My alloy had told me ‘We have a small window.’ I said, ‘That’s so rude!'”

“I already have a kid, so I never suspicion I would need to do that. But I will have to make use of a surrogate, since I had thyroid cancer and lots of radiation.”

When will she and fiance Nick Loeb confirm to go down which road? “I do not wish to wait for forever, but not yet, since I’m operative similar to an animal.”

She functions so hard, she swears she’s not sexy!

“No one can be a sex kitten each day, and any one who tells you which is lying,” she confessed. “But I do wear negligees and Japanese silk robes.”

“For a prolonged time, I lived alone with my son and usually saw my boyfriends in hotels. So at home, I slept in old T-shirts. I satisfied when I changed in with Nick which I couldn’t do that.”

“Now, I usually keep great pajamas around.”

When it comes to non-nighttime wear, Sofia says she has to be choosy: “I have schooled which not all looks great on me since of my boobs.”

“Magazines will say, ‘She is wearing the same figure again.’ I’m like, yes! So what? My bust have been real. They’re a 32F. I can’t wear something backless.”

“Because what binds them up? Then the same [celebrity gossip] magazines would be saying, ‘What was she meditative with those sagging tits?'”

Seriously. You only can’t have that.

In the following video, a array of animals try to stay awake.

That’s it. That’s the complete video.

But have you ever seen a puppy with his or her eyelids heavy? Attempting as most appropriate he or she can to sojourn awake, rapt and active? It’s cuter than any Justin Bieber shirtless photo.

Seriously. See for yourself:

Animals Attempt to Stay Awake

Animals Attempt to Stay Awake

It’s a brand brand brand new epoch for Star Wars, with J.J. Abrams receiving the helm as Disney is right away in assign of Lucasfilm.

But whilst most goal that Abrams will speak up something brand brand brand new in to the franchise, the executive still wants to say a tie to the alternative 6 films.

That’s why, at a press discussion in Germany today, Abrams pronounced that he wants strange composer John Williams to measure Star Wars Episode VII.

Star Wars Big 3

The executive stated, “For Star Wars, it’s really early days, but I hold that, going forward, John Williams will be you do that film, since he was there prolonged prior to I was.”

Michael Arndt is now essay the brand brand brand new movie’s script, that is suspicion to take place a little 20-30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi.

It is believed that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill will reprise their purposes from the initial trilogy, yet not most else is well known about the tract or casting.

Star Wars Episode VII has a recover date set for Summer 2015.

A super dipsomaniac Novi, Mich., facile propagandize principal was not long ago arrested for DUI, afterwards proceeded to trip out of her shackles in the behind of a military car!

It was a super bid by Kim Warren, 44, but what’s a lot reduction cool is the actuality which she allegedly disregarded the city’s “Super Drunk” bidding beforehand.

Long story short: She was PLASTERED!

Super Drunk Principal

Super Drunk Principal

Warren was arraigned underneath Novi’s high-blood ethanol calm DUI ordinance, which instills harsher penalties on those with a BAC of twice the authorised limit.

Apparently, the principal qualified, at 0.17.

In extended illumination no less. Pretty unreal.

After dual adults called to inform which a motorist was swerving and pulled in to the Deerfield Elementary School parking lot, ABC-WXYZ reported.

Police arrived and arrested her, but the surprises didn’t finish there.

As Warren rode in the behind of a military cruiser to the station, she is seen in the video slipping off the handcuffs, notwithstanding her tall turn of intoxication.

Not which the military were someway blind to what was going on.

“You can cling to on to them … Just don’t throw them out the window or anything,” the military officer can be listened revelation her after her cat-like maneuver.

Warren entered a defence of not guilty.

After Warren’s arrest, she was placed on paid executive leave, according to a minute sent by the Novi Community School District to parents.

Novi Police Chief David Malloy pronounced which on occasion, people scheme their approach out of handcuffs, and which it is the officer’s shortcoming to check them.

If convicted underneath the “Super Drunk” ordinance, initial time offenders face 180 days in jail; DUI typically carries some-more kindly sentences for initial offenses.

Kardashians in Greece: Look at Us!

The Jenners and the Kardashians jetted to Greece final week, where they rented a $200,000-per-week yacht, hold babies, wore bikinis… and, of course, posted countless photos from the eighth month on Instagram.

Look, there’s Kourtney Kardashian receiving a self-portrait!

And Brody Jenner perplexing to charm the camera!

We’d be raw at the family for shoving such a eighth month in the face, but demeanour at the splendid side: Now we do not need to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 8!

All brand new episodes have been summed up in these photos:

  • In Greece
  • Brody Jenner and Sisters
  • Khloe in Greece
  • Brody Jenner in Greece
  • A Family Vacation
  • Khloe and Kylie
  • Rev It, Khloe!
  • Kourtney Self-Portrait

Professional adventurer/outdoors guru Bear Grylls has seen his share of hideous injuries, but this one is on standard with Kevin Ware damaged leg photo.

Grylls tweeted a print progressing currently with the caption, “our male vs furious writer pang from a heartless lizard punch – fighting the damage with courage.”

Bear Grylls Photo

You unequivocally do not wish or need to see the pic Grylls Tweeted.

It is not value it. We’re revelation you, people. DON’T DO IT.

Okay, for those who can’t conflict … you’ve been warned!

Bear Grylls Snake Bite

Yeah. Safe to contend which lizard was not your grassed area accumulation model.

Sometimes, when it comes to Man vs. Wild … gamble on Wild.