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Chris Brown admits which nonetheless he and Rihanna have been by a lot over the years, they have been unequivocally happy together right away – oh, and she’s beautiful.

  • Chris Brown, Glasses
  • Rihanna, Hat

Surprisingly, Brown has non-stop up about the attribute twice in the past week. First, he spoke to The Mirror (UK) about the night he pounded her in 2009.

The R&B star called which “the deepest bewail of my life, the greatest mistake” but combined which she’s forgiven him, and which he “worked tough for it.”

He additionally talked to the New York Post‘s Page Six at Elton John’s Oscar party, saying, “I’m unhappy she couldn’t be here tonight; she is rehearsing for her tour.”

“We have been unequivocally happy. We have been behind together. She is the most pleasing lady in the world.”

Love ’em, hatred ’em or somewhere in between, these dual have been withdrawal no doubts as to where things mount – in any case of any blowback they might get.

Rihanna was not long ago featured on the cover of Rolling Stone and certified which being with Brown fulfills her, even if the media can’t accept the relationship.

“I motionless it was some-more critical for me to be happy, and I wasn’t going to let anybody’s perspective get in the approach of that. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake.”

“After being worried for so most years, being indignant and dark, I’d rsther than only live my law and take the backlash,” the thespian admits. “I can hoop it.”

Rihanna and Chris Brown rekindled their intrigue late final year, but their open arrangement of love at the Grammys noted a branch indicate this month.

What do you think of the integrate being behind on again? Tell us below!


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If you’ve review The Bachelor spoilers, you know who Sean Lowe picks.

If you wish to review about Sean in luminary report tabloids, you can take your pick: The Bachelor hunk is on the cover of all of them this week! Seriously:

  • Sean Lowe: TORN!
  • Sean Lowe: In Love With 2 Women!
  • Sean Lowe: TRICKED!!

With seductiveness in the show’s 17th deteriorate peaking in allege of the Mar 4 Women Tell All special and Mar eleven finale, there have been dual viewable angles here:

  1. The last dual women, Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter, have been liars
  2. He’s only a honeyed man who’s ripped in between both of those honeyed girls

In any case, he’s typically shirtless.

Us promises in the cover story this week that Lowe is torn, and “after revelation both ladies ‘I love you,’ Sean gives one a ring and the alternative a damaged heart.”

Knock us over with a feather.

Meanwhile, OK! says Sean really, unequivocally is in love with Lindsay and Cat, is “not faking this for the cameras” and is confronting an “excruciating decision.”

In Touch tries a opposite approach, boasting, “Bachelor Sean duped by their lies. Behind their honeyed smiles, the Bachelor girls have been not what they seem.”

“Gold diggers spooky with fame; Turned off by his ‘virginity’; A DUI, tip pasts, actresses sanctimonious to be in love. Did he select the wrong one?”

LOLOLOL. ITW wins on character points.

He’s even on the inset of dual alternative covers: Life & Style, where he can’t wait for for a wedding, and Star, that has him hilariously intrigue with Emily Maynard.

Good times in luminary gossip.

Like large alternative immature Americans, Honey Boo Boo has been offered Girl Scout cookies.

To her hundreds of thousands of fans online, and the discomfit of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Honey Boo Boo Girl Scouts

Honey Boo Boo posted the on top of ad on her Facebook page, which has 701,000 likes.

She additionally drew the organization’s madness by posting photos of stacks of boxes she sold. 

HBB is not offered the cookies for herself, it’s value nothing, but for a friend. Nevertheless, to contend didn’t go down great with the classification is an understatement.

A repute for GSUSA in Georgia, where immature Alana Thompson lives, tells TMZ they contacted her site’s director and explained which this is off-limits.

No great assistance – or large cookie sale – goes unpunished, as they say.

Using Facebook and the similar to “defeats the total role of offered the cookies,” such as training the girls about environment goals, operative with people, etc.

The sales she’s already WILL count, but if HBB wants to assistance her BFF from right away on, she’s gonna have to set up emporium outward Walmart similar to everybody else.

That or go doorway to door. Maybe Jun Shannon or Poodle can drive?

NOTE: It’s misleading what her greatest seller was between the GSC brands. Thin Mints have been the best, right? What have been your the one preferred sorts of Girl Scout Cookies?

NOTE #2: They’re no GSC, but this chocolate thinly slice cookie recipe is dope. Seriously. It’ll reason the own with Samoas and the similar to any day of the week.

Forget who Justin Bieber might be dating. And dont think about any brand new Justin Bieber song which might be on the way.

Former Lost writer Damon Lindelof usually cares about one thing: the preference of headgear this thespian done while abroad this week.

Indeed, the following shawl spawned a Twitter coming out the likes of which we’ve frequency seen yesterday. A couple of of the most appropriate Lindelof gems:

Justin Bieber Hat

Bieber: ‘How most for the outrageous yellow shawl with spikes which looks painful?’ Clerk: ‘Fourteen Million Dollars.’ Bieber: ‘Sold, bitch!’

Yellow glossy spikes. I wear you golden love crown. Ooh baby baby. #BieberHatHaiku”

‘That shawl is f–king ridiculous.'” — Johnny Depp, to Bieber, while wearing a passed peacock on his head.

That shawl looks similar to Pac Man wandered in to the happy club from Police Academy.

FACT: The shawl did NOT exist prior to the Russian Meteorite. Coincidence? GOOD LORD I HOPE SO.

What do YOU think of Justin’s hat, THGers?


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Duck Dynasty sent a really transparent summary to Morrissey this week: siphon it, vegan!

The A&E array returned final night to jot down ratings, as 8.6 million viewers tuned in to watch these hunters do their thing, creation the part the many watched radio programme in array story – and cable’s many watched being radio programme of 2013.

Duck Dynasty Pic

Prior to the airing, the module got an astonishing PR foot from the aforementioned British artist, who canceled an coming on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday since these “animal sequence killers” were additionally scheduled as guests.

After fooling around in his digression the subsequent day which he respects Morrissey’s position on the issue, Kimmel combined “there’s a really great reason since I didn’t bail out the Duck Dynasty guys for” the singer.

“And that’s since they have guns.”

Morrissey, however, STILL would not let the subject rest, tackling which Kimmel “found time to jokingly foster gun-ownership – hugely comical for the relatives at Sandy Hook, no doubt.

“He additionally promoted his special guest Duck Dynasty – who kill beings for fun. None of the on top of issues are, of course, as critical as Jimmy Kimmel himself, who has eventually suggested his show to have an strenuous detriment of meaning. Tune in and relive the egghead haze of the 1950s.”

And by it all, Duck Dynasty thrives.

Heck, it perceived some-more mentions on Facebook in 2012 than ANY alternative TV series. Take that, Game of Thrones.

Guess right away we know the genuine reason Katniss was so hungry.

Jennifer Lawrence, smoking pot? We weren’t there, so we can’t contend for sure, but one can pretence that’s what she’s you do formed on this photo. Check it out!

Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Pot

Earlier, we posted a art studio of Jennifer Lawrence no makeup shots, display the Best Actress Oscar leader kicking behind with a crony and a little wine.

And assumingly a little herb!

After the telecast, Lawrence painted her hair brownish-red and flew to Hawaii to resume prolongation on Catching Fire, the much-anticipated Hunger Games sequel.

The star pronounced Sunday which she would have downtime in the Aloha State, however, and these photos taken on her road house patio positively demonstrate to that.

J-Law can be seen celebration red wine, hugging a friend, articulate on the phone, laughing, and flitting a rolled-up cigarette which is many expected a joint.

Not which we care, we’re only seeking at the picture. Hey, it’s Hawaii and she only went by dual months of endowment shows, interviews and epic falls.

Girl’s gotta flog behind sometime, right?

Yup, she’s still got it.

At the age of 40, Carmen Electra has acted for the brand new emanate of In Touch Weekly, proof which fifteen years after starring on Baywatch, the singer can still slip in to the red one-piece which done her famous.

Carmen Electra Baywatch Suit

Electra says she feels improved right away than she did in her midst 20s, crediting a diet full of “protein and vegetables” for her beach-ready body.

But it takes some-more than a roasted broccoli recipe to demeanour similar to this, doesn’t it?

Yes, the actress/model says her love of dance has taught her “discipline” when it comes to operative out and eating right.

And, approbation fellas, she would positively poise Playboy again. As for the showering suit?

“Once I got it on, I felt amazing,” she says. “It was a million times improved than I suspicion it would be.”

So… Carmen Electra at 40. Would you strike it?


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Attention, Bruno Mars fans: Want to win a span of tickets to an arriving concert?

THG is teaming with AEG Live to suggest dual (2) propitious readers the possibility to win dual (2) tickets any to a Bruno Mars debate date.

BM Pic

The competition is free, quick and easy. Simply follow these stairs to be win:

  1. Log-in or register for The Hollywood Gossip. Only purebred users have been authorised to win.
  2. Submit your funniest/wittiest/most beautiful caption(s) for the Bruno Mars print on top of in the Comments territory below.

That’s it!

THG editors will name the entries that have us giggle the hardest and make known the winning people – who will afterwards have a preference of that debate stops they instruct to attend – on Monday, Mar 4.

Neither THG nor AEG Live is obliged for transport or any losses associated to the trip.

Scroll down for a list of the unison dates/cities from that the winners will name – and most appropriate of fitness to all!

  • Wednesday, Jul 10: Columbus, OH
  • Sunday, Jul 21: Seattle, WA
  • Monday, Jul 22: Portland, OR
  • Saturday, Jul 27: Los Angeles, CA
  • Tuesday, Jul 30: San Diego, CA
  • Friday, Aug 2: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Saturday, Aug 3: Las Vegas, NVD
  • Monday, Aug 5: Denver, CO
  • Thursday, Aug 8: St. Louis, MO
  • Friday, Ausut 9: Kansas City, MO
  • Sunday, Aug 18: Louisville, KY
Mars debate pic

This is hilarious.

At the end of final night’s Washington Wizards-Detroit Pistons game, small brazen Trevor Ariza dismissed off a three-pointer from the corner.

Just as the buzzer sounded, it strike the net and the Washington announcers went crazy, screaming about the “DAGGER!” which only propelled their group to victory. There was only one problem:

The shot merely strike the net. It did not go into the net. It was an airball, the Pistons were winning and it took the play-by-play man an surprising volume of time to essentially comprehend this fact. Watch for yourself:

Wizards Announcer Blows Buzzer Beater

Wizards Announcer Blows Buzzer Beater

The profound Kate Middleton was seen out and about this week, sporting her baby bump, good crony Trini Foyle and dog Lupo in London’s Hyde Park.

WhatKateWore (dot) com, a site dedicated to (you’ll never guess) all things Kate Middleton fashion, posted a print of her on the Facebook page.

Kate Middleton Walks Dog

“With interjection to poetic WKWer Jennifer, her sister saw Kate on foot in Hyde Park yesterday, you can see Lupo on the far left of the photo,” the heading read.

The Middleton air blower adds, “Looks similar to Kate is in her LK Bennett Darwin jacket, Le Chameau wellies & spare jeans. (Love the hair being to some extent pulled back.)”

The Duchess is entrance off a new babymoon with Prince William in Mustique. Despite the argumentative Kate Middleton swim suit photos, it went great.

The small actuality which she went tells you a lot, according to a Palace source:

“Both William and Kate were anticipating her condition would not stop her from creation the eight-hour moody to Barbados and the tie to Mustique.”

“A month ago, such a tour would have been inconceivable for her (given her sunrise sickness), so this is a transparent pointer she has done a practical recovery.”

The on top of print is serve explanation which the awaiting stately is you do well.

Best wishes, as always, to Kate and William (and Lupo too)!