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Kara DioGuardi Welcomes a Son!

Kara DioGuardi is a first-time mother!

The ex-American Idol decider and father Mike McCuddy acquire a baby kid around gestational broker at 1 p.m. today.

Sources endorse to People which the small man is declared Greyson James Carroll McCuddy and weighs 8 pounds, 10 ounces. He’s 20.75 inches long.

Kara DioGuardi Promo Pic

DioGuardi is 42 years old and tries for years to have a child.

She endured mixed miscarriages and unsuccessful IVF attempts until selecting to go the track of surrogacy. We instruct this code brand new family the really most appropriate of luck!

Oh, joyous occasion: It’s here!!!

Ensuring which Jan 31 will perpetually be well known as Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Day, the being star usually posted a print to Instagram with the hashtag “#PoppedOuttaNowhere!” and the caption: “Well hello there!”

Greet the long stomach yourself right now, readers:

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump

Khloe Kardashian tugs at her sister’s tip in the image, whilst the place of alternative family members at the time this design was snapped is unknown.

But we can usually pretence Kris Jenner was traffic with a publication for first-baby-photo rights, whilst Kris Humphries was drifting to Chicago for a diversion with the Bulls.

What? He’s her husband.

Rihanna knew she’d be grilled about Chris Brown during her brand new speak with Rolling Stone, and he was reportedly both wakeful of this and supportive.

According to insiders, she told him about the sit-down prior to it was published.

  • Black Pyramid
  • Rihanna Blonde

“He already knew Rihanna was going to speak about their attribute prior to she even did the interview,” a source said. “It’s not similar to he was blindsided at all.

“They already talked about which days ago. He already knew what to expect.”

“You already know how Rihanna feels about Chris by now; she says it time and time again all the time. He feels the expect same approach about her.”

Brown wants to move on from the past, though, and concentration on the present:

“He great though, he don’t wish to think about s**t which happened years ago. He’s finished articulate about that. He’s past it and is a improved male since of it.”

Rihanna was in few instances vehement with RS, revelation the repository which even if you think Chris is a “monster,” he’s essentially a fun man who she loves and adores.

The “Nobody’s Business” thespian realizes there will be backlash, but says it’s her inapplicable designation to make, and wants the universe to know one unequivocally critical thing:

Chris Brown unequivocally is a altered man!

The Unapologetic singer, 24, concedes which her beloved “does not have the oppulance of f*%king up” again, but which he has additionally “paid his dues.”

“He’s not the beast everyone thinks. He’s a great person, he has a illusory heart. He’s giving and amatory and fun to be around,” she gushes.

“That’s what I love about him. He regularly creates me laugh.”

“All I wish to do is laugh, and that’s unequivocally what I do with him.”

That and post Chris Brown shirtless pics on Twitter. Obviously.

Have you mislaid apply oneself for Rihanna for receiving Chris back?


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Geraldo Rivera is mulling a run for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey in 2014 as a Republican, the TV and air wave celebrity suggested on his show today.

“I referred to this usually quickly to my mother … but I am and I have been in reason with a little people in the Republican Party in New Jersey,” pronounced Rivera.

“I am indeed considering using opposite Frank Lautenberg or Cory Booker.”

Geraldo Rivera Picture

“I’m not going to cavalcade this out, since patently I’ve got commitments to Fox and to here at the air wave module and I’m unequivocally carrying a good time,” Rivera adds.

“But I figure at my age, if I’m going to do it, I’ve got to do it. And there do not seen to be any Republicans ready to run opposite Cory Booker, the renouned Newark mayor.”

Fun fact: Rivera is 69 years old! Some people age well.

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Lautenberg, 89, hasn’t pronounced if he’ll find reelection, but Booker, the Democratic Mayor of Newark, is roughly really running.

Democrats will be adored to reason the seat, in any case of either Lautenberg or Booker is the nominee; all bets have been off if those dual block off in a primary.

So far, no Republicans have been in the using for Lautenberg’s Senate seat, creation it probable for Geraldo to have a critical run if he were in actuality interested.

N.J.’s alternative chair is hold by Robert Menendez, who was reelected in 2012.

Part one of his talk with Dr. Phil aired today, with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo revelation dual critical things:

  1. He set up the complete Manti Te’o partner anything forged on his own.
  2. He fell in love with Te’o and is a homosexual, but, as a deeply eremite man, he hopes to shift that.

“It takes a lot of bravery to redeem from homosexuality and this sort of thing and entrance behind to your genuine life,” Tuiasosopo told the host. “As tough of a charge it is, I’m going to do all I can to live right.”

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Speaks to Dr. Phil

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Speaks to Dr. Phil

Among alternative high(low?)lights from the interview…

Why didn’t he exhibit the anything forged to Te’o when they met November? “It was genuine ungainly at first. I longed for to discuss it him all afterwards and there, but shortly after a little uncles came in and I motionless it wasn’t the right time.”

Did he love the linebacker? “As disfigured and treacherous as it might be, I did all which I could to assistance this chairman turn a improved chairman even yet I wasn’t removing zero out of it…The law of it is which it happened, I grew feelings, I grew emotions which earlier or after I couldn’t carry out anymore.”

Why did he kill off Lennay Kekua? Te’o told her which he didn’t need her on the day his parents mother died and: “It harm me. It strike me similar to a section wall. I was like, `Whoa, I’ve since so most in to this.’ And I satisfied right afterwards in which moment, which I poured so most in to Lennay, which I myself was removing nothing, and demeanour what I was left with.”

Cacee Cobb: Pregnant!

Jessica Simpson has a conceiving physically companion in BFF Cacee Cobb!

C-squared is awaiting her initial kid with brand new father Donald Faison, she voiced today, following Jess’ lead in violation the headlines around amicable media.

  • Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison Photo
  • Storm Troopah

“Looks similar to @donald_faison and I have been going to have a small stormtrooper of the own!” Cobb, 31, captioned the baby- and Star Wars-themed print above.

After announcing their rendezvous in 2011, Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison, 38, tied together at Zach Braff’s home in California on Dec 15.

The baby-to-be is Cobb’s initial kid and Faison’s fifth; he has 3 kids with ex-wife Lisa Askey, and a son from a before relationship. Congrats!

Note to Lance Armstrong: This is a brand new low for you.

Forget revelation to Oprah Winfrey which you have been a lying cheat. Forget violation which same headlines to your 13-year old won.

Charlie Sheen – yes, which Charlie Sheen – thinks you have been a “creepy douche.”

Those were the difference Sheen used to described the ashamed cyclist during an coming on The Tonight Show yesterday, nonetheless he seemed some-more dissapoint which Armstrong blew him off in chairman awhile behind than which total performance-enhancing drug thing.

Watch Sheen insist now:

Charlie Sheen on Lance Armstrong

Charlie Sheen on Lance Armstrong

Take this, haters.

With speak someway still present around the Beyonce mouth sync liaison at final week’s Presidential Inauguration, the thespian took to the lectern currently at a Super Bowl press discussion and initial residence the issue.

“I am a perfectionist,” she said. “I did not have time to discipline with the orchestra. It was a live radio show and a really critical impulse for me.”

And in box which wasn’t acceptable enough, the Sasha Fierce one which SANG live for reporters. Watch her brand new Star Spangled-Banner opening now:

Beyonce Sings National Anthem at Press Conference

Beyonce Sings National Anthem at Press Conference

Earlier in the day, Beyonce premature birth headlines additionally popped up over the Internet after the luminary non-stop up about the many dire eventuality in her life.

That’s a terribly unhappy story, but at slightest it might have since her viewpoint over the past week to shrug off this sum lip-synching nonsense.

Can we all put it to rest now?

Don’t try to pile-up a headlines inform by WKMG-6 Orlando’s Jessica Sanchez.

She’ll cut you down to distance in dual seconds, as a inebriated reveler found out this week in New Orleans, where Sanchez is covering Sunday’s Super Bowl festivities.

As Jessica began her inform articulate about the “zombies” which have been erratic around late night, she was greeted by a 49ers air blower who attempted to video explosve the segment.

Her response? And the dipsomaniac fan’s reply to which response?

You gotta see it to conclude it:

Jessica Sanchez BURNS Drunken Bourban Street Reveler

Jessica Sanchez BURNS Drunken Bourban Street Reveler

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) says he has reimbursed a distinguished Florida domestic donor $58,500 for dual argumentative trips he took behind in 2010.


Menendez trafficked on the donor’s craft to the Dominican Republic in 2010, and was indicted of enchanting in sex with prostitutes whilst in which country.

He denied those claims, and there had been no open avowal of the dual trips until now, when he reimbursed Salomon Melgen for the transport costs.

“The senator paid for the dual trips out of his personal comment and no stating mandate apply,” Menendez mouthpiece Tricia Enright pronounced Wednesday.

The FBI searched the West Palm Beach, Fla., bureau Melgen, an eye doctor, this week; it was misleading if the raid was at all associated to Robert Menendez.

A third outing by Menendez aboard Melgen’s plane, a debate fundraising tour to the donor’s chateau in the Dominican Republic, took place in May 2010.

That outing was reported to the Federal Election Commission.

The trip, for fundraising from the village of Americans in the region, took Menendez to Puerto Rico as good as the Dominican Republic, pronounced his office.

Menendez categorized the alternative dual trips as personal.

The initial was Aug 6-9, 2010, a turn outing from South Florida to the Dominican Republic. The second was Sep 3-6, 2010, from New Jersey to the D.R. and back.

Menendez could’ve invoked a “friendship exemption” per the personal trips, which would’ve compulsory him to inform the transport to the Senate Ethics Committee as a gift.

Instead, Menendez chose to repay the full price of the dual trips.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) incited in reserve questions about Menendez Thursday, observant they should be destined to the New Jersey Democrat instead.

On Tuesday, prior to the disclosures about the FBI raid and the trips, he had voiced doubt about the allegations, revelation reporters to cruise the source.

White House press cabinet member Jay Carney declined to answer when asked either President Barack Obama still has full conviction and certainty in Menendez.

“I do not have anything for you on that,” Carney told reporters Thursday.

The Daily Caller, a regressive website, reported prior to long prior to the Nov choosing which Menendez trafficked on Melgen’s craft to have sex with prostitutes.

Some New Jersey Republicans filed a censure with the Senate Ethics Committee final tumble in the arise of the intolerable allegations by The Daily Caller.

In response, Menendez’s staff members searched annals for trips by the senator and found the dual one more trips which hadn’t been reimbursed.

On Tuesday, Menendez became authority of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, next Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), who is right away Secretary of State.