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We’ve arrived at #1.

Over the past integrate weeks, THG has been counting down the stars which done 2012 such a noted year, from their sex tapes to their Billboard hits to their bare photos and stately babies.

We ranked Kate Middleton at #4, followed by Taylor Swift and afterwards Rihanna at #2. Who does which leave as the undisputed Celebrity of the Year?


Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn Part 2

The singer starred in dual blockbusters this year: Snow White and the Huntsman and Breaking Dawn Part 2. She additionally determined a little indie cred around On the Road.

But let’s face it: these purposes have been not the main reason Stewart done so many headlines in 2012.

Instead, Kristen’s many buzzed-about fulfilment (perhaps for the rest of her years) will be her event with Rupert Sanders, a story done for this publication age and done even some-more rare when Stewart essentially came out and certified to the scandal!

Her matter and open reparation to Robert Pattinson might go down as the year’s many intolerable moment.

This attribute – formerly kept underneath wraps as many as probable by the twin concerned – was unexpected front page news. Would they get behind together? What, exactly, happened in between Stewart and Sanders? How would it start the Breaking Dawn box office?

In the end, the movie fared good and Kristen and Rob crop up behind together.

Other numbers/facts associated to Stewart’s big year include:

  • She became the face of Balenciaga redolence in June.
  • She ranked #7 on AskMen’s list of Top 99 Women.
  • She warranted $34.5 million, some-more than any singer over the past twelve months.
  • She was declared one of the many bankable stars in Hollywood.

Without The Twilight Saga, but with Pattinson, what does 2013 reason for Kristen Stewart? Marriage? Pregnancy? Another strike film?

THG will be there each step of the approach to find out. Won’t you stick on us?


THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012!

For months, we’ve been profitable reverence to the hottest celebs with swim suit photos galore, and at prolonged last, we’ve eventually arrived at this year’s winner: Kate Upton!

Really, after the year she had, was there any alternative pick?

Kate Upton Wet

Kim Kardashian swim suit photos came in second. A estimable bid by the being star, but even she could not kompete with the soundness which is Kate Upton in 2012.

Seriously, Sports Illustrated. And genetics. Thank you.

Kate has taken over the universe given covering SI‘s annual swimsuit emanate final winter at age 19. Don’t be concerned guys, she’s right away 20. Makes a big disproportion psychologically.

It wasn’t prolonged after which prior to she Cat Daddy danced in to the hearts, environment the Internet albaze with one of the hottest viral videos of the year (in each sense).

There have been things on the web, and in life, which have been utterly overrated. Kate Upton displaying and/or dancing in a microscopically small bikini? Not on which list.

As regularly when it comes to greatness, there will be detractors. In this beauty’s case, haters who impugn – rsther than than praise – her for not seeking anorexic.

Upton’s all-natural, All-American lady interest is one of the outrageous reasons for her measureless recognition … which and her violent great looks and print shoots.

Seriously. This is one of the excellent specimens ever created. Overexposed? Maybe. But if anyone’s bearing can be enjoyed time and again, it’s her!

So there you have it, 100 swim suit babes culminating in the year’s hottest. Well finished Kate. Click to increase a little extraordinary Kate Upton photos (and videos) below!

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  • Kate Upton Wallpaper
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  • Kate Upton Bikini Photo
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  • Kate Upton GQ Photo Shoot
    Kate Upton GQ Photo Shoot
  • Kate Upton "Cat Daddy" Dance
    Kate Upton “Cat Daddy” Dance
  • Kate Upton Carl's Jr. Ad
    Kate Upton Carl’s Jr. Ad

Who will be #1 subsequent year? Only time will tell, but the foe is already heating up. We wouldn’t gamble on Kate descending out of the tip five, that’s for sure.

In headlines which creates the profound Kim Kardashian’s matrimony to Kris Humphries demeanour prolonged and blissful, Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers have split ways.

Just twenty-six days after they scored equally the knot. Those of you who had one month in the central pool were flattering most right on the money. Nicely done, THGers.

Jenelle Evans, Courtland Rogers Pic

The initial signs of difficulty for the twin proposed brewing final week, when a late-night tour for Jenelle led to divorce speak and rumors which she was at the behind of on heroin.

Rogers indicted her ex, Kieffer Delp, of removing her bending on it, afterwards uttered regard which she was unctuous around you do drug at the behind of his back.

After a shift of heart and a couple of deleted tweets, they were at the behind of on as if zero happened … until final night when Courtland Rogers called it off. Why?

“So I only got pennyless up with since of talkin to my lil lady on the phone final night, eventually removing to (hear) her discuss it me she loves dada! Wow,” he posted.

That lil lady is his daughter from a prior relationship.

Jenelle, however, felt Courtland was some-more meddlesome in chatting with his baby mom – his ex, Taylor Lewis – and which was all it took for her to bail.

This time, the dissection might essentially stick, too.

“Jenelle pronounced she was gonna have up charges observant I kick her, and i never did, so let me contend (expletive) jenelle for good,” Courtland Rogers added.

In a Tweet to Taylor Lewis … of course.

As for Jenelle Evans, she abandoned which but cranked out multiform some-more messages prior to peacing out of Twitter and dogmatic herself finished with amicable media.

We’re sincerely sure she and Twitter will reunite prior to long. Her destiny relations with heroin and/or Courtland Rogers have been most reduction certain.

On the last day of 2012, the tabloids finally, arrange of got it right:

Kim Kardashian profound is right away a fact, not only a title done up to move magazines.

But, for the many part, the In Touch Weekly and Life & Styles of the universe were rather… prudent with their topics and covers.

Below, we benefaction the many silly publication covers of the year and we inspire readers to take note in 2013: Save yourself a couple of bucks and review THG. We assign zero for the absurdity!

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart OK! Cover
  • They're Both Pregnant!
  • Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Expecting?
  • Jen Aniston NOT Pregnant!
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Tabloid Claim
  • Kim Kardashian Threesome Story
  • Casper Smart Gay Allegations
  • Robsten Baby Time!
  • Kim Kardashian Pill Popping Cover
  • Brad and Angelina Wedding BATTLE
  • Kim Kardashian: Cheater?!?
  • Mrs. Brad Pitt!
  • Adele Sex Tape Headline
  • Ben Flajnik TRICKED!
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Wedding EXCLUSIVE!
  • Not a Kardashian?!?

Tragic movie headlines to inform as we bid farewell to 2012:

Oscar-winning receptive to advice editor Michael Hopkins has been killed in a deadly rafting collision in his local New Zealand, according to reports. He was usually 53 years old.

Hopkins, M

He won Oscars for the The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in 2003 and King Kong in 2006. He additionally worked on Blade Runner, Superman, Octopussy and Transformers.

Hopkins initial worked with executive Peter Jackson on his 1992 movie Braindead, and was additionally partial of Jackson’s group for Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners.

The collision which claimed the hold up of Hopkins happened in the Waiohine River on New Zealand’s North Island. His dual rafting companions both survived.

Police Senior Sergeant Carolyn Watson said:

“Police would similar to to appreciate all those who assisted in the liberation of Mr. Hopkins and the rescue of his companions, quite the jet vessel user who came to the aid.”

“At substantial risk to himself, [he] was means to rescue the female.”

“All 3 were wearing hold up jackets, wetsuits and helmets at the time and it appears which Mr. Hopkins got in to difficulty after they were ejected from the raft in a quick issuing eddy.”


Timothy Henry Gray, a without a country man, died underneath a tyrannise overpass in Wyoming – only prior to guidance he stood to get $19 million from a reserved New Yorker.

Eccentric Huguette Clark (pictured) who died in 2011 and left zero of her $300 million happening to her family in her will, but kin challenged the document.

That meant her great-nephew Gray, 60, stood to get $19 million.

H Clark

Sadly, young kids personification on sleds detected Gray’s physique in the sleet on Thursday. The former cowboy died of hypothermia in the 10-degree Evanston, Wyoming weather.

The genocide of his 104-year-old relations caused a flurry of media courtesy given of Clark’s resources and reserved nature, that evoked comparisons to Howard Hughes.

She hadn’t even been photographed given 1930.

Clark was the daughter of United States Senator and nobleman William Andrews Clark, who done a happening in copper and alternative ventures.

Although she dabbled in art and once exhibited her paintings, Clark distrusted family members and strangers given she feared they were after her money.

The predestine of her happening is still unclear.

We already know how family members feel about the Kim Kardashian profound news: happy and blessed!

But what about the rest of the Internet?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Expecting

Putting in reserve the boring, frank reactions – such as Demi Lovato purgation over the (“So happy for you @KimKardashian.. Love you SO most and I’m so vehement to babysit!!”) proclamation – corkscrew down for the funniest responses from a watchful Twitterverse…

Joel McHale: Congrats to @kimkardashian & @kanyewest on their baby. I goal it has Kim’s eyes, Kanye’s smile, & Bruce Jenner’s pterodactyl facial bones.

Andy Borowitz: It’s so uncanny to think which Kim Kardashian has sex even when we’re not watching.

Seth Meyers: I goal Kim and Kanye have been rebuilt for the unavoidable “Who’s Kimye?” subject 5 years from now. #expectfollowups

Andrew Kaczynski: We have been streamer over the mercantile –OH MY GOD KANYE DID WHAT!

Andy Levy: good at slightest we know kim let kanye finish

Damien Fahey: I’m vehement for Kim Kardashian’s alloy to perform the ultrasound and yell, “Congratulations! It’s a selling opportunity!”

Bill Simmons: Why isn’t “Kim and Kanye have been gonna have overwhelming parents!” trending?

Patrick Sandberg: I’m so happy for Kim for eventually removing all she’s simulated she’s regularly wanted.

Move over, Human Barbie. Here comes the Living Doll.

At 15, Venus Palermo has grown in to her doll mania … arrange of literally. Under the username Venus Angelic, the London teen posts beauty tutorials on YouTube.

Living Doll Venus Palermo

Living Doll Venus Palermo

According to Venus, you as well could be a ball-jointed doll (or BJD). Her doll-like coming has incited her in to an Internet star, and a magnet for controversy.

Based on her 5 million viewers and a multitude of Facebook fans, people take her recommendation on student contacts, plastic-sheen-effect powder, and white eye shade to heart.

But at what cost?

The complicated BJD is at large renouned in Japan, which Venus is spooky with. “Mommy cooks Japanese, thinks Japanese, goes to Japan with me,” writes Palermo on her blog. “

“Because we similar to it. Liking something, is soooooo GREAT!”

Palermo’s mania has captivated most a critic. Her videos have been called “bizarre” and “disturbing” in the media; her supernatural coming is raising red flags.

Perverse comments on the 15-year-old’s videos is explanation she’s attracting unpalatable fans. So is the occasional grown masculine trolling her Facebook page.

But the teen’s mother doesn’t crop up to be inserted in her daughter’s unsure hobby. Mom serves as host of Q&A chats in between teen and fans.

In one video posted final year, she sat by whilst the teen chatted with a 24-year-old masculine who avowed his love and afterwards proceeded to slur her.

In content underneath which video, posted to VenusAngelic’s channel, Palermo refers to her fans as “lovers.” The pretension of the video is “Insane Guy in Love.”

“The box of Venus Angelic is uncomfortably exploitative, as there is obviously a passionate trace to what she is doing,” says Hilary Levey Friedman, PhD.

“In general, immature girls on YouTube is a disturbing, flourishing trend,” she says observant the brand new direction of pre-teen girls asking viewers if they’re pretty.

In most cases, relatives have been unknowingly of their child’s webcam usage, until their uploads go viral. But in alternative instances, the relatives have been facilitators.

Levey Friedman wonders about Palermo’s mom’s aspirations for her, observant which Justin Bieber’s mother helped get his career get off the ground.

The YouTube theatre primogenitor is comparatively brand new concept. Most kids climb to viral celebrity for only being kids, and if a primogenitor increase off of which they’re criticized.

The singular behaving prodigy, similar to Bieber, is an exception.

Palermo doesn’t tumble in to possibly category. She might be bringing a Japanese direction to Western teens, but she’s additionally attracting a mostly neglected fan-base.

What do you think? Harmless fun? Or as well much, as well soon?

Hottest. Beer. Pong. Team. Ever.

Stacey Keibler and Michael Phelps didn’t merely attend the same celebration over the weekend, they teamed up as partners in the classical celebration game, smoking the competition, according to the former’s Tweet.

“Dominating. #TeamBaltimore #geometry @M_phelps00 #goodtimes,” wrote Keibler as a heading to the following photo.

Stacy Keibler and Michael Phelps

Both stars accost from Baltimore, but do not begin removing any ideas of a attribute outward drink phone.

Keibler is really muchw with George Clooney, nonetheless Phelps appears to have separate from Megan Rossee.

“Things occur for a reason… #notme,” he Tweeted progressing this month.

Ann Curry to NBC: Let Me Leave!

Ann Curry has already been screwed over once by NBC.

Now she’s dynamic for it not to occur again.

Curry, Ann

With CNN reportedly courtship the anchor, sources discuss it Radar Online that Curry wants out of her NBC contract. Big time.

“She has rigourously asked her profession to try exit options from the network,” the Curry insider claims. “However, NBC bosses have indicated they have been reluctant to recover Ann from the contract. If Ann were to only quit, there is a non-compete clause, that would demarcate her from operative for an additional headlines opening for dual years.”

Because Curry was demoted from The Today Show, she believes NBC breached the conditions of her understanding and she ought to be released.

The CNN gig is generally tasteful to the contributor since former NBC trainer Jeff Zucker is right away in assign there. He wants her to lead a module at 8 p.m. each night.

In alternative sunrise show news:

  • Folks have been screaming at Matt Lauer.
  • Robin Roberts will not lapse to Good Morning America until mid-2013.