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Warning: you competence wanna spin away, Selena Gomez.

A integrate weeks after Justin Bieber attended the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show – that allegedly kicked off the problems he encountered with Gomez since Justin got extremely tighten to a couple of of the beauties – a video has flush of most scantily-clad women lip-syncing along to “Beauty and a Beat.”

We’re not observant Bieber essentially got earthy with Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima or Candice Swanepoel…

… we’re only observant it competence be distinct because Bieber is carrying difficulty determining in between Selena Gomez and sex with supermodels.

Go backstage with Justin and these poetic ladies now:

Victoria's Secret Models Sing Justin Bieber

Victoria’s Secret Models Sing Justin Bieber

Girls Season 2: First Footage!

Sex, nakedness and jokes about sex and nudity.

Yup, it’s roughly time for Girls Season 2.

With this pound HBO humerous entertainment returning on Jan thirteen with brand new episodes, the network has denounced the initial lengthened promo – and it’s officious hilarious.

From Hannah wondering if Adam is indeed a murderer, to Marnie being put in her place by her mother, the trailer teases all fans love about about this R-rated series. Sit behind and suffer the idiocy now:

Girls Season 2 Promo

Girls Season 2 Promo

Chris Brown  only held a outrageous break, as prosecutors FINALLY motionless they will not assign the thespian for hidden a little girl’s phone progressing this year.

A military inform was filed opposite Brown in Feb for “robbery by remarkable snatching” after he allegedly grabbed a associate club-goer’s iPhone in Miami.

Chris Brown Topless

“Bitch, you ain’t going to put which on no website,” he told her in classic, expressive Chris fashion.

But after a consummate investigation, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s bureau “determined we have been not receiving any sort of rapist action,” according to TMZ.

“We have forwarded the commentary to Los Angeles for the trial box examination after conducting the same routine which each rapist box in Miami-Dade County undergoes.”

Officials contend rapper Tyga was interviewed as a declare in the case, as the iPhone in conclusion finished up in the hands of Devon Blanche, conduct of Tyga’s confidence team.

According to police, Blanche told investigators:

“Chris competence have taken [the phone] since Brown is well known to be generally endangered which if photographs of himself with dual females got out, it competence means him problems with Rihanna.”

This was in February, when Brown was still dating Karrueche Tran.

Tran additionally released a matter during the investigation, in which she pronounced the lady who owned the phone had stranded it in Brown’s car … and struck Karrueche in the head.

During the incident, Tran claims the lady forsaken the phone in the car and it was in the future tossed out the window. Different than Tyga’s tale, to be sure.

Ultimately though, prosecutors contend it’s trustworthy which the lady did put her phone in the car and which Brown simply “[removed] from the car an intent which didn’t go there.”

In which scenario, he wouldn’t have damaged any laws.

If Chris were to be prosecuted, it would have triggered a trial defilement for him behind in L.A., where he’s still on trial for the 2009 Rihanna beating.

It would’ve additionally capped off utterly a week for Chris, who has taken critical feverishness for his coarse Twitter beef with Jenny Johnson, a stand up comic “hater.”

Fresh off a frightful car collision and propitious to be alive, Bobbi Kristina Brown has taken to Twitter and compared herself to Jesus Christ.

Yes, that Jesus Christ.

Bobbi Kristina Image

Apparently ill of how she’s been treated with colour in the press and by the public, Bobbi lashed out final night, maybe going a bit as well far when writing:

“#LETMELIVE but YOUppl crucifying me?! OH, approbation right away I recollect .. YOUppl did the SAME DAMN THING2 JESUS.& he overcame you ALL. #NOWWATCH.”

It’s misleading to what, exactly, Bobbi is referring.

The teen has struggled mightily given the genocide of Whitney Houston in February, but we haven’t seen any outlets treating her similar to Lindsay Lohan or anything. Most folks appear to assimilate how tough this contingency be for the 18-year old.

What do you think? Bobbi comparing herself to Jesus is…


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An Arizona propagandize district has cursed one of the tall schools for disciplining dual boys for fighting … by forcing them to reason hands in front of their classmates as punishment.

Hand-Holding Punishment

Earlier this week, the dual students at Westwood High School in Mesa, Ariz., who have not been named, were faced with dual options after removing in to a fight:

  1. Suspension from school
  2. Sitting in chairs in the yard and land hands for fifteen mins during lunch

They opted for the latter, and were ridiculed by their peers.

“Kids were shouting at them and job them names, asking, ‘Are you gay?’” tyro Brittney Smyers told ABC associate KNXV, whilst photos began to disseminate online.

On one Facebook posting, users commented which the open low mark was not appropriate, as it positions the teenagers as targets for derisive and name-calling.

Others pronounced the low mark was anti-gay, as it implies dual males land hands is embarrassing.

Helen Hollands, executive of information exchnage and selling for Mesa Public Schools, pronounced the school’s principal, Tim Richard, who is in his initial year at Westwood, had the idea.

“He’s finished a little good things there,” Hollands said. “He’s focused rarely on progressing a customary where [ideally] no students have been unwell a class.”

Once the propagandize district got breeze of Richard’s singular punishment, however, it released a make a difference observant which it doesn’t acquit what the propagandize did:

“Mesa Public Schools is dedicated to progressing a protected and understanding guidance environment.”

“The district has fortify for suitable tyro fortify and the site administrators have the management to levy consequences inside of the policies and regulations.”

“The district does not acquit the preference of in-school fortify since these students, in any case of their acceptance or eagerness to participate.”

“District care will residence this make a difference with the propagandize principal and examination district custom per tyro fortify with all administrators.”

Hollands pronounced which the district is good wakeful which most viewed the fortify as bullying and biased.

“The district is seeking at how the actions have been perceived,” she pronounced of the right away barbarous and viral incident. “That’s a really critical square to know.”

Disciplining kids with hand-holding: Right or wrong?


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Pippa Middleton, everyone’s important stately sister, was held rocking an ultra high-waisted lead skirt. Pippa was at a celebration for British code W & W Jewellery.

Pippa Middleton High-Waisted Skirt

Miss Middleton is good well known for her select choices, but this ultimate garb calls her in to question. Then again, her important derriere isn’t even pictured! What does your middle conform censor discuss it you?

Do you love it or hate? Vote below!


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With Lindsay Lohan staring down 4 brand new charges after her nightclub quarrel with Tiffany Ava Mitchell, and once again confronting the rage of luminary report bloggers, the unequivocally uneasy singer has a startling associate luminary on her side:

Demi Lovato.

  • Demi Lovato on X Factor Stage
  • Lindsay Lohan Premiere Picture

In an sell with Perez Hilton on Twitter, Lovato – who went to rehab a year ago and understands what it’s similar to to onslaught in the spotlight – done a defence for the open to stop laying in to Lindsay’s personal life.

“I unequivocally instruct we could go behind in time when artists were well known for their work,” Lovato wrote. “Not their personal lives.”

She afterwards addressed Hilton without delay and added:

“The media (not only you) do not comprehend when you need to stop… This isn’t a title for your readers. This is someone’s life…why does it need to turn everyone’s business? If you hold someone needs assistance – assistance them.”

What do you think, THGers? Does Demi have a point? Is the media as well oppressive on Lindsay Lohan?


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Tiffany Ava Mitchell, the chicky who claims Lindsay Lohan punched her at a bar this week, is essentially a happening teller. No word if her clear round likely fifteen mins of fame.

Lohan and Mitchell

Mitchell claims Lohan, dissapoint which The Wanted’s Max George was flirting with Tiffany instead, hurled a secular offence at her inside Avenue nightclub, job her a “f**king gypsy.”

Tiff’s crony shot behind at LiLo, revelation her Liz & Dick sucked, and that’s when it got physical.

Hey, sometimes, the law hurts … and guzzling dual liters of vodka a day doesn’t just keep one on an even keel emotionally. Might wish to lay off it, Linds.

So who is this lady Lohan popped? According to the Extra

  1. Tiffany Mitchell goes by her center name, Ava.
  2. She’s tied together and the mom of dual children.
  3. Ava owned and operated Ava’s Psychic Visions in Palm Beach prior to relocating to New York City 6 months ago.
  4. She specializes in tarot, palm and penetrating appetite readings, which suggest clients “hope, impulse or insight.”
  5. The penetrating present runs in her family, apparently. Tiffany Ava Mitchell began carrying premonitions at age 10.

We have a foreboding which Lindsay Lohan is headed to prison for violating her probation. The tarot cards contend it will be so … which and 4 rapist charges in one day.

The X Factor formula show was not generally kind to Paige Thomas and Vino Alan final night, as the carefree singers were any sent home.

Did the eliminations take these contestants by surprise?

“I wouldn’t contend I was awaiting it,” Thomas told reporters after the show. “But at this indicate in the competition, since everybody’s so good, you can never unequivocally design anything… I’m rather loose since right away I can unequivocally only be myself.”

  • Paige Thomas Pic
  • Vino Alan Picture

Alan was some-more approach (“I didn’t design to go home,” he said), whilst revelation he altered his Wednesday night strain at the final impulse from “Too Close” to “You’ve Lost which Loving Feeling.”

But he binds no class toward coach L.A. Reid.

“I do not censure L.A.,” he said. “I censure myself for not station up. That’s the recommendation I’d give to anybody: follow your gut.”

Thomas additionally harbors no sick will toward Demi Lovato, observant she’s beholden for which star’s support.

“We outlayed a lot of time with [Demi], generally compared to all the alternative judges,” Thomas said. “She unequivocally did take time to lay down with us and speak to us. She’s got a career which she’s still office building and so do I, but I’d really similar to to stay in hold with her.”

Did you think Thomas and/or Alan deserved to be eliminated?


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Larry DePrimo of the NYPD has turn an Internet star, and deservedly so, after he was photographed by a traveller shopping boots for a barefoot without a country man.

One wintry night this month, he walked by the male and was desirous by buy him hosiery and boots; the picture was prisoner by a caller to the Big Apple from Arizona.

Cop Buys Homeless Man Shoes

“I had dual pairs of nap hosiery and fight boots, and I was cold,” DePrimo, 25, pronounced this week recalling the night of Nov 14, when he met the man.

Encountering an unidentified, shoeless male on the path on 7th Avenue nearby 44th Street, the immature military military military officer inquired about the state of his feet.

“I never had a span of shoes,” the male replied, according to DePrimo, who’s reserved to the Sixth Precinct and has been on the force scarcely 3 years.

The military military military officer walked to a Skechers store over on 42nd Street and shelled out $75 for a span of code new, insulated winter boots and thermal socks.

DePrimo returned to the male a couple of blocks away, knelt down and put them on for him.

“He smiled from ear to ear,” DePrimo said. “It was similar to you gave him a million dollars.”

The military military military officer additionally asked the male if he longed for a crater of coffee, but he courteously declined and went on his way. “I didn’t think anything of it,” DePrimo pronounced of his act.

The open obviously felt otherwise.

The print began present on Facebook, at that indicate the NYPD found and re-posted it. Tens of thousands of Likes and shares followed in the indirect days.