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Forget the economy. Or the fight in Afghanistan. Or reconfiguing the taxation code.

President Barack Obama appeared on Michal Yo’s Miami-based air wave show currently and addressed the many dire subject on many people’s minds: the simmering American Idol argument in between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

Will these dual divas find usual ground?

Without selecting sides, Obama pronounced he was “confident” all issues would be resolved. Listen to him plunge into the scuffle in the following talk dash and afterwards receptive to advice off below:

Barack Obama Speaks on Nicki vs. Mariah Feud

Barack Obama Speaks on Nicki vs. Mariah Feud



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Kim Kardashian is conjunction profound nor alone. But the ultimate emanate of OK! Weekly creates it clear:

She’s fearful of being profound and alone!

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant and Alone?

Sources presumably discuss it the publication which Kardashian unequivocally wants a child, but is “scared to lift a baby alone.”

And the maternal urges couldn’t come at a worse time since Kanye West has allegedly since Kim an “ultimatum.”

He has told her which she improved “make a little changes” or “he will bail out her,” this unknown insider claims, explaining:

“He’s laid down the law when it comes to her show… Kris [Jenner] is all the time perplexing to get Kanye to do appearances, and he thinks the show is underneath him.”

Of course, Kanye acted similar to anything but a apart beloved final night. He scarcely pounded a photographer after she asked him about Kim’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Such a greeting causes one to wonder: Would Kim’s hypothetical kid be improved off with such a purpose model?

Is the media grossly misreporting the taxes paid by Republican presidential claimant Mitt Romney? According to one examination of his 2011 return, really most so.

Mitt and Ann Romney’s 2011 practiced sum income (AGI) was about $18.6 million, with their sum sovereign income taxation entrance to $1.9 million, or 14.1 percent.

Ann Romney and Mitt Romney

This series is a bit misleading, however, when analyzing Mitt Romney taxation returns.

It implies the Romneys kept 85.9 percent of what they earned, that isn’t the case.

First off, they clamed $4.6 million in itemized deductions, together with $1.3 million in state and internal income taxes and $215,000 in genuine estate taxes.

That’s some-more than $1.5 million they never saw, and the inexhaustible integrate additionally donated $1.3 million in money and an additional $921,000 in securities.

Another $2.21 million they did not keep for themselves.

The Romneys warranted $2.2 million in competent dividends and $6.8 million in collateral gains in 2011, income taxed at the auspicious rate of fifteen percent.

While this rate seems low, it has been taxed at the corporate turn initial at a aloft rate – 35 percent. The supervision has been paid twice, in alternative words.

Finally, the Romneys paid $103,000 in unfamiliar taxes, that has zero to do with offshore accounts, but tellurian investments taxed in their republic of origin.

According to this analysis, on $18.6 million of productivity, they paid $10.8 million in taxes and gifts to charity, gripping only 42.1 percent of what they produced.

Yes, this still creates them intensely wealthy, and no, it does indispensably have Romney any some-more (or less) competent to be President of the United States.

Viewed by a opposite lens, however, Romney’s munificence and taxation weight is not the e.g. of responsibility-shirking fervour his opponents competence similar to you to believe.

U.S. Presidential Election 2012:


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Jennifer Lopez concerts have been regularly eye-popping, titillating events … but the show she put on in Italy final Thursday took the knowledge to a brand new level.

Performing in a voluptuous sequined fit prior to a sold-out Bologna, a wily dance move caused the tip of her outfit to change nearby the chest, ensuing in a pap slip:

  • Jennifer Lopez Nipple Slip
  • Jennifer Lopez Cleavage
  • Jennifer Lopez Live in Concert

Of course, this pro’s pro doesn’t steep for cover. 

After a discerning composition with the assist of her dancers, J. Lo went right on behaving but blank a beat. No word if Casper Smart helped her “adjust” after the show.

Click to increase the J. Lo photos above!

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

There you are, indeed.

After most expectation (and a little sizzling hide peeks), Brad Pitt’s initial Chanel No. 5 incense ad has been expelled in full. Behold, the brand new face of the iconic scent:

Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 Ad

Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 Ad

Titled “There you are,” the black-and-white ad facilities the 48-year-old actress reflecting on life, love and as if inhaling and exhaling similar to an A-list movie star.

“It’s not a journey, each tour ends and we go on,” he says. “Wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable.”


Is Lindsay Lohan looking a confining sequence opposite her father Michael Lohan?

Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mother and Mike’s ex-wife, wants her to similar to yesterday.

  • Dumb Dina Lohan
  • Lindsay Lohan Twitpic
  • MiLo Photo

Dina’s quarrel with Michael – a chief incident which trumps final week’s quarrel with Lindsay – has reached scored earth proportions, and she’s propelling Lindsay to take her side.

And to ask a decider for the insurance sequence to stop her often-estranged father from carrying any hit with her whatsoever – phone calls, texts, emails, anything.

Dina Lohan’s pull to legally solidify out MiLo comes on the heels of Lindsay’s weeping matter which Michael is passed to her right away after offered her out final week.

Lindsay might not be peaceful to go which far, however.

The singer reportedly thinks the confining sequence is as good extreme, and isn’t only fervent to show up and attest in justice in sequence to acquire one.

She does go to sufficient courtrooms as it is.

According to TMZ, DiLo has approached her alternative 3 young kids – Michael Jr., Cody and Ali Lohan – about the devise as well, yet it’s misleading if they’re up for it.

Michael Lohan might be a disgusting tellurian being, but terming him a dangerous one might be an exaggeration. Why not only omit the guy, ladies?

Even Lindsay certified she shouldn’t have called him to contend her mother was coked up and behaving similar to the devil, but she did, and won’t have which inapplicable designation again.

Isn’t which enough?

It’s no longer small speculation, Twihards: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ARE behind together!

The disloyal couple, which took a mangle after Stewart was speckled kissing Rupert Sanders, was speckled twice over the weekend.

Breaking Dawn Romance

First at Chateau Marmont, where witnesses contend Rob and Kristen attended a friend’s birthday celebration and were “whispering really tighten and intimately,” according to Us Weekly.

They additionally hung out at Ye Rustic Inn, a club in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood, which is where Entertainment Tonight snapped a print of Pattinson and Stewart removing close.

Rumors of a settlement in between the dual initial sprung up final month.

Sources contend Kristen’s mother essentially played a purpose in credible Rob to give the singer an additional chance, whilst which Stewart swore she and Sanders never essentially had sex.

Do you hold her? And do you think Pattinson should take her back?


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Go forward and celebrate, group of the world: Scarlett Johansson is singular again!

The obscenely beautiful singer – go forward and stare flirtatiously the Scarlett Johansson cinema territory now! – has separate from New York City ad senior manager Nate Naylor, an insider confirms to Us Weekly.

The integrate had been together for about a year.

Scarlett Johansson, Strapless Dress

Johansson divorced Ryan Reynolds in late 2010 and rebounded only a integrate months after with 52-year old Sean Penn.

We’d love to see her naked.

The Situation: Shirtless For PETA

Even The Situation knows there is such a thing as as well most pussy.

Cats tact outta control, which is. And the Jersey Shore star is ready to show off his ripped abs to widespread the summary of spaying and neutering pets.

The Situation PETA Commercial

The Situation PETA Commercial

Sitch’s brand brand new ad encourages house pet owners to repair their critters, saying: “Here’s The Situation: There have been some-more cats in shelters than there have been homes for them.

PETA elaborates serve on the message, observant “Cats and dogs need protected sex, too!”

Get it?!

The GTL amatory star is sporting a retrograde red ball top (Paul Ryan style), jeans and sneakers, flashing his signature laugh and snuggling a little kittens.

Check out The Situation photos compelling his brand brand new PSA right here:

  • The Situation Shirtless Picture
  • The Situation Shirtless Photo

Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old Pakistani lady shot in the conduct by Taliban gunmen final week, was flown to the U.K. for healing treatment, according to reports.

The teen stays in critical condition.

Malala Yousafzai Picture

Sickeningly, the Taliban carried out the conflict on the youngster since Malala Yousafzai was “promoting secularism” by advocating preparation for girls.

The situation has sparked general outcry.

Pakistan, which shares a limit with Afghanistan, has enlarged been deliberate a Taliban and Al Qaeda protected harbor, even as it publicly denounces those groups.

Time will discuss it if this comfortless eventuality almost alters the nation’s policies.

Malala initial gained courtesy starting at age of 11, underneath the name Gul Makai, an alias she used to coop a diary for the BBC about hold up underneath Taliban rule.

Militants, she said, had forced the shutting of girls’ propagandize in the Swat Valley in 2007. She perceived innumerable genocide threats for expressing her sentiments.

Last week, returning home from school, she was pounded by dual armed group who singled her out on a propagandize train installed with a dozen students.

The group dismissed 3 shots, attack Malala in the conduct and injuring dual others.

Throughout Pakistan, protests have been hold condemning the incident, and 4 people have been arrested in tie with the shooting.

Former British MP Gordon Brown, in his stream on all sides as UN Special Envoy for Global Education, voiced the launch of a apply to “in await of what Malala fought for.”

She might live to quarrel again, but how actively stays uncertain.

“Malala will need enlarged caring to entirely redeem from the earthy and mental goods of trauma,” according to a matter by the Pakistani military.

The Los Angeles Times adds which Malala’s family was consulted prior to the preference to move her to Britain around an air ambulance supposing by the United Arab Emirates.

Once her condition improves, she is approaching to bear procedures to correct or reinstate shop-worn skeleton in her skull and to embrace neurological treatment.

“Malala’s ongoing clinical caring is right away the hospital’s priority,” the Queen Elizabeth Hospital orator in Birmingham in a matter on her arrival.

“Our classification and processes embody strong confidence measures to strengthen the remoteness and grace of all the patients, both troops and civilian.”