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The initial and usually 2012 clamp presidential discuss has come to an end.

Who do you think was the leader of the showdown in Kentucky?

Biden, Ryan

After final week’s presidential discuss mess for Barack Obama, V.P. Joe Biden was tasked with righting the ship, whilst Rep. Paul Ryan sought to keep Mitt Romney’s movement going.

Which claimant do you think improved completed his goals entrance in?

What was the many suggestive exchange? Did Ryan assistance have the box for Romney and the GOP’s views on unfamiliar and made at home issues over this 90-minute tussle?

Or was it Democrat Biden who bettered his boss’ chances for re-election?

Share your comments below, and opinion in the survey:

Who won the 2012 Vice Presidential debate?


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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth right away have one brand brand new thing in common.

The integrate has posted a print to Instagram of the new, relating tattoos. Of hearts? Of their initials? Nope and nope: of a allude to by Teddy Roosevelt!

Matching Tattoos

Excerpted from the former President’s 1910 residence patrician “Citizenship in a Republic,” Miley got her ink in Jul and it reads:

“So which his place shall never be with those cold and shy souls who conjunction know feat nor defeat.”

Liam, meanwhile, has right away mirrored his fiancee and etched himself with an additional allude to from Roosevelt’s work. His arm ink reads:

“If he fails, at slightest fails whilst adventurous greatly.”

This is not Miley’s initial permanent skin stain – she right away has fifteen total! – nor is it her initial political tattoo.

The thespian lifted a little madness when she inked herself with a matrimony equivalence pitch final year.

What do you think of this gesture?


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This most we know: someone stole a mechanism and a camera from Justin Bieber this week, both of which contained “personal footage,” as described by the thespian himself.

This most someone attempted to explain today: enclosed in which footage is a design of Justin Bieber naked.

Justin Bieber in Glendale

Indeed, a print – given taken down  – was circulated around the Internet this sunrise which supposed of Bieber, unclothed torso and reduce physique tools and all. There was even a bird permanent skin stain along the subject’s hip, identical to the one which graces Justin’s skin.

But Beliebers were discerning to indicate out on Tumblr which the individual’s swell symbol isn’t the same as the artist’s and his boobs do not compare up.


Moreover, insiders swear to TMZ which the picture in subject was NOT of Bieber.

Case closed, right? Mostly. Bieber did appear extremely dissapoint over the detriment of this footage.

Of what do you think his mechanism is comprised?


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Family and friends of Lindsay and Dina Lohan have been propelling both women to go to rehab following their epic quarrel yesterday morning, according to reports.

  • Dina Cries
  • Lohan Freaks Out

The dual had been clubbing in NYC until 4 a.m., afterwards began arguing over income en track home to Dina’s place on Long Island. There, it got physical.

Police responded to a 911 call and filed a report, yet no one was arrested. Lindsay additionally called her father and pleaded for help, fearing her coked up demon of a mom.

The scary, unhappy situation has those tighten to them disturbed for their good being.

“Dina and Lindsay both need to go to rehab to understanding with their addictions, and they need to get diagnosis separately,” a source tells Radar.

Lindsay Lohan Call to Michael Lohan About Coked-Up Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Call to Michael Lohan About Coked-Up Dina Lohan

“Dina has been behaving similar to Lindsay’s crony and not her mom for a very, unequivocally prolonged time. Who goes clubbing with their mom until 4:30 in the morning?”

A satisfactory question. If Dina was in truth on coke, which raises an even bigger one.

“Lindsay, as someone who has been in rehab in the past, shouldn’t be around any one you do drugs, let alone be going to nightclubs and partying,” says a friend.

Anyone see Dina Lohan dipsomaniac on Dr. Phil? This is obviously a pattern.

The 49-year-old was restive and giggling via the complete interview, heading to prevalent conjecture she was underneath the change of … something.

Dina after referred to she was only nervous, which no one buys.

Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil

Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil

Family members and friends fright the misfortune if this continues.

“Dina and Lindsay’s attribute is complicated. It’s not a normal mom / daughter dynamic, and both need to take a mangle from any other,” the source says.

Michael Lohan has additionally urged his ex-wife to check in to rehab, saying:

“Sober up and sense to stop regulating the kids as pawns similar to you only did to Lindsay again after job out for me after her arrest! Fix YOUR soul!”

Not which Michael Lohan is one to talk, but he’s not unequivocally wrong is he?


THG is counting down the 100 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012!

From right away until the finish of the year, we’ll be profitable reverence to the hottest of the prohibited with swim suit photos galore. The foe is on trial to be sweltering.

Keeping the hotness rolling currently at #66: Maria Menounos!

Maria Menounos, Bikini, Extra

Previously, we paid reverence to Ali Landry swim suit pictures. Today, it’s Mario Lopez’s co-host.

Maria Menounos is Extra hot, you could say.

Patriots fans wailing their team’s detriment in Super Bowl XLVI could at slightest take condolence in the actuality which the Massachusetts local mislaid a gamble and had to stone a swim suit on-air.

Everybody can salute the Giants’ second pretension in 5 seasons formed on this actuality alone.

It’s not the initial time the DWTS alum has rocked a bikini, of course, and if there is anything great left in this world, it won’t be the last. The 34-year-old is a bona fide cutie.

See some-more Maria Menounos pics below. Just try not to want badly as well most in public, okay?

  • Maria Menounos in Bikini
  • Hot Maria Menounos
  • Maria Menounos Bikini Picture
  • Maria Menounos Bikini Pic
  • Maria Menouno Bikini Pic
  • Maria Menounos Nude
  • Maria Menounos Emmy Dress
  • Maria Menounos, Bikini

Who’s subsequent on the countdown? Check behind tomorrow to see THG’s swim suit chick #65!

Rapper Nelly was incarcerated final night as military officers searched his debate train at a Texas checkpoint and found heroin, pot and a installed gun on board.

Nelly Pic

Nelly’s train was stopped by the limit unit in Sierra Blanca, where Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Armie Hammer and Fiona Apple have been popped recently.

A military dog rescued the participation of drugs.

After behaving a search, officials found 36 small bags of heroin (totaling .64 ounces), over 10 pounds of weed in a duffel bag and a installed .45 size pistol.

The rapper was not arrested, however.

Brian Keith Jones, one of 7 passengers on house the bus, certified the drug and the gun were his. He was subsequently placed underneath arrest.

Nelly and the others were cut loose.

Why on Earth any one is pushing around with all those equipment at all – let alone by the many scandalous checkpoint in the U.S. – is a subject we can’t answer.


It should come as no warn to The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers which Teresa Giudice dislikes Melissa Gorga. With a passion.

But what is the source for this sum and finish hatred?

Teresa Giudice vs. Melissa Gorga

According to In Touch Weekly, it centers around Teresa’s husband, Joe, who reportedly has a erratic eye for some-more than only Atlantic City hoes.

“When Melissa proposed dating Teresa’s brother, Joe would coquette with her and check her out at your convenience Teresa wasn’t looking,” a source tells the magazine. “Melissa regularly told me he was a ‘creep.’ He’s so unpleasant to Teresa, but she turns a blind eye.”

The insider goes on to explain Joe is good wakeful of his wife’s rancour toward Gorga and his behavior, but “doesn’t caring – he thinks he’s an tasteful guy.”

For a lot some-more on this all unscripted feud, collect up the ultimate emanate of In Touch Weekly.

Jason and Molly Mesnick: Expecting!

The Bachelor’s Molly Mesnick is profound with her initial child.

Jason and Molly of The Bachelor

It will be the second for her husband, Jason Mesnick, who was the initial singular father to star on the ABC being show. He has a seven-year-old son, Ty, with ex-wife Hillary.

Jason and Molly scored equally the tangle in 2010.

“Our family is removing a small bit bigger!” Molly Mesnick (nee Malaney) reliable to People magazine. “I’m in to my second trimester and I feel unequivocally good.”

The integrate met on The Bachelor and endured vital media inspection after Jason primarily gave the last rose to Melissa Rycroft, usually to mangle up with her for Molly.

They weathered the storm, however, and shortly got engaged, substituted vows in an ABC special and changed in together in Jason’s local Washington State.

Happiest of all about the flourishing family? Little Ty.

“He’s been so vehement to be a big brother,” Jason says, explaining which the trusting integrate pennyless the headlines to an vehement Ty around a diversion of cling to man.

“The answer was ‘Tyler is going to be a big brother,’” Jason says.

Molly additionally done him a t-shirt which says ‘Big Brother’ on it. Cute.

This acquire headlines comes on the heels of dual outrageous Bachelor breakups: Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, and some-more surprisingly, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm.

Congratulations to Jason and Molly on their imminent arrival!

Move over, Ian Somerhalder. There’s a code brand new CW hottie in town.

With The Vampire Diaries Season 4 set to entrance this evening, Stephen Amell introduced network viewers to a code brand new code of favourite final night, as good as the many silly six-pack on television.

Arrow non-stop to outrageous numbers, for The CW at least. Over 4 million viewers tuned in, definition folks in Mystic Falls unexpected have foe for many renouned teenage show.

And Somerhalder has foe for hottest network hunk. Drool over both actors next and confirm that you many similar to to ride:


Justin Bieber is a apart cousin of multiform alternative celebs you have been utterly informed with. Call it a Canadian dynasty of song (and a small acting) stardom.

According to Ancestry (dot) com, Biebs is associated to …

Justin Bieber in Australia

… Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne! Wow!

We’re articulate 10th, 11th and 12th cousins, but still.

Researchers started tracing Bieber’s family origin about a year ago by paging by teenager luminary report magazines to find biographical tidbits from the cocktail star.

“The good thing about family story is which you never know what you’re going to find,” pronounced Ancestry’s Michelle Ercanback. “It was a really pleasing surprise.”

  • Avril Lavigne Photograph
  • Celine Dion at the Oscars
  • Ryan Gosling Movie Premiere Pic

Bieber, Gosling and Lavigne share usual kin Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bire, innate in France in the early 1600s. They after changed to Quebec.

JB and Celine have been 10th cousins 3 times private since they’re related to French integrate Jacques Vezina and Marie Boisdon, additionally from the 1600s.

They changed to Quebec, where they died in 1687. Ercanback pronounced she didn’t know if these luminary links have been “sufficient to indicate to the life of a luminary gene.”

Either way, it’s flattering cool.