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Kim Kardashian premiered her singular “Jam” on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest this morning, and it’s flattering many all you’d suppose it to be. Shit. Obviously she was going to be heavily auto-tuned, but the actuality which this is substantially the many tedious strain in the story of being stars’ attempts at a strain career is somewhat surprising. Didn’t she have similar to a bajillion dollars final year? Couldn’t she means a median decent producer? She sounds utterly apathetic, I can suppose her rolling her eyes in dullness whilst singing. Actually this would be a undiluted strain on the night when you’ve worked 10 hours true and you don’t wish to go out, but your friends draw towards you to a bar and all you can think about is which you have which assembly at 7:45 AM tomorrow.

Her move in to strain creates sum sense, which whiny, nasal-y voice only lends itself to music, doesn’t it?

Justin Bieber incited seventeen final night, and distinguished in character by flipping off the paparazzi. Or may be he was only removing his bang-finger ready for a little Selena Gomez lovin’. Because *GASP* squeaky-clean Biebs would never furnish such a licentious and pornographic gesture. He needs to be whisked divided behind to Canada prior to he starts you do vodka shots out of Lindsey Lohan’s asshole.

Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi
Justin Bieber Flipping Off the Paparazzi

A night after the American Idol group took the stage, and THG live blogged the considerable vocals of Jacob Lusk and company, we’re back!

As the tip twelve women sing for your vote, stick on in next with comments, modernise often for updates and let’s see how the womanlike fare…

8:03 The throng seems generally jazzed for the judges. It can’t be due to J. Lo’s sparkly one-shoulder sight of a top, though.

8:04 We’re going true from twenty-four to 12. Five men. Five women. Two furious cards. Tomorrow night’s formula show? Gonna be tense.

8:07 Ta-Tynisa Wilson kicks us off with Rihanna’s “Ony Girl (In The World).” Certainly takes certainty to go with this voluptuous single. Ouch. She sounds unequivocally most off key, struggling to reason the last note. Steven and Jennifer simply contend she did a “good job,” but conjunction says it unequivocally convincingly. Randy “didn’t utterly get it” and J. Lo cuts him off again.

Tatynisa Wilson Does RihannaNaima Adedapo PhotoKendra Chantelle on StageKaren Rodriguez PicAshthon Jones Photo

Julie Zorrilla PicHaley Reinhart PhotoThia Megia PicLauren Alaina PicPia Toscano on Stage

8:15 Naima Adedapo written her own dress. That’s flattering cool. Going with “Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald, Adedapo moves great on stage, smiling and enchanting the audience. J. Lo goes initial this time, job her an “exotic flowering plant in a rose garden.” Steven says he takes Adedapo “personally,” that sounds similar to an insult. But he equates to it nicely.

8:19 Talk about environment the club high: Kendra Chantelle chooses “Impossible” by Christina Aguilera, whilst I give up from creation a fun about either she got squandered prior to to the performance. Randy starts with an great Lauryn Hill reference. The judges have been unequivocally in to the comparisons with alternative singers this season, aren’t they? J. Lo finds it “amazing.” We often agree. Definitely one to watch.

8:27 Rachel Zevita sheds a witch-like garment prior to to removing in to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” She’s perplexing a bit as well tough to come conflicting as edgy, sauntering down at the back of the judges’ list and superfluous lethal serious. Steven says it’s “too Broadway” for him and afterwards stays wordless when Zevita that’s the usually genre she’s never sung. J. Lo thinks it was the wrong choice, Randy true up says: “it wasn’t good.”

8:31 Karen Rodriguez breaks in to Spanish for Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” Interesting choice. Would I be deliberate asocial if I pronounced it comes conflicting as pandering? Let’s listen to the judges’ take: a array of “wows” from J. Lo. Randy is right that she done the strain her own, whilst Steven sees her as “one of a kind” and we sense that Karen and Lusk have been BFFs.

8:40 It’s time for Lauren Turner. She breaks out an Etta James classic, “Seven Day Fool,” that draws absolute nodding from Randy. Fun strain choice, fun performance. We get an additional comparison: Amy Winehouse meets Florence and the Machine. Seems appropriate. Very plain all around.

8:49 Ashthon Jones sings “Love Over Me” by Monica whilst wearing the largest ring in Idol history. All 3 judges love it, praising her look, certainty and sound. She’s Diana Ross, Randy screams out.

8:58 Julie Zorrilla takes a vital chance, covering a singular by the strange champion, Kelly Clarkson. Can the Eva Mendes-lookalike do probity to “Breakaway?” Not really, according to J. Lo, who questions the frankness of Zorrilla wanting to mangle away. Once again, Randy says a competitor didn’t move anything strange to the rendition. We’ve gotta agree.

9:01 We listen to again how Haley Reinhart wants to be a “visionary” all over the world. Lofty goal, followed by a tall bar: “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys. Steven and J. Lo desired it, but we’re with Randy: you need to unequivocally brew up such a classical strain or else you’ll be compared to the implausible original.

9:10 Thia Megia takes the conflicting approach, going with a strain from Fame: “Out Here On My Own.” It’s strong, simple, quiet, zero showy. Steven gushes over her undiluted pitch, whilst J. Lo and Randy additionally desired it, nonetheless the latter goes overboard with the ultimate comparison: Michael Jackson.

9:14 It’s time to go nation with Lauren Alaina. Like Reba McEntire before, Lauren wants us to “Turn on the Radio,” obviously carrying fun with the performance. The judges have been full of regard and we’re on house the Alaina train, notwithstanding the peculiar anxiety to Ryan as “Peaches.”

9:23 We tighten to the show with a strain lonesome most times before: “I’ll Stand By You.” Did Pia Toscano have it her own? The judges think so, station in unanimity at the end of a absolute performance. It’s their initial station O of the brand new season.

Our tip 5 from the night:

  1. Pia Toscano
  2. Ashthon Jones
  3. Naima Adedapo
  4. Thia Megia
  5. Kendra Chantelle

Not which prolonged ago we posted these print stills of Megan Fox being all voluptuous and what not for Armani. Well here is the video format of pronounced sexiness.

We can’t unequivocally stop the final time we saw Megan Fox in a movie, but we’re gratified to see her Armani spokesmodel career is thriving. Especially given which career seems to engage small some-more than lounging around in her underwear.

Charlie Sheen might have left to nap final night in the same bed as his goddesses, but he additionally did so in a domicile bereft of his children.

That’s since a decider postulated Brooke Mueller a confining sequence yesterday and the military responded by stealing two-year olds Bob and Max from their father’s home. Sheen might not come inside of 100 feet of them until a conference on Mar 22.

What fitting this action? What has Sheen be indicted of in Mueller’s filing? TMZ has performed the document, which alleges…

Charlie Sheen Quotes: Best of a Winning Week

  • Sheen separate on Brooke’s feet and “punched” her in the arm during their Bahamian vacation.
  • Charlie demanded from Brooke the $20,000/month in kid await he pays due to his need for “untraceable money to hit off a couple of people since the people I hatred vigourously have been going to get exceedingly punished.”
  • During a new confrontation, Sheen referred to he and Brooke’s 2009 done at home assault brawl in Aspen and said; “I should have killed you when I had the chance!”
  • Sheen done it transparent to those around him which he “hated Denise Richards” and “was going to have her hair shaved off.”
  • Screamed the actress at one indicate in the Bahamas final week: “I’m untouchable! I’m Charlie Sheen! I’m some-more important than Obama!”

Overall, Mueller wrote to the court: “I hold his fury is the outcome of an heated mental issue.”

Getting incited down from a pursuit typically isn’t a lot of fun, but the father of an eight-month-old not long ago found a china backing when he tore up a rejecting letter.

You never know what small kids have been going to giggle at, but who would have guessed simply ripping a piece of paper would outcome in a LOL-tastic experience?

We brave you not to giggle hysterically yourself at this cuteness …

Baby Laughs at Ripping Paper

After one night of group behaving on American Idol, 3 favorites have emerged in the eyes:

  1. Jacob Lusk
  2. James Durbin
  3. Casey Abrams

Earlier today, we posted any of their semifinalist performances, which can be noticed HERE, HERE and HERE. But alternative tip twelve contenders additionally stood out.

Brett Loewenstern astounded us with an try to stone out to The Doors. Paul McDonald showcased a singular style/voice. Robbie Rosen went with a poetic ballad and Clint June Gamboa attempted to infer which karaoke isn’t regularly a four-letter word.

Sit behind and taken in a slew of auditions from final week below. Which of these group have a plain shot at the finals?

Clint June Gamboa – Superstition

Brett Loewenstern – Light My Fire

Robbie Rosen – Angel

Scotty McCreery – Letters from Home

Paul McDonald – Maggie May