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Rapper T-Pain introduced this brand new permanent skin stain he got in Hawaii with a twitter which read:

“I think this ones flattering sweet, unless facebook shuts down shortly 0_o”.

Wait, he used Twitter to speak about his Facebook tattoo? Did he additionally refurbish his Facebook standing with a Twitter tattoo? I’ll only go forward and censure it on his a-a-a-a-atrocious taste. He’s regularly ready to go similar to a silly rubbish jester so this takes zero divided from which image.

T-Pain, have fun spending your 60s and 70s explaining to immature people what which permanent skin stain means, after Facebook is transposed with cranial implants. On the and side, the man who tattooed MySpace’s Tom on his behind in 2002 still gets laid in the Philippines since of it. So you should be means to suffer this permanent skin stain for a decade or so.

The chances have been you substantially don’t know who Alicia Arden is, which is unless you’re an eager General Hospital fan, but if you aren’t, afterwards which doesn’t make a difference given I’m certain you have been a outrageous air blower of dipsomaniac celebrities and upskirt pictures. While a little celebrities cite to “accidentally” exhibit their panties to the public, Alicia Arden here needs no such front for her exhibitionism. No, this lady proudly displays her panties to the public. And heaven’s angels magnify her for it.

Alcia Arden's Drunk Upskirt
Alcia Arden's Drunk Upskirt
Alcia Arden's Drunk Upskirt
Alcia Arden's Drunk Upskirt
Alcia Arden's Drunk Upskirt
Alcia Arden's Drunk Upskirt

Jesus, where the ruin do we even begin with this crapfest of a story. The central word is still which Charlie Sheen was usually in a sanatorium yesterday since of a “hernia he got from shouting as well hard”, and yet, currently he “voluntarily” entered an unnamed rehab clinic, causing the CBS show Two and a Half Men to be put on a proxy hiatus. It was additionally reported which porn star Melanie Rios was the alternative one-fifth of Charlie Sheen’s 5 layered harlot sandwich (Kacey Jordan being the alternative porn star referred to so far). Adrienne Maloof-Nassif of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her father Dr. Nassif have been the ones who called 911 for Charlie. They live nearby Charlie and they got a call from someone at his residence asking for healing advice.

The Hollywood Reporter reports on the hospitalization statement:

One crony of Charlie Sheen has the many surprising reason for the actor’s hospitalization on Thursday — the Two and a Half Men star was shouting as well hard.
Steve Brodersen, identified as Sheen’s crony by Extra, told the module which Sheen suffered a hernia damage whilst shouting as well tough at the radio from his home.
The inform continues which Sheen might need operation as shortly as tomorrow to correct the hernia. Brodersen pronounced which Sheen told him from the sanatorium bed, “I’m not dying.”

Meanwhile, Kacey Jordan – the porn star who tweeted a design of her arm whilst at Charlie’s residence – describes the spree which preceded the hospitalization:

She arrived at Charlie’s palace and was greeted by multiform alternative girls. “He was like, ‘you’re the blank nonplus piece. I need a blonde.’” Kacey was land a bottle of vodka when Sheen “grabs it from my hands — and I love the guy, right? — grabs it, and chugs it in similar to 3 seconds, and is similar to ‘Don’t ever exam me again.’” Eventually “it was as well much, and which time of night, when everybody is as well drunk.” Time for bed? Time for “a phone call. For the drugs!” A male with a Gucci bag materializes and dumps “like, 5 eight-balls, huge, the distance of my fist! We’re talking, like, twenty grand of coke.” Apparently moment was involved, too, but Kacey didn’t appear to know what it was: “[Charlie] had this immature pipe, it looked similar to a bong for weed, but afterwards he took a chunk, since it was a rock? And he sliced it off, and he shoved it inside, and starts smoking it. Smoking the coke!” They unequivocally did watch TV. Mostly porn: “He has so most porn. A outrageous theater. I think that’s all he does, sits there and watches porn.” Charlie didn’t have sex with anyone, only “sat there with his small immature pipe, and smoked it.”

Kacey Jordan additionally commented which she didn´t hit her lawyers due to all the heroin mess, as we insincere yesterday. But since she is a bullion digging prostitute and wants a Bentley Charlie had betrothed her. RadarOnline reports:

“Ok for all the f**king haters… I’m removing a baby blue automobile Bentley subsequent month so I dunno…HUSH fml,” the 22-year-old porn star wrote on her Twitter comment Wednesday afternoon.
Sources reliable to which the Two and a Half Men star done countless promises to the porn stars he was merrymaking with.
“My hold up has changed… Speechless :) ” Kacey wrote.
Seems Kacey might have gotten her hopes up in the issue of Charlie’s hospitalization – only similar to the porn stars which came prior to her, she’s hired a lawyer.

Charlie additionally assumingly longed for to begin up his really own porn family, which sounds similar to the biggest thing I’ve ever heard. TMZ reports:

During the [36 hour] boozefest, Charlie concluded to rent out George Santo Pietro’s hulk estate for 4 months – at the rate of $250k per month – whilst George goes divided on an arriving outing to Thailand.
And because does Sheen need an additional mansion? Charlie explained which he wants to begin a “porn family” – and he wants the “actresses” to all live in the same house. One big, smutty family.
The subsequent morning, Sheen’s people found out about the understanding and were “furious” – and rught away put a stop to the plans.

Right OK, we think which is all of it… for right away at slightest whilst Charlie sleeps it off in a rehab clinic. But, it’s roughly a since which there will be a brawny encore of this post again subsequent week when Charlie does it all over again.

When you put Tracy Morgan live on TNT, shit explodes. That’s only what happened yesterday when NBA on TNT‘s Kenny Smith suspicion he was in for a little lightsome comedic chaff with Tracy Morgan and Charles Barkley when he asked the 30 Rock star, “Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?” What he got instead was Morgan revelation him this:

Let me discuss it you something about Sarah Palin, man, she’s good masturbation material. Glasses and all that. Great masturbation material.

Not only good Tracy my man, but good masturbation material.

It was kind a “let’s-let-the-comedian-make-a-funny” subject in the initial place. So Tracy only motionless to spin it around and violate them with it.TNT, of course, has already apologized, yet I don’t know because given right away they have a good brand brand new thought for a TV show. Crossing the Line with Charles Barkley & Tracy Morgan. That would be a speak show I would DVR religiously. For the dual weeks prior to they both get shit-canned.

As far as Palin is concerned, she right away has a good brand brand new Presidential debate slogan.