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Just stay focused, everyone. And you’ll get ahead anything.

So states Justin Bieber at the opening of the following brand new trailer for “Never Say Never,” the wildly-anticipated biopic about the teenager idol set to his theaters subsequent month. Yes, subsequent month!

“I knew he could fool around the drums; I never knew he could sing,” a crony says in the clip, whilst an additional adds: “He never had any lessons or anything.”

And nonetheless this shaggy-haired prodigy has sole out Madison Square Garden, a attainment which couple of singers on the world can accomplish. He only believed, readers. You can, too…

Justin Bieber Movie Preview


Miley Cyrus has millions of fans around the globe.

We only didn’t think a prime front manoeuvre well known for his impassioned views and gusto for lesbians was between them.

As a guest on Piers Morgan Tonight this week, Howard Stern was asked about the stream song scene. He primarily done a fun about Miley fundamentally stripping off all her garments on stage, but afterwards certified which he’s a air blower of both this 18-year old artist and Lady Gaga.

Stern pronounced he’s even Googled Cyrus recently. And, yes, he knows how unwashed which sounds…

Howard Stern Interview