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Natalie Portman is Topless for Dior

I had you at topless didn’t I? But don’t be fooled (even yet which was utterly my intention) you don’t get to see any of Natalie’s unclothed exposed titties, for she is covering them up with her irritating swan wings hands.

This print for Miss Dior Cherie redolence was taken pre-pregnancy and I’m grateful she motionless to do a redolence ad, since really, how else would I recollect Natalie even existed if not for this ad. It’s not similar to she’s in 3 opposite movies all entrance out inside of weeks of one and other. Oh and it’s not similar to she has an additional big blockbuster entrance out this summer. Oh and it’s not similar to she’s profound causing the universe to speak about which nonstop. Oh and it’s not similar to she only got engaged. Oh and it’s unequivocally not similar to she is up for each endowment well known to man. So really, if it weren’t for this ad, I would have utterly forgot about Natalie.

Brandi Favre Arrested in Meth Sting

Brandi Favre has found a approach to equivocate articulate to the open about her brother’s penis: she’s been arrested as partial of a meth lab bust in Mississippi.

The younger kin of the (likely) late quarterback was one of 5 people dull up inside a apartment house where a in progress hire was hidden, reports WLOX. The suspects were taken to a internal healing core for decontamination prior to being thrown in jail.


Brandi Favre has run in to authorised difficulty before. She’s been arrested for shoplifting and wrong make use of of a weapon.