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Forget round drops and champagne toasts. On ABC final night, New Year’s Eve was all about the music.

From Ke$ha to Willow Smith to a slimmed-down Jennifer Hudson, artists achieved on the annual Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest-hosted special. We goal all readers had a happy and protected dusk and we benefaction a quintet of videos from the dusk below.

Sit back, watch and enjoy!

Ke$ha – Tik Tok (Live on New Years)

Avril Lavigne – What the Hell (Live on New Years)

The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block Perform

Willow Smith – Whip My Hair (Live)

Jennifer Hudson – Feeling Good (Live on New Years)

Happy New Year from The Hollywood Gossip! As the monthly calendar flips over to 2011, we goal which you find your suggestion renewed. Or at slightest slept in.

Did you have any New Year’s resolutions this year? How about ones you devise on gripping for some-more than 48 hours? If so, most appropriate of fitness with that.

We’ve listened what the stars have been anticipating for this year too. Or at slightest what they should. Here have been a small of THG’s luminary New Year’s resolutions:

Twice the Miley

Girl, put on a small garments and put down the camera.

Miley Cyrus: Keep pants on, quotes to a smallest and bongs at home.

Kelsey Grammer: Go twelve months but filing for a divorce.

Kate Middleton: Remain grounded. Register at Target.

Kristen Stewart: Smile in public.

Amber Portwood: Settle an evidence but violence. Try. At slightest once.

Taylor Momsen: Brood silently, skirt similar to a goth, action all “damaged,” spasmodic take off your tip in concert. Actually, stop the final partial until you spin 18.

American Idol fans: Choose a leader which isn’t a white city slicker in his 20s who plays the guitar. Think we can conduct which one of these years?

Kanye West: Stir up a small dispute for once. Make things interesting!

Barack Obama: Gravitate toward the domestic center.


We design an additional ensign year for Charlie.

Charlie Sheen: Make the 29th outing to rehab count.

Spencer Pratt: Keep up the fame-whoring schemes.

Britney Spears: Appear a small reduction robotic.

Brad Womack: Get intent this time. Or else.

Brett Favre: Keep it in your pants.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic: Keep perplexing to conceive. Or adopt.

Crystal Harris: Act similar to you’re in this thing for love.

The Jersey Shore cast: Fist siphon and mangle $h!t.

Mel Gibson: Simmer the f*%k down.

Photo of Levi

MR. MAYOR: If THG had the way, it would happen.

Levi Johnston: Restore mercantile discipline, make firm the manage to buy and mount up for the operative electorate of Wasilla, Alaska; Impregnate Sunny Oglesby.

Kim Kardashian: Become gifted at something. Seriously. Anything.

Mason Dash Disick: File for parental emancipation.

Bruce Jenner: Seriously man. Run far, far away.

Chris Brown: Spend reduction time on Twitter.

Taylor Lautner: Work out more.

Tiger Woods: Reconcile with Rachel Uchitel.

Justin Bieber: Continue to be awesome.

Lindsay Lohan: For the love of G*d, get her $h!t together!