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As you should all know by now, the brand new TSA pat-downs have been implemented all opposite the U.S. where people who exclude to go by physique scanners contingency be patted down by TSA officers instead prior to being authorised to come in an airfield terminal. Well assumingly TSA officers overtly suspicion Hollywood singer Kate Beckinsale was a critical hazard given she was picked to bear the pat-down procession even after going by the physique scanner prior to roving yesterday… I similar to to suppose which all the womanlike TSA crew (sporting make woman nipples) proposed a cat-fight over who would get to perform this sold pat-down.

Then again who knows, may be if they would have let her by this title would be splattered opposite the TVs right now: Breaking News – Actress Kate Beckinsale has taken a craft warrant whilst in movement over the Atlantic in the name of insubordinate Jihad.

Anyways check out the extraordinary donkey design next afterwards scream at the tip of your lungs “DAT ASS!!!!!

WOO HOO! Lindsay Lohan is a giveaway woman!… Well for around fifteen hours which is, as LiLo has been given a one-day pass from the Betty Ford rehab hospital to applaud Thanksgiving with her wandering father in L.A. Sources tighten to her told TMZ, “that she left her solemn vital trickery in Palm Springs this sunrise to have the 2-hour expostulate … but she has to be behind by late tonight.” I theory this equates to the White House won’t be pardoning a Turkey today, given it seems the great people at the Betty Ford hospital have already finished sufficient turkey pardoning for today.

So move out the vodka glassy turkey with the cranberry, cornbread and heroin stuffing, since it’s time for a Lohan family Thanksgiving dinner! WOOOO!

Happy Thanksgiving to all from The Hollywood Gossip!

What would this legal holiday be but family, food, football and thoughtfulness on the things we conclude most … in the box of THG, which equates to a little of the bird-brained celebs we’ve had the payoff of covering in the past year.

Without serve ado, THG’s Top 10 Turkeys of ’10 …

Spencer Pratt Turkey

We might rename this the Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award.

10. Barack Obama. The great will and measureless recognition enjoyed by the President at the begin of his White House tenure eroded fast, withdrawal in the arise a deeply polarized citizens and a Congress unfailing for narrow-minded gridlock.

9. Jake Pavelka. Lame stints on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and DWTS were sufficient to scorch this turkey, but his televised dissection special with feign fiancee Vienna Girardi was the year’s being TV douchepocalypse.

8. The Kardashians. Sure, they’re harmless, but there’s so damn most of these girls. Mix in a robust assisting of Scott Disick and we’re usually burnt out.

7. LeBron James. The NBA’s most appropriate player, who has never won a title, done this summer all about him and his preference on where to fool around subsequent year. A “decision” which noted the most absurd, narcissistic, self-indulgent stunts in sports history.

6. Spencer Pratt. He’s depressed off from 2008’s Top Turkey status, but he’s got staying power. Faking a divorce, removing tied together for a third time in as most years, floating by $10 million and branch in to a towering man? Impressive.

5. Dancing With the Stars voters. Bristol Palin? Seriously people?

4. Lindsay Lohan. The clarification of sight wreck. Second usually to …

3. Charlie Sheen. His aroused rumpus with mother Brooke Mueller final Yuletide total with Capri Anderson dalliances this fall? Quite a year for Charlie.

2. Mel Gibson. Why? Just attend to his rants. Wow.

1. Tiger Woods. Today, or some-more fairly early tomorrow morning, is the anniversary of Tiger’s car (and image) crash, following a flat tire with Elin Nordegren, who schooled of his event with Rachel Uchitel and took a 9-iron to his face.

The months which followed suggested one more mistresses, disturbed voicemails, nasty content messages, contemptible fantasies, silly rumors and bad golf. It’s a liaison which might never be equaled, and positively estimable of Top Turkey billing.

Dramatic Tiger Picture

If zero else … Tiger Woods’ Thanksgiving can’t be worse than final year’s.