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Rihanna About the Blogs

Rihanna not long ago did an talk with The Ed Lover Show on Power 105.1 radio, where she went all Dr. Joyce Brothers on the asocial asses by responding a subject about her position on luminary blog sites. And child oh child is she right on the money, it’s similar to she burst open the outdoor wicked shells, ripped out the black hearts and shoved it in the wart lonesome faces.

I still review the blogs sometimes, it depends on what it is I am perplexing to find out. I’m a lot some-more dull to it right away usually since I assimilate what it is. It’s a village for people who don’t have anything else to do and hatred themselves, they hatred their life, they hatred their job, they hatred their appearance, they have been worried with who they have been so what creates them feel great is articulate pound about alternative people who they think they will never ever see in their hold up and they occur to be celebrities. It seems unfit to ever have the event to contend these things to their face, so they get to censor at the behind of their computer.

Well, can’t disagree with that. But here’s the kicker, if the likes of us did not have which recurrent thing with celebrities, you wouldn’t have a career to verbalise of.

But RiRi, severely now, don’t try to get all psychoanalytical and shit with your 9th class education. Perhaps what you should hatred is carrying the IQ of a a possum turd, joined with the complacency of Marie Antoinette on X whilst being zero some-more than a upheld around attention blow-up doll ready to go similar to a slutty jester with the voice of a billy goat and the celebrity of a scorpion… oh shit, we only did it again didn’t we. Sorry Ri ;(

*lifts fat upper-pubic-area to get to the keyboard, spills a Mountain Dew on lap, looks around mom’s groundwork and goes behind to checking out animal porn websites*

Shaq Sings Cheers

Sometimes Shaq only wants to go where everybody knows his name. Which, in Boston, is everywhere, but culturally, it’s the illusory throng of Boston’s Cheers. Over the weekend, Shaq stopped by to sing the thesis with a little associate club patrons, and to illustrate serve proof which The Big Shamrock is settling only easily in Boston.

Although his delivery of the Cheers thesis balance wasn’t utterly the same form of low-pitched communication as his 1990′s swat albums (“I got the palm that’ll stone yo cradle… thickk cream you similar to cheese widespread you on my bagel…) but I’ll take it.

Earlier, we reported the gossip which Tony Parker not usually deceived on Eva Longoria, he deceived with a teammate’s wife. We can right away endorse it’s true, and who it is:

Erin Barry, the mother of Brent Barry.

The father of the former San Antonio Spurs player, Rick Barry, reliable the headlines to TMZ currently and says he worries Brent will be “devastated” by the news.

Erin Barry Picture

Talk about pity the round … or something.

Brent played with Parker from 2004-2008, and is in the center of a divorce from Erin Barry. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have been in the center of one, too, as of progressing this afternoon, when the Desperate Housewives star filed the paperwork.

Rick Barry says “I feel hideous for my son. I’m in shock. I knew [Erin] was relocating out of the residence shortly and SHE was the one which filed for divorce.”

“This is the straw which pennyless the camel’s back. [Brent] is going to be devastated. I can’t even suppose going by this … the divorce was tough enough.”

We’re guessing Eva Longoria knows the feeling.

A gay, conservative, tea-party complicated organisation is entrance to the invulnerability of Sarah Palin’s daughter Willow Palin after she called a man a f*ggot on Facebook.

GOProud (dot) org states: “The offence used here is one you listen to on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea each day of the week. Apparently, it’s usually a homophobic offence when it comes from the daughter of a regressive womanlike leader.”

“This is all about destroying Sarah Palin by any equates to necessary.”

Willow Palin Image

What waggish nonsense. You can brush it off as usually a word, or urge her for being a child who didn’t meant it which way. Those have been possibly arguments at least. But to contend this is usually a big understanding since it’s Willow Palin is laughable.

Any important youngster or important person’s teenager, whatever their domestic leanings, would be called out for dropping the f-bomb on Facebook. Maybe it’s wrong of the media to caring so most what kids do, but it’s a concept trend.

Isaiah Washington, Lil Wayne, Perez Hilton, Ronnie from Jersey Shore and most others would desire to talk about there. Hurtful, low-class denunciation will be called out as such. Not all Palin-related is a little conspiracy, great or bad.

Anyway, discuss it us if you agree: Is Willow Palin homophobic?

Kate Middleton and Prince William will get tied together in 2011, and billions of people will watch the rite on television. That’s about all we can determine when it comes to the destiny of this newly-engaged couple.

In a matter today, the Royal family simply said:

“Prince William and Miss Middleton have outlayed the sunrise in meetings with Household staff about the wedding. An proclamation about venue and date will be done in due march after alternative Members of the Royal Family, Mr. and Mrs. Middleton and the Government have been consulted.”

Royal Beauty

Among alternative matrimony rumors/tidbits, we can report:

  • July twenty-nine is a clever probability as a matrimony date since it would symbol the 30th anniversary of Princess Diana’s matrimony to Prince Charles. 
  • The span will get tied together in London. This expected narrows down the venues to St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey.
  • Prince Harry will offer as the most appropriate man.
  • What titles will Kate and William take? The rumored options come down to dukedoms of Clarence, Cambridge and Sussex. These have been comparison titles which would be “eminently suitable,” according to an expert. 

Got alternative questions on the arriving marriage? THG will try to lane down the answers.