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Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an sourroundings wrought with challenges.

When it comes to safeguarding daughter Willow, a mom having grey hair will do what she needs to do. Stopping by for a revisit on the initial part of Sarah’s TLC show, the 16-year-old Willow’s vehement beloved Andy learns this the tough way.

Willow Palin Picture

Sarah Palin wants to daub the oil fields of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but strives to safeguard Willow Palin stays untapped by sure Alaskan wildlife.

Barring Andy from following Willow up where immorality things happen, Sarah says “See this gate? It’s not only for Trig, it’s for no boys go up there.” Eloquent as ever.

Considering her success rate gripping boys off of Bristol Palin, you’d think Sarah would know a baby gate’s not gonna do much. But hey, at slightest she’s trying.

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