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Not to be outdone by Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson is removing tied together again. Congrats to the purported thespian and former common NFL player Eric Johnson!

We kid, of course. Truly, we have been so happy for Jess, whose repute reliable the headlines progressing today, saying: “Yes, we have been vehement to endorse they have been engaged!”

The integrate began dating in May, after being introduced by friends. Ever since, Eric and Jessica have been seen removing friendly opposite the U.S. and beyond.

Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson

The destiny Mr. and Mrs. Jessica Simpson, everyone!

Explaining how good their attribute was going, Simpson told People final month she is only so desirous by Eric Johnson: “This is only normal, appreciate God. He’s very, really supportive. [I] couldn’t ask for a improved male in my hold up right now.”

Asked if Johnson were the one, she replied: “I never go to which since I already went there, so, I’m not gonna hex myself. He’s the one for me right now! I’m really happy, I’m in a good place and if right right away could final forever, I’d take it.”

She already went there, of course, with Nick Lachey, who additionally only got intent to Vanessa Minnillo this month. Guess she didn’t wish to be outdone!

Congratulations to the soon-to-be-spouses. We can’t wait for for the MTV being array chronicling the lead-up to the marriage and their hold up as newlyweds.

Movie Review: The Expendables (R)

★ ★ Who Edits These Action Films, Anyway?

–>There was a time when you could rely on a bad movement movie to at slightest supply you with action. The Expendables, which is pronounced to be an loyalty to the man drive-in theatre of the 1980s and 1990s, doesn’t give you movement so most as a fuzz of images chopped together so badly, you can hardly revelry in the assault they’re meant to depict. What’s the indicate in formulating stage after stage of shootings and stabbings and explosions when the camera doesn’t dawdle prolonged sufficient on the aftermath? Why take the time for attempt precision when any punch, kick, and poke is at the forgiveness of lightning-quick cuts, any heading to all demeanour of peculiar angles which do not unequivocally exhibit the heartless maneuvering? Did director/co-writer Sylvester Stallone think the screenplay was ready to be shot? Even if it was ready, did Stallone essentially hold the accomplished movie was the most appropriate it could presumably be?The Expendables is loud, violent, and frenetic, qualities I competence have gotten in to had the stunts been edited in such a approach which I could essentially watch them. I wasn’t saying movement choreography so most as a variety of savagery and bloodshed. It seemed mangled, twisted, and deformed, similar to a fighters regulating his unclothed hands to punch plain section walls. It’s not a subject of definition or thesis or symbolism; I didn’t go in to this movie awaiting anything of the sort. What I did design was to have fun, to be entertained by meaningless nonetheless well-photographed aroused acts. Isn’t which what movement drive-in theatre have been ostensible to do?