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Pink told Access Hollywood which she thinks small brats need a great violence each right away and again:

“I think relatives need to kick the crap outta their kids… I think the total spanking thing and how it’s gotten all Personal Computer (politically correct) is for the birds. My father put me by a wall; it’s the usually reason I’m still alive. I deserved it. I would have kicked me out when I was eight… I was not gentle with management or rules. I was bad.”

I theory she has rather of a point, jails wouldn’t be as full if relatives whooped a little donkey when needed. But there is a outrageous disproportion in spanking them a bit or violence the shit out of their surly faces, the latter being a big no-no obviously. Kids currently have been all sorts of pansy donkey greedy marred idiots. Keep your kids in check similar to the relatives did, it’ll really arrange them out.

But obviously her comments have been only directed at removing grandmas and grandpaps to buy some-more of her albums.

Following weeks of teasing, we no longer need to ask about The Big Bang.

What is it? It’s a singular from Rock Mafia, the strain video for which facilities Miley Cyrus removing erotic with actress Kevin Zegers… set opposite a car crash.

“Rock Mafia is my family and there’s zero which equates to some-more than formulating with them,” Miley said. “The video is singular and, honestly, was a hold up becoming different experience. This strain equates to a lot to me.”

Check it out next and carillon in: What do you think?

The Big Bang Video