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–>A crony and I were means to go to a premiere of the movie “Conviction” tonight. I review in Entertainment Weekly how this was a great movie. I was astounded to find out “Conviction” unequivocally was a great movie. “Conviction” is a loyal to hold up movie formed on tangible events. The movie kept you expecting the events as they unfolded in front of you on the movie screen.”Conviction” began with dual small immature kids who had a hideous mom removing in difficulty with the internal police. Mom had 9 immature kids with 7 opposite men. Betty Ann and Kenny Waters were left to deflect for themselves. As dual immature mischievous children, Betty Ann and Kenny found themselves in difficulty some-more mostly than not. They fought the military together; they stranded up for any alternative and became dual peas in a pod. Finally, Kenny and Betty Ann were taken divided from their mom and placed in encourage homes.Hillary Swank played Betty Ann Waters as an adult. The movie slips in to a hideous murder. Kenny Waters (played by Sam Rockwell) becomes the lead suspect. There was no justification opposite him, so the military motionless to support him. Kenny Waters winds up in a Massachusetts prison for the rest of his life. His sister is sad and Kenny is destroyed. He is stranded in prison for a crime he did not commit.Betty Ann Waters decides she is going to go to propagandize to turn a lawyer. First she contingency pass the GED exam to get her tall propagandize diploma. Kenny is in prison and tries to dedicate suicide. Betty Ann Waters gives up her hold up to infer the ignorance of her brother. Kenny spends eighteen years in prison watchful for his sister to infer his innocence.

Jennifer Lopez had a unison final night in San Juan, Puerto Rico with her friend Marc Anthony. At initial she looked all kinds of awesome, but afterwards she did the hideous inapplicable designation of branch around and wobbling up a small stairs, divulgence a small epic thigh cellulite which burnt the corneas of 17,000 screaming sixteen year old girls.

Moral of the story: Ladies, this is what happens when you shoplift cheese curds in your nylons. Don’t do it.

Now to save you a small commenting I’ve done this accessible small list of all the probable comments which have been left on posts similar to this, so usually collect a series which suits your bitching/approval. You’re welcome.

1. What’s wrong, I think she looks HOT.
2. This is what a REAL lady looks similar to for all you small dick guys who usually see women in porn.
3. She’s WAY hotter than anything any of YOU guys get.
4. So she’s not an anorexic skeleton, so what?
5. THAT is photoshopped.
6. I’d widespread baby beat over which similar to I was butterin’ a waffle.
7. It’s all the Jews fault!! (Mel Gibson infrequently stops by here)
8. Cellulite is genetic, it’s not my…uh…HER fault!
9. Oh My God girlfriend, who put you in which dress?
10. That’s a big ass.
11. What does this have to do with Star Wars?
12. She had twinsss, leave her alone.

Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs
Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs
Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs
Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs
Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs
Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs
Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs
Jennifer Lopez Has Nasty Thighs

Taylor Swift’s ultimate manuscript is going to be a whiny open book about her love life. First she penned a strain about ‘Twilight’ werewolf Taylor Lautner. Now, she’s reportedly receiving target at John Mayer, which confirms rumors which the dual were banging final year when she was nineteen and he was 33.

I’m not a big air blower of Mayer but he does have a story of fucking the tip celeb chicks afterwards kicking them to the curb, so I give him props for that. And I would suppose a “hit, crash and run”, on starlets is most some-more rewarding than the unchanging schmoettes… Congrats John!

Anyways here have been the lyrics to her moan fest of a strain patrician ‘Dear John,’ off her stirring ‘Speak Now’ album:


“Dear John
I see it all right away which you’re gone
Don’t you think I was as well young
To be messed with
The lady in the dress
Cried the total approach home
I should’ve known.

It was wrong
Don’t you think nineteen’s as well young
To be played
By your dark, disfigured games
When I desired you so.

My mom indicted me of losing my mind
But I swore I was fine
You’ll supplement my name to your prolonged list of traitors
Who don’t understand
And I’ll demeanour behind in regret
I abandoned what they pronounced ‘Run as quick as you can.”


Actually, meditative about it may be this strain is about John Wilkes Booth. Taylor is a big story buff, and something about the Lincoln gangland slaying is substantially geting her fur-burger all wet.

Glee Gets (Too?) Sexy for GQ

Glee front at the family-friendly hour of 8 p.m. and aims for a immature demographic of viewers.

But this isn’t a show which shies divided from sex-related topics, as dual students on the array have mislaid their decency in one night stand-like situations; whilst the tenure “scissoring” was essentially referred to on final week’s episode.

Now, Glee expel members Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith have acted provocatively for GQ. Do these poses cranky a line? You discuss it us…

Glee Covers GQ

Lea Michele in GQDianna Agron Pic

As for the talk inside the magazine, we’ve posted the following excerpts.

Agron, on wanting Christopher Walken to guest star: “I don’t think people have been as well lustful of which suggestion. I think they only wish me to contend Justin Timberlake or something.”

Michele, on being told she indispensable a nose job: “Fuck those people. That’s because I’m unapproachable to be on a certain show and to be a voice for girls and say, ‘You don’t need to demeanour similar to everyone else. Love who you are.’”

Monteith, on the destiny of Finn: “I wouldn’t put it past [Ryan Murphy] for Finn to go to troops propagandize at the finish of deteriorate three, or for him to spin in to the creepy janitor who gave up on his football dreams and stalks freshmen.”

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy have been speckled together for a little time, but we can strictly endorse their integrate standing interjection to a little peculiarity PDA.

Monday, the singer was respected at Elle’s Women in Hollywood eventuality at L.A.’s Four Seasons Hotel, and Bellamy was kissing her via the evening.

The dual were probably inseparable, land hands and removing cozy. He burnished her behind and legs, and she kissed him on the impertinence at times. Get a room!

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy have been removing along well!

The Muse frontman has already met Hudson’s parents, and seemed generally tighten with her mother, Goldie Hawn, even switching seats so he could lay subsequent to her.

At one point, the dual bent their heads and chatted intimately. Seems similar to this attribute could go the distance, distinct flings with Thom Yorke and A-Rod.

On tip of PDAs with Matt Bellamy, Hudson was a amicable butterfly, chatting up Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel Zoe, who drank stimulating water. ‘Cause she’s pregnant.

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama might be the fashionista-in-chief, but which doesn’t meant she can’t be the proprietor recessionista-in-chief as well.

Michelle has been recycling outfits lately. Now, that’s shift we can hold in!

Case in point: Here’s the First Couple at Camp David recently, with Michelle seeking stylish in a army sweater with an open behind interconnected with a floral blouse …

Reuse, Recycle

Then, in Ohio on Sunday,  the outfit was steady with a twist: The cardigan was right away ragged the alternative way, with the lace-up side in the front. How inventive!

Either way, the sweater looks good, as do many things she wears (as the art studio of Michelle Obama cinema demonstrates), interjection to her classy, singular style.

See the flip side of her ultimate character matter post-jump …

America's 1st Couple

Who says you can’t wear something both ways and demeanour good any time? Maybe this should have been broached by Barack Obama on Mythbusters.