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Angelina Jolie has motionless to make use of one of her most super powers to reanimate the inundate victims in Pakistan with her purdy seeking lips (simply the suspicion of those luscious lips has healed most waste nights for me). She went to Pakistan as an central UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Angelina Jolie has visited a interloper stay in northwest Pakistan in an bid to say tellurian courtesy and care for the millions influenced by the floods.

The UN, for whom she functions as a organization to assistance the poor ambassador, has pronounced it has usually perceived around dual thirds of the $459m in assist indispensable to yield service for the 21m Pakistanis affected.

– BBC News

We however have been flattering certain she is usually there to do a bit of kid shopping. She only needs a couple of cinema to assistance the embracing a cause go by smoothly.

Angelina Jolie in Pakistan
Angelina Jolie Making Charity Sexy
Angelina Jolie Making Charity Sexy
Angelina Jolie Making Charity Sexy
Angelina Jolie Making Charity Sexy

Critically Acclaimed but Short-lived Sci-Fi Series Comes to DVD

–>Before it even premiered, FlashForward was hyped as the inheritor to Lost for ABC. While it never utterly lived up to expectations, the show did benefaction an appealing grounds and a clever cast. Despite vicious acclaim, it never gained the assembly it should have, heading to the termination after one season. The finale, a mind-twisting cliffhanger, will perpetually leave fans undone and wondering what could have been.To the credit, FlashForward never underestimated the audience’s intelligence, and presented a difficult poser which never got as well confusing. The story follows FBI representative Mark Benford, played in a clever opening by Joseph Fiennes, who investigates a materialisation during which the complete world’s race blacks out for 2 mins and seventeen seconds. During the blackout, people knowledge a “flash-forward,” in which they see a glance of themselves 6 months in to the future.As Agent Benford and his associate agents examine a probable swindling at the back of the blackout, any many additionally understanding with the personal ramifications of what they, and their families, saw in their future. Featuring a clever ancillary expel together with John Cho (Star Trek, Harold & Kumar movies), Dominic Monaghan (The Lord of the Rings, Lost), Courtney B. Vance (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), and Sonya Walger (Lost, CSI: New York, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), FlashForward was an addicting drum coaster of a story which entertained whilst confronting issues similar to fate, death, and personal choice.If ever a array was done for DVD, FlashForward fits the bill. Nearly each part finished with a cliffhanger or brand new revelation, withdrawal viewers fervent to see the subsequent one. New viewers heedful about examination a show with an unused storyline need not worry. Even yet the twenty-three episodes which have up the array did leave a little questions unanswered, there were sufficient revelations to prove viewers and hint conjecture of what competence have happened next.

Elin Nordegren Goes House Hunting

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren outlayed the Labor Day week end in South Florida, on vacation friends and checking out genuine estate. Elin left her Orlando-area let home on Friday with the couple‚Äôs young kids and gathering a integrate of hours south to the West Palm Beach area.

Tiger’s mom was additionally in South Florida, staying in a home paid for by the world’s biggest golfer, and Elin done certain her son and daughter outlayed time with grandma.

Meanwhile, the pleasing blonde visited with dual of her tighten friends and the service of the divorce was obvious.

“She’s most happier,” pronounced one chairman informed with her trip. “The divorce being finalized is patently assisting her get behind to herself.

“She had a fun weekend, was unequivocally means to relax some-more than she has in a prolonged time.”

Elin’s divorce from Tiger became last Aug 23. Terms have not been disclosed, but sources tighten to the incident discuss it us which Elin walked divided with most some-more than $100 million.

Basically for which income she can possibly buy a small residence in Palm Beach, or the most improved option, buy the complete state of South Dakota, both price about the same.