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An 11-year-old lady who played immature Nala in The Lion King on Broadway is removing a potentially lifesaving procedure. Shannon Tavarez has leukemia and is scheduled get an umbilical-cord red red red blood medical operation on Tuesday. These blood-producing branch cells used in transplants can come from connective tissue blood, bone pith or blood.

The singer was forced to give up the show in April. Cast members hold a bone pith donor registration expostulate for her final month. We instruct her the best!

The star of the strike 90s array Frasier, Kelsey Grammer, got divorced from his mother Camille and took up a brand brand new girlfriend. This brand brand new fling, a British moody in attendance declared Kayte Walsh, is assumingly knocked up. Granted, this is according to an talk with the woman’s non-famous father which was published in The Daily Mail newspaper. We’re not doubting, though, we can only discuss it which Kelsey Grammer has got a little critical spermatazoa up in his junk. He already has 5 kids! That’s like, a Crazy Catholic series of kids.

We might not know how 55-year-old Grammer met the 29-year-old Virgin Atlantic employee, but we can theory it was during a mile tall bar event.

Joanna Krupa is Pissed Off

Joanna Krupa is pissed which a association has used her picture to foster the eventuality but her permission. Although it’s not transparent what the announcement was and WHO this association essentially is, Joanna is intensely critical about being intensely serious.

She filed a span of lawsuits in Los Angeles Superior Court. She claims which the companies used her cinema and persona to publicize a little arrange of event. Legally, this is substantially deliberate slander, insult or defame or something. We’re not lawyers, so don’t demeanour at us.

In any case, Krupa wants some-more than $25,000.

Kara Isn’t Too Happy to be Fired

American Idol decider Kara DioGuardi is substantially removing canned from the show. She assumingly isn’t as well gratified with the situation. Her father, a Republican U.S. Senate contender in New York, says which she is removing the wordless diagnosis from Fox about her rumored banishment from the show.

“Would you hold she did not listen to — and still has not listened — anything?” Joe DioGuardi pronounced on the New York TV show “Capital Tonight.”

“She review it the approach you did and I did. Her beating is which that’s the approach she’s being treated with colour and she feels that’s not proper. I think they’re perplexing to emanate a lot of hum … they’re perplexing to reformat the thing. But Kara has a really low career in song … she’ll be fine. Would she wish to do it an additional year? I think so … I think at a little indicate (she) will confront them on that.”

Kara DioGuardi is reportedly being axed from her two-year army on the judges’ table as Fox and the producers revamp. Since Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres have been withdrawal the show and have been (probably) being transposed by Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez… we can see how it would describe Kara useless. But there has been no central word on the brand new lineup. So may be she has a little hope.

… we disbelief it.

Anna Paquin Has Dirty, Bloody Sex

If you’ve ever wondered what Twilight competence be missing.. it’s only this: a slutty lead impression with a illusory body, outrageous tits, and an mania with carrying lots of unwashed sex (while lonesome in red blood and removing choked out no less). Anna Paquin is unequivocally receiving it up a nick – the final part of True Blood was the dirtiest, sluttiest, violentiest nonetheless and we’re certain which it’s going to keep ramping up over the season. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have been possibly intensely great actors or the directors only pronounced “screw it, let them f*ck on camera.” Because this shit is real.

And if heterosexuality isn’t your thing, there have been additionally shade caps of Alexander Skarsgard about to hang his pogo hang in to an additional vamp’s ass, but we not going to show you that, since we unequivocally don’t feel similar to puking up the packet milkshake.

So, Twilight and Vampire Diary fans… do you feel similar to big messy pussies yet?

Because you SO should.

Anna Paquin sex scene

Only a year after his barbarous coming out at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West is slated to lapse to the stage… at the expect same event. Hopefully segregated from Taylor Swift.

Kanye will perform at the show on Sep twelve in Los Angeles. Last year, he most kicked Taylor Swift’s ego in the face at the event. He grabbed the microphone from her as she supposed the endowment for most appropriate womanlike video and observant Beyonce should have won it.

His acknowledgement of “I’m ‘a let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the most appropriate videos of all time” will go down in story as one of the greatest douche moves ever to be held on film.

Kanye after apologized and took a interregnum from music, that assumingly warranted him the redemption of MTV execs given he’s back. Back again.