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It looks similar to the second rendezvous of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston is off, but which the gossip of him knocking up his ex-girlfriend is not the reason.

His flirting with another ex-girlfriend is!

Bristol, 19, called off rendezvous #2 to Levi, 20, final week following a outrageous quarrel over one of his ex-girlfriends – and we do not meant Lanesia Garcia.

Garcia was outed as Levi’s illusive second baby mom this week, but brand new reports contend which the Playgirl indication is not the father of her unborn child.

Luckily for the boy, he wasn’t the one in between the “three intensity fathers” to have assimilated Lanesia during the illusive week of conception.

But Bristol Palin still has beef with him – and Briana Plum.

Bristol PhotographLevi Johnston Playgirl Picture

Levi Johnston assumingly got exposed a lot in in between his dual engagements to Bristol Palin, and we’re not even articulate about his Playgirl print fire for once.

“Lanesia and Levi have antiquated off and on over the past couple of years but he’s not the father of which baby,” says a source to E! Online. “Lanesia’s alternative ex-boyfriend is the father. She’s not the reason which [Bristol and Levi] pennyless it off.”

That would be Levi’s alternative ex, Briana: “There was an talk with her and Bristol wasn’t happy about things she said. There was additionally a little design on Facebook of him and Briana and Bristol only said, ‘Let’s reason off on the engagement.'”

Neither Palin nor Johnston have reliable this, but the relatives of 19-month-old Tripp only got intent again a couple of weeks ago, alighting them on the cover of Us Weekly among rumors of selling a being show featuring their immature family.

Guess even a outrageous paycheck can’t keep a little feign relations intact.

Can Bristol and Levi still have it work?

Ever given the initial reports of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt bursting up, Hills fans understandably assumed wondered if it was an additional big PR hoax.

Looks similar to it isn’t.

Almost dual months after the cosmetic princess went to justice looking authorised subdivision from the puppet master, the being star has filed for divorce.

Heidi Montag cites the common “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the pair’s separate in a divorce apply to filed in Santa Monica, Calif., Court.

“Heidi has nice her apply to for subdivision and has filed a apply to for retraction of matrimony from Spencer Pratt,” profession Jodeane Farrell said. The integrate has concluded they would similar to their divorce to be finalized in a timely manner.”

Crystal Light

Hopefully Spencer Pratt finds joy in his dear crystals.

Adding which conditions will be hashed out in an out of justice settlement, Farrell pronounced “both parties have been gentle with any alternative and finalizing the divorce.”

The integrate staged a assume matrimony in Cabo in 2008, afterwards scored equally the tangle for genuine in Apr 2009 at a church in Pasadena, Calif., looming happy.

Things went downhill fast, however.

Heidi Montag underwent 10 cosmetic operation procedures in one day, dismissed Spencer as her manager, expelled distressing music, indicted The Hills author Adam DiVello of passionate nuisance and became disloyal from her family and so on.

For his part, Spencer Pratt has grown increasingly eccentric, and even certified to being a celebrity prostitute and selecting his “career” over his wife.

Heidi Montag: Pre-Breast ImplantsYecccch

Heidi Montag afterwards and now. Enough said.

He echoed which view yesterday to People.

“I love Heidi but the matrimony was a show – it was partial of The Hills world,” Pratt pronounced after the divorce filing. “That universe is on a receptive to advice stage.”

Referring to himself in the third-person, he adds: “It’s transparent which being TV-fame-loving Spencer Pratt does not fit with my ex-wife Heidi Montag’s ambitions for a suit design actor/pop star career and being a singular sex pitch for the world.”

“Some contend if you can’t hoop the feverishness get out of the kitchen, Well, Heidi couldn’t hoop King Spencer’s celebrity so she got out of the marriage.”

Right. So basically, his stardom is only as well enormous. Makes sense.

Breaking her overpower for the initial time given the now-infamous Mel Gibson tapes were leaked, Oksana Grigorieva says she available him since she feared for her life, and which his reply (or miss thereof) amounts to a trivializing of made at home violence.

Oksana told her unaccepted spokesman Radar Online all about the control quarrel for daughter Lucia, Gibson’s sinister rants and the unfortunate abuse photos.

“I’m devastated. Everybody’s devastated,” Grigorieva said, adding which with her ex’s silence, “I think Mel, basically, is trivializing made at home violence.”

“It is astray which by station up to somebody – and vocalization out – I am being victimized all over again. He has harm so most people,” Oksana said.

Grigorieva says she available and saved the phone calls and voicemails from an barbarous Gibson which have sparked so most debate out of fear.

“I didn’t think I was going to have it by the night,” she explains.

Gibson PicGrigorieva Pic

Oksana says Mel needs to discuss it the truth.

“Everything, by the way, this is unequivocally important, all of the tapes which you listen to on the Internet, all of them were available which one night. The tapes, as you call them, the voicemails, all was available which night since I was in fright for my life.”

“I unequivocally did not think I was going to have it.”

Gibson hasn’t publicly commented on Grigorieva’s claims, but his attorneys contend he did not strike Oksana and have attempted to expel disbelief on all evidence.

For her part, Oksana denies coercion allegations by Mel’s authorised team: “It is all fake report he is stuff oneself the press. It is a allegation campaign.”

Saying which a justice sequence prevents her from divulgence details, she pleaded to Mel: “Speak the truth, discuss it the truth, for the consequence of your daughter.”

Authorities have been still questioning both the coercion assign opposite Oksana Grigorieva, as good as made at home assault claims opposite Mel Gibson.

My Husband Still Believes which TRON is a Good Movie; He Can’t Wait to See TRON: LEGACY! Am I Missing Something?

–>The initial time I saw Tron, it put me to sleep. But which was 1982. I was 5 years old, and Disney’s Tron was the second underline personification at the drive-in which night. My hermit and I never done it by the second feature. I stayed watchful only prolonged sufficient to consternation because the people inside the mechanism universe were ready to go so weird. Maybe I saw the motorcycle shun scene. If you had asked me, years later, what Tron was about, I would have shrugged and referred to the foolish costumes and motorcycles.(Don’t discuss it me they’re not motorcycles. “They’re called Light Cycles, Maria!” Oh, great grief. You and my father can be most appropriate friends now, okay? Leave me alone.)My husband, to his credit, is some-more vehement about the subsequent Harry Potter movie than Tron: Legacy. But, have no mistake, he really, unequivocally wants to see Tron: Legacy. And he thinks I should be vehement about Tron: Legacy. Huh? Why? “Tron is a great movie.” He pronounced it so most times, with such conviction, I proposed jealous myself. Maybe I hadn’t since Tron a satisfactory shot.A couple of days ago, we borrowed the Tron DVD—the 20th anniversary two-disc collector’s edition—from my husband’s most appropriate friend, who insists which “Tron is awesome.” I rolled my eyes and betrothed to watch it with an open mind. Later which night, I tried. I attempted so tough to stay awake.But as shortly as Master Control Program turns Flynn (Jeff Bridges) in to a mechanism program/gladiator, Tron is a uninterrupted attack on great taste. Ugh, the unlucky dialogue! Gah, the uncanny costumes! Those motorcycles have been so…dumb! Those things chasing them demeanour similar to LEGO bridges! What the ruin is in which uncanny H2O they’re drinking? (drifting in and out of consciousness) Why is she there? (snoring) Who’s which sorceress dude? He looks similar to one of those Boohbah creatures. (nodding off) Why is she kissing him? Wait, is which Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) or Flynn? I can’t discuss it them detached half the time! Oh, sure, which square of paper is all Flynn needs to infer which the man with the British accent (David Warner) stole his diversion program. Okay, whatever. Now Flynn is a billionaire, and it’s over. THANK GOD, it’s over!

We might be losing a dykey comedian, but we’re gaining a poor booty. According to AP, former “Fly Girl” Jennifer Lopez is staid to lapse to radio — this time as a decider on “American Idol.”

The singer-dancer-actor was tighten to signing a understanding to stick on Fox TV’s strike singing contest, a chairman informed with the negotiations pronounced late Thursday. The person, who was not certified to criticism publicly, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Fox declined comment. Phone and e-mail messages for Lopez’s part of were not rught away returned.

The “American Idol” opening for Lopez comes with comedian-talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ depart from the show.

Degeneres voiced Thursday she was withdrawal after one year as judge.

“A integrate months ago, I let Fox and the `American Idol’ producers know which this didn’t feel similar to the right fit for me,” DeGeneres pronounced in a statement. The comedian-talk show host pronounced she satisfied which whilst she “loved discovering, ancillary and nurturing immature talent, it was tough for me to decider people and infrequently harm their feelings.”

In May, Simon Cowell exited after 9 seasons to proceed a brand brand new bent show for Fox.

Those underneath care for his spot, according to reports, have been a sundry organisation which includes Steven Tyler and Harry Connick Jr.

Lopez’ drive-in theatre embody “Selena,” “The Wedding Planner” and many not long ago “The Back-Up Plan.” She has appeared as a coach on “American Idol.”

Two brand brand new judges could assistance “American Idol” reinvent itself for the Jan return, when it will try to branch a ratings slip and move in younger viewers. The show’s assembly has been progressively aging, and advertisers cite to representation to immature adults.

Judge Kara DioGuardi, who was combined to the row dual years ago, is not underneath stipulate for subsequent year and Fox has not voiced either she’ll return. Original decider Randy Jackson is the fourth row member.

With try-out episodes featuring the judges set to proceed filming in September, the vigour is on to make known the panel. On Monday, Fox will have a possibility to do which when it presents the 2010-11 programs to a assembly of the Television Critics Association.

When DeGeneres assimilated the show as a deputy for Paula Abdul, proclaiming herself a air blower of “American Idol” and a cocktail aficionado, observers remarkable she didn’t move song attention imagination to her role. Some complained she valid some-more of a cheerleader than an satirical censor in the distinctive nature of Cowell.

She had a reported five-year contract.

You suspicion it’d be unfit for The Office to go on but actress Steve Carell? Well. You’re dumb. Even yet he is resigning from his pursuit at The Office, it doesn’t meant the finish of the Emmy-award winning TV humerous party show, NBC pronounced on Friday.

NBC party programing arch Angela Bromstad told TV reporters which Carell’s preference to give up as the selfish trainer Michael Scott in May 2011 had been well well known for a little time to the network and the show’s writers.

“The writers have a devise in conditions of who is going to reinstate Michael. There will be a lot of storylines (on the show) heading up to that,” Bromstad said.

Bromstad remarkable which NBC’s long-running healing play ER had one after another for years after the depart in 1999 of actress George Clooney.

“This is a extensive garb cast,” she pronounced of The Office.

“We have well well known about (Carell’s departure) for a little time and programmed for it. I would be really unhappy to be finale the show, and I couldn’t go home and face my fourteen year-old son if The Office was off the air.”

Carell, 47, began personification Michael Scott in 2005 when the U.S. chronicle of the strike British mockumentary combined by Ricky Gervais was launched on NBC. It has turn one of NBC’s greatest vicious hits and is seen in syndication around the world.

Carell, who has left on to a inclusive movie career with drive-in theatre similar to Despicable Me and Little Miss Sunshine, has pronounced he wants to outlay some-more time with his mother and immature children.

People Still Like Paris Hilton?

Oh, what the hell. Hasn’t America gotten it’s venereal-disease fill of Paris Hilton yet? … well, we theory not given a small undeveloped essence stranded in 2006 is regulating her in his song video. Hopefully the organisation doesn’t get the herps, but it competence be as well late for them. Those bad bastards.

We’ll cranky the fingers for a happy “oh the derrick incidentally forsaken on her spinal column” accident. That’s most appropriate box scenario. Worst case, which small monokini will trip and we’ll get to see a small Paris pussy.

Paris Hilton song video
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!
Exclusive... Paris Hilton Having Fun On Set Of New Music Video!

Ellen DeGeneres Calls it Quits

Ellen DeGeneres usually served as a decider for American Idol one deteriorate and… she is eventually out. Ellen DeGeneres is withdrawal American Idol, Fox reliable in a matter Thursday night.

“A integrate months ago, I let FOX and the American Idol producers know which this didn’t feel similar to the right fit for me,” DeGeneres says in the statement.

“I told them I wouldn’t leave them in a connect and which I would reason off on you do anything until they were means to figure out where they longed for to take the row next.”

DeGeneres transposed Paula Abdul as decider for the show’s ninth season, sitting at the list with Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Kara DioGuardi.

“It was a formidable preference to make, but my work report became some-more than I bargained for,” the star continues.

“I additionally satisfied this deteriorate which whilst I love discovering, ancillary and nurturing immature talent, it was tough for me to decider people and infrequently harm their feelings. I desired the knowledge operative on Idol and I am really beholden for the year I had. I am a outrageous air blower of the show and will go on to be.”

“I desired Ellen’s passion for the artists and her nurturing skills,” Idol author and senior manager writer Simon Fuller says in the statement. “She brought probity and confidence to the judging row and I will skip her greatly.”

Among the most names referred to as probable Cowell replacements for the show: Bret Michaels, Elton John, Jessica Simpson, Howard Stern and others.

Somehow, Bon Jovi is still this boobie-grabbin’ and orgy-havin’ cool today. How? We don’t know. But we have a feeling it has to do with his important luminary gush in those leopard leotard pants. That bastard. So only think of these not long ago expelled classical shots of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora removing nasty with a little prohibited topless groupies in a road house room and recollect – this will NEVER be you.

Bon Jovi Playboy orgy

–>Are there any loyal drive-ins left in the San Francisco Bay Area? Yes, there have been two, at opposite ends of the Bay Area. Both have been owned at this time by West End, that owns a series of drive-ins in assorted states.The largest of the dual is the West End Capital Drive-In at 3630 Hillcap Avenue in San Jose, California. This drive-in is off the Capital Expressway at Snell Avenue. There is a web site that West End as at that goes in to item about the sites. The Capital has 6 screens, all that show stand in features, so you get dual facilities for one price. The drive-in has remodeled bathrooms, kept flattering clean, and has a fool around area for the kids. The break club is large, featuring nearby dishes here. You can get chicken, all kinds of Mexican food, salads, prohibited dogs, hamburgers, chips and snacks, and all kinds of drinks, bottled and otherwise. The prices for the food have been reasonable, and the food is great. The break area additionally houses a large pick up of machines in it’s arcade; these have been good fun to fool around whilst unresolved around. The drama is cheapest on Tuesdays at $5 a person. Drive-ins no longer assign by car, but by person, but they have been still a good bargain.