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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Step Son, Cameron Douglas, Debut Tuesday in New YorkCatherine Zeta-Jones and her step son Cameron Douglas have been both creation an coming in New York on Tuesday, Apr 20. Catherine sans clothes, Cameron with chains. But Catherine won’t –>
 be looming solo, according to the New York Daily News.Catherine Zeta-Jones and Step Son, Cameron Douglas, Debut TuesdayCatherine is no foreigner to creation appearances, and conjunction is Cameron Douglas, her step son. But on Tuesday, Apr 20, one will be looming bare in between the pages of Allure Magazine and the alternative will be baring his essence prior to a New York sovereign judge.Catherine, looming in her birthday suit, will substantially means the greatest stir in New York on Tuesday. But Cameron is expected to pull the greatest in-person crowd, as he will face sentencing for his progressing drug arrest. But it is expected which Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ father and Cameron’s father, will try to attend both appearances, presumably simultaneously.Catherine Zeta-Jones and Step Son Cameron: Bad Timing on Part of Catherine?Catherine didn’t just select the many well-suited time to have a bare coming in New York. Michael is attempting to benefit care from a sovereign decider on interest of his son, when along comes step mother proof which may be the family isn’t utterly ‘kosher’ right away after all. It can’t assistance Michael’s box to have his missus baring it all for the decider and the justice attenders to look at, as they wait for to proceed Cameron’s justice proceedings.And will Catherine be in assemblage at Cameron’s justice date? If so, it is certain to take the spotlight off her step son, at slightest momentarily. But will it assistance or harm his box in the prolonged run on which poignant day in his life? I can’t suppose Michael suspicion this would be a great thing: carrying both Catherine’s bare widespread and Cameron’s sentencing coincide. But what was Catherine Zeta-Jones thinking? Didn’t she try to check or speed-up the announcement date, at least?SourceNY Daily News

The “Twilight” Actress Will Be Featured in a 14-page Story
Busting out the trifler inside, Kristen Stewart has landed on the cover of Flaunt Magazine’s open issue.The “Twilight” singer will be featured in a 14-page story which includes an in-depth talk and eleven new, strange photographs taken by conform photographer, Yu Tsai.Sitting down with Entertainment Weekly recently, Kristen emitted a bit about Bella in the arriving movie “Eclipse”. She told, “I wasn’t as tortured as I was on ‘New Moon.’ Bella unequivocally knows what she wants in ‘Eclipse.’ She’s not only a reticent child articulate since she’s in love.”The highly-anticipated crack is attack theaters Jun 30th.See a little of the cinema of Kristen Stewart’s Flaunt print fire at©2010, All Rights Reserved

rihanna-041610-13Rihanna was in Belgium on Friday behaving at the Sportpaleis Antwerp track during her “Last Girl On Earth” debate and as common she attempted to up the ante on the funny shit she could get off with wearing on stage. And being which this was magnanimous Europe she opted to acquit her donkey from the proportions of fabric. “God ov ze beglian vafle. Zis plunder iz super enormouz. Iz similar to a tantalizing truffle wiz a getto tvizt!”