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Reaction to Tiger Woods’ reparation debate Friday has so far been mixed. Many fans, sponsors and sports broadcasters have praised the golfer; Many have not.

Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers have some-more things in usual than alliterative names: Both 1. have been railed by Woods; 2. contend his mea culpa was bogus.

As far as James is concerned, the porn star who alleges a three-year extramarital event with Tiger pronounced which his press discussion was far from convincing.

Moreover, she feels she has been slandered. Really.

“I would be open to a write reparation from Tiger,” the star of Top Heavy 4 said, accompanied of march by counsel Gloria Allred. “I did not merit this.”

“An reparation should be meaningful, and I didn’t listen to nothing of that,” she said. “He’s so selfish; it’s not about anybody but him. It didn’t feel similar to it was real.”

Joslyn James Picture

Joslyn James wants Tiger to sense his (dirty!) lesson!

While Allred regularly referred to how most romantic trouble Tiger caused Joslyn James, she pronounced she was not formulation to record fit opposite him. Phew!

Meanwhile, an additional nick on Tiger Woods’ list of mistresses was land a observation celebration with reporters: Las Vegas label game dealer/model Jamie Jungers.

Let’s only contend she wasn’t changed by the book either.

“That reparation is crap,” Jungers said. “He’s creation a moan story to have people contemptible for him. I do not feel contemptible for him. I’ve seen his emotions when his father died and this was different. I’m not going to call him a liar but… he’s personification which card.”

The Trashy Lingerie indication wasn’t finished there.

“He’s apologizing to these immature kids… everyone but the women which were concerned in the relationships,” says Jungers. “It’s hurtful. It’s rude. He should have apologized to the mistresses, since we’re traffic with a lot of things too.”

A bad Tiger chick on the side only can’t get a break, it’s true.

Jungers says her attribute with Woods was some-more than sexual, and she was anticipating for Tiger to admit that, nonetheless she is not astounded he didn’t.

Jamie Jungers Image

Poor home-wrecker Jamie Jungers wants an reparation too!

“It’s not one-night stands, it’s relationships. When it’s a relationship, you’re insinuate and you share feelings. He could have at slightest referred to the women.”

“I know he’s perplexing to win his mother back,” Jamie Jungers adds. “Of march he’s not going to swallow ones pride to the women he slept with. It’s what I expected.”

As for either Elin Woods should hang with Tiger?

“Once a charlatan regularly a cheater,” says Jungers. “Is Elin going to stay with him? I would contend no, but I do not have kids with him. He has a lot to prove.”

Lastly, per her haters, Jamie says, “I’m not a home-wrecking whore. If it was up to me I would have never finished it in the initial place, but I stupid.”

“Of course  feel guilty. I have a heart. But it was years ago. I shouldn’t be the one to be blamed for it. He had lied to me about so most things.”

Tiger Woods’ open reparation was

‘Racist, Racist’ Cry the Race Relations Crowd

Gerard Depardieu is a fanciful actor. He’s France’s main movie star along with Daniel Auteuil and the somewhat reduction acclaimed but still glorious Gerard Lanvin. Audiences can’t get sufficient of Depardieu. He’s watchable. A big bear of a man, his performances plan lust, life, charisma, talent, boorishness, attraction – whatever the purpose demands.Cast as French bard Alexander Dumas in The Other Dumas in 2010 he captivated knee-jerk ‘anti-racist’ critique for somewhat extinguishing his skin and wearing a wig to fool around the mixed-race author.The Council of Black Associations of France were the initial competition family organization pitching up to take offence. Like angry virgins faced with a mark of nakedness they spoken Depardieu’s expel of characters ‘extremely intolerable and insulting’.’Can Martin Luther King be played by a white?’ they asked in horror.Well, er, motion picture is motion picture – make use of your imagination. Acting is all about sanctimonious after all. That’s because masculine impression Billy Kwan could be played by womanlike actress Linda Hunt in the glorious Year of Living Dangerously, with Mel Gibson.Or demeanour at Hamlet. Hamlet was, we all gather, a Danish king and some-more than expected recognised as a really dark shade of white. The competition family attention wasn’t repelled or angry when Hamlet was played by black British actress Adrian Lester. Aaah, they competence say, Hamlet wasn’t real. Well, Hamlet was some-more than expected formed on a genuine prince, Amleth – and he wasn’t black.Or take Henry VI of England. He was only as genuine as Alexander Dumas. No cheer possibly when he was played by black actress David Oyelowo, of Nigerian start , in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions of Henry VI Parts I, II and III in 2000. Director Michael Boyd pronounced at the time: “It’s colour-blind casting. David’s son will be white and there is no spirit of illegitimacy.”That might appear a bit dumb to a little of us, but it wasn’t ‘racist’ to expel Oyelowo as Henry and it’s not ‘racist’ to expel Depardieu as Dumas.