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Adam Lambert Sings with Students

We do not know where the following video is from.

We do not know because Adam Lambert is sitting with a garland of students and singing along with their credentials song to “Whataya Want From Me.”

But we do know this: it’s only an additional e.g. of because we love this former American Idol finalist. Anything but pretentious, he’s a male of the people… as prolonged as nothing of them roar in to their cell phones.

Lambert in School

P.S. No, stream Idol semifinalist Alex Lambert is NOT associated to Adam. They share a love of music, not any DNA.

Man, this creates us feel old.

Hillary Duff, who we initial proposed to follow in 2001 when she was a 14-year old Lizzie McGuire, is engaged. Long-time boyfriend, and Edmonton Oilers star, Mike Comrie popped the subject to the thespian in Maui this week.

This is essentially the second supposed offer in between a thespian and hockey player in the final integrate months: Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher got intent in late December.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Picture

Duff was many not long ago seen on the small shade during a six-episode arc on Gossip Girl.

We instruct her and Comrie a happy, full of health hold up together!

Tiger Woods is so, so sorry y’all


Here’s Tiger Woods putting in service his golf yesterday and zero says “i severely bewail my penis’s wrongdoings” some-more than smiling from ear to ear at the suspicion of pushing his unwashed dozen of hookers as good as he did which golf ball. Or may be he was only relieved Elin wouldn’t be at his press discussion all prepped with her Viking horned steel sheet and a produce only in box he had a tongue trip and gave divided the name of an additional harlot we’ve nonetheless to know and certain grow to love.


We don’t customarily post cinema of freaks for the consequence of creation fun of them…ok, blemish that, that’s all we do. But the indicate we’re perplexing to have here is which sometimes, there’s a grander role at the back of it. Like in the box of Bobby Trendy here (best well known for being on the Anna Nicole Show) who used the present hang for the opening siphon and anal beads he got on Valentine’s Day as a equine racing shawl but sadly forgot to tuck his testicles in his reduce intestine and channel fasten his penis in in between his donkey cheeks prior to putting on the glossy spandex.

(Hands solidified over keyboard, prolonged dull glance at monitor)

Why did we post this again? Crap, it all became a fuzz after the anal beads.