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On a outing to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia in Jan 2000, filmmaker Anne Bass came opposite a sixteen year old child who changed her immensely with his extraordinary and clearly healthy charms and beauty as a dancer. Having been a longtime advocate to the universe of dance herself behind in the United States, Anne felt constrained to give this immature child the event to leave his home and follow a mental condition which she felt he hadn’t even nonetheless seen for himself.

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British tabloids have been stating which final Wednesday, Leonardo DiCaprio was saying merrymaking with 6 models at London nightclub Jalouse. He finished up grouping twelve bottles of $300 vodka and multiform bottles of champagne for the group. At around 3am, he left for his road house apartment and the organisation of girls followed him to it in a apart car. The same thing happened the subsequent night according to the same sources.

While this is by no equates to his biggest attainment deliberation which final year he went for universe jot down by attempting to crash twenty models at once in Guy Richie’s pub, it lends a little effect to claims which Bar Rafaelli’s vagina doesn’t utterly entice him and which her pool of tears have by right away turn a profitable source of hydration for drought-suffering regions.

And of march we’re starting to think Lindsay Lohan muttering ceaselessly in to a bottle of Gin which Leo banged her meaningless is not a derangement borne out of coke deficiency. It all creates clarity right away doesn’t it?

Britney’s pokies visit Target

FP_4528169_Spears_Britney_FP1_02111310Here’s Britney Spears with beloved Jason Trawick on vacation a Target the alternative day seeking all dispirited and vexed and we can usually pretence it’s since one of the fries she was eating whilst peeing at Burger King fell on the lavatory building and Jason wouldn’t let her collect it up with her toes and eat it…or since he pronounced no when she longed for to things her bag with duck wings at the “all-you-can-eat buffet”…or since she felt bad for forgetful one of her kids at the back of the Krispy Creme opposite and didn’t recollect about it until the subsequent day when she indispensable to collect up a couple of some-more donuts…seriously, we can go all day with this.


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt hosted a special Valentine’s celebration night at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas on Sunday and thirty seconds in to it the proceeded to show us which Heidi’s facial polymers have been starting to be some-more open and as a result many of the engine skills on her face have right away returned. Then again, Spence was land a rare stone for many of the night (see alternative pics) and we can usually theory it was to strike her in the frontal lobe with it each time she proposed twitching, fume entrance out of her ears, eyes blinking openly and conduct spinning around the torso uncontrollably.