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It’s been a whilst given we got ourselves rapt with the most good oiled and lubed selling appurtenance in Hollywood, so here it is, Paris Hilton on the building of a nightclub in Rio De Janeiro exhibiting how she gives herself a colonic after a night of as well most peni-coladas. In all fairness, she was there compelling a brand new Brazilian drink called Devassa (”sexy” in Portuguese slang) so she was substantially only perplexing to denote what a integrate of them gets a man on a Saturday night.

Robert Pattinson hates vaginas


This post was combined with the solitary goal of saving the star from the sound wickedness combined by the sorrow of millions of intimately undone small girls and fat, not asked housewives comparison who soppy their panties at the suspicion of additional dark sex with Robert Pattinson. And since we’re all about the sourroundings and what not, here you go ladies, Robbie hates your vagina, in actuality he hates it so most he thinks lethal germ is going to fire out of it and begin eating at his face until there’s a hole to the site exposing his teeth and bones.

To explain, Pattinson covers the tenth anniversary emanate of Details and had to do a print fire in that his conduct was nestled subsequent to a model’s vagina for enlarged durations and his penis was in tighten vicinity to multiform alternative modelly vaginas. Apparently this brought on an anaphylactic reaction, serious go through cramps and subsequently diarrhea:

An excerpt:

“I unequivocally hatred vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina. But I can’t contend I had no idea, since it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the design that these women have been going to stay exposed after, like, 5 or 6 hours. But I wasn’t just prepared. I had no thought what to contend to these girls. Thank God I was hungover.”

So, what creates Robbie tick, solely of march creation out with his dog? According to the magazine, articulate about intermittent queasiness syndrome, a condition in that you vomit literally all the goddamn time; lymphatic filariasis, where parasitic worms den in to your lymph nodes and can have your balls bloat to the distance of watermelons, forcing you to receptacle them around in a wheelbarrow; and forgetful of creation movies in that little fish float up your urethra and in to your urinary tract and board in your cock with backward-facing powerful spikes sharpened from their spine.

We swear, we didn’t have this shit up.


Over the weekend, TMZ broke the story which the Brittany Murphy substructure — run by Simon Monjack and mother, Sharon Murphy — hadn’t filed the required papers to validate as a gift or nonprofit organisation notwithstanding receiving assorted donations in Murphy’s memory. As shortly as the site called the substructure for comment, the website rught away close down.

But late Sunday the website resurfaced with a message which it would lapse all the donations until they had their non-profit standing authorized “before move to protection which we can indeed respect Brittany’s free desires.”

The website is no longer receiving donations and right away binds itself out as a in isolation substructure which awaits 501(c)3 non-profit status.

We’re going to go forward and theory which given the gift fraud didn’t vessel out and given nobody wants to buy cinema of him great crocodile tears on his mother-in-law’s shoulder (he reportedly asked for $40,000 for one set), Simon Monjack is at the impulse on the phone with a Korean manufacturer frantically vagrant him to speed up prolongation of the Brittany Murphy angel figurines he’s going to be selling. Because lamb chops do price a flattering penny.

Everybody is NOT Fine in “Everybody’s Fine”


Everybody’s Fine with Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale is an additional one of those Hollywood-hyped movies where the previews demeanour cute, in contact with and unequivocally funny. When I was sent the promo asking me if I longed for to examination the “heartfelt thespian comedy,” I jumped at the chance. Had I well known what the movie was unequivocally about, I competence have watched it in a opposite support of mind, awaiting something darker and sadder, but no, I believed I was popping a in contact with and droll DVD in, and I was unhappy in the results. Everybody’s Fine is not a lovable movie about a father going on a cross-country whim to see his kids. It’s a movie about a widower whose grown young kids have been stealing multiform things from him, together with one really dim tip about his oldest son, David. When the kids won’t come to revisit him, Frank Goode (De Niro) sets out opposite the nation to revisit them, but given he is ill, this is no easygoing lark. He initial goes to revisit David, but after camping out all night on David’s steps, Frank journey’s to the subsequent residence unknowingly which David is in a Mexican prison on drug charges. As Frank travels from one child’s home to the next, he realizes any of his young kids is lying to him, not only about David, but about their own lives.

The Wolfman and His History in Film

A Cinematic History of the Werewolf

The ultimate incarnation of the wolfman hits the theaters this week starring Benicio Del Torro as the hirsute protagonist. Most people have been wakeful which this is a reconstitute of the 1941 Universal Horror movie The Wolfman starring Lon Cheney Jr. This classical from Universal is the Gold customary for the wolfman, nonetheless it was not the initial werewolf movie.The Wolfman is substantially the most appropriate well known movie about lycanthropy, nonetheless it was not the first. There were at slightest 4 drive-in theatre which convey The Wolfman. The initial werewolf movie is suspicion to be The Werewolf starring a Native American who turns in to a wolf. The usually one of the 4 I have seen is Werewolf of London. This was the initial werewolf movie to underline an honest bipedal Wolfman. Alas the initial Wolfman film, “The Werewolf” is suspicion to be broken and mislaid forever.Henry Hull took on the wolfman purpose in Werewolf of London.Once again he was played as a tortured soul. The movie is still creepy currently with it’s haze hidden London streets, but bears small similarity to most complicated werewolf films. A complicated spectator would think which the movie makers got most of the Wolfman mythos wrong in Werewolf of London. The law of the make a difference is most of the mythos had not been invented yet. The full moon still triggers the mutation but there is no china bullet and no pentagram. The Wolfman is felled by a normal bullet.In law the pentagram thought for the Wolfman was combined by Curt Sidomak for the 1941 The Wolfman. While china has traditionally been a scandal to most enchanting creatures, the china bullet for werewolves was again a product of the The Wolfman. Most of what we cruise to be the gospel for lycanthropy come from The Wolfman and some-more precisely from Curt Sidomak, the screenwriter.The Wolfman is indeed a classical in each sense. A smashing makeup pursuit for the time, smashing scenery, and good behaving by Lon Chaney Jr. In Chaney there was a indeed likeable man, who by no error of his own, becomes a ruthless monster. It was the prominence of his career and the movie stands the exam of time. Chaney starred in multiform sequels a little decent but nothing entrance tighten to his debate de force in 1941. He even met Abbot and Costello.

Starring: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Bojana Novakovic, Shawn Roberts, Jay O. Sanders, and Gbenga Akinnagbe.Directed by: Martin Campbell.Released: Jan 29th, 2010.”Edge of Darkness” tells the story of a investigator questioning the genocide of his daughter, a box which is drowning with supervision cover-ups and domestic conspiracies which have been only waited to be unearthed. Mel Gibson, in his initial behaving purpose in 8 years, plays Detective Thomas Craven, a male who witnesses the heartless attempted murder of his romantic daughter, Emma, right prior to his eyes in his really own home; but which all of this happens only after Emma presents with a nosebleed and vomits greatly during dinner. It certain sounds similar to something might be afloat here, right away doesn’t it?Naturally, the military come to the end which the bad guys were perplexing to kill Craven, but he doesn’t think so. And so the poke for answers begins. Upon serve investigation, Detective Craven learns which his daughter owned a pistol which belongs to her presumably trusting beloved David, who seems flattering fearful by Emma’s employer, Northmoor. Eventually, this all leads to a outrageous supervision cover involving chief bombs and unfamiliar nations. It looks similar to Emma saw something which she wasn’t ostensible to see.”Edge of Darkness” brings us behind a little vintage, no-nonsense, butt-kicking Mel Gibson. It’s been awhile since his “Mad Max”, “Payback”, and “Lethal Weapon” days, but right away we get to see him in movement once again, to illustrate proof which he still has what it takes to be a difficult man (just similar to Sylvester Stallone has with “Rocky Balboa” and “Rambo”). To happen at the same time with Gibson’s heated performance, we have been since a full of blood punish flick. Now we have seen this arrange of tract one as well most times prior to but it is executed in an excusable conform here, notwithstanding the actuality which the crack can lend towards to come off a bit tedious sometimes.

John Mayer has prolonged been deliberate the greatest douchebag in the luminary universe, or maybe the complete universe, but The Hollywood Gossip dot com.

We disbelief we’re alone in which comment either. If you’re still on the fence, see if you have been after celebration of the mass his new moronic, homophobic, extremist comments.

If there’s an additional city slicker most synonymous with douchebag, though, it’s Jon Gosselin. If you know who Jon Gosselin is, we do not have to elaborate.

But who’s the greatest d-bag of them all?

Douche KingThe Epitome of Coolness

A douchebag is, per the all-knowing seer of jargon Urban Dictionary, “an particular who has an over-inflated clarity of self worth.” That would be these two.

Moreover, it might be “compounded by a low turn of intellegence, working ridiculously in front of colleagues with no clarity of how foolish he appears.”

Sounds about right again.

The usually question? Who’s the greatest d-bag around? Vote in THG’s consult next as the repulsive namesakes vie for a prestigious, nonetheless unenviable pretension …

Who deserves the pretension of King of all Douchebags?