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John Edwards is a bad person. He knocked up a little uncanny videographer whilst tied together to his lovely, cancer-stricken wife, the mom of his 3 children.

He afterwards attempted to distortion his approach out of this, enchanting in a outrageous cover potentially aided by supports donated to his debate for President of the United States.

That’s tough to top, but maybe what goes around comes around. At the same time Rielle Hunter was you do him, she as well was reportedly carrying an event …

… with Jeff Goldblum!

The Law & Order: Criminal Intent star met Rielle in 2006 at the Playhouse West behaving propagandize and repertory drama in N. Hollywood, where he teaches.

“Jeff pronounced he was in love,” a source says, and at this point, you can’t disprove anything. “They were intensely tighten – totally, 100 percent, a vital item.”

Jeff and RielleDear John Edwards ...

This is the weirdest love triangle ever.

They were so critical which when the blonde bulb pursuit got profound in 2007, Jeff of course insincere the baby was his – and Rielle Hunter even led him on.

“He asked her,” says the source. “She’d usually say, ‘Maybe.’ She kept him guessing.”

THG NOTE: Why the ruin would any one get concerned with Rielle Hunter?

When it transparent he was not the dad, Jeff, who right away dates Tania Raymonde (a.k.a. Ben’s daughter on Lost) finished the affair. Rielle was frequency heartbroken.

“Rielle unequivocally didn’t caring which she mislaid Jeff,” says a source tighten to the bat$h!t funny woman. “She knew he was only a fling. She cared some-more for John.” 

And his $18,000 a month in kid support.

Not to worry, Jeff. Even if you did nap with Rielle, at slightest you used insurance or got lucky, and regardless, this gossip doesn’t engage you being dead.

According to Nicole Forrester, there’s a 95% possibility Josh Duhamel is you do a good sense of former Presidential claimant John Edwards.

According to THG, of course, there’s 99.99999% possibility Nicole Forrester is full of crap.

The Georgia-based stripper – who claimed in Nov which she regretted revelation the tabloids about her event with the actor… nonetheless is right away milking the claim for loads of money – tells The National Enquirer that she’s with child.

“Yes, I’m pregnant. Yes, it’s substantially Josh’s. I haven’t motionless what I’m going to do,” Forrester told the journal this week.

How assured is Nicole which Duhamel is the father? 95 percent, she said.

Josh Duhamel ImageNicole Forrester

The Enquirer is frequency a arguable source, but it did rightly call the Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair.

It was additionally the initial to item Forrester’s ostensible night of passion with Fergie’s husband, as she claims they had sex – bad sex, thoughts you – in a $820/night road house apartment after they met at Atlanta’s all-nude Tattletales Lounge club.

The announcement says Forrester has upheld a polygraph test.

Of course, Duhamel contingency do a lot some-more than simply repudiate an event in sequence to obey Edwards. He’s still an aide-assisted, state funds-used cover up and sex fasten to go!

Is Tenley Molzahn the sweet, genuine cutie she appears to be on The Bachelor? Not according to her ex-husband’s mistress, to whom he is right away engaged!

One of Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s frontrunners all deteriorate and one of his last 3 streamer down the stretch, Tenley is a air blower the one preferred … but for how long?

Tenley Molzahn has won most magnetism from Jake and fans by observant which her prior matrimony finished after her ex, Ryan Natividad, deceived on her.

But the “alleged” alternative lady who came in between their marriage, which lasted usually fifteen months, says Tenley isn’t “the honeyed lady everybody thinks.”

She’s additionally a manipulative … and a prude.

PrudeWill You Accept This Rose?

Tenley Molzahn positively plays the partial of the girl-next-door swain who got her bad heart damaged … does Jake Pavelka know what he’s removing into?

“She’d usually concede sex once a week… and infrequently funded that,” says Christina Latham, who is right away intent to Natividad, and denies he ever deceived on Tenley.

Latham additionally says The Bachelor carefree “wouldn’t let him see his family.”

Sounds similar to the things of a determining b!tch … but is it true? A Tenley companion says which “She desired Ryan deeply. If there was any bad treatment, it was instigated by him.”

But Latham insists, “There is no approach she desired him.”

On The Bachelor, Tenley took Jake to her hometown of Newberg, Oregon, and Jake even got her dad’s blessing. But should he beware of what she might be hiding?

What do you think? Is Tenley the lady she presents herself to be or a brat who emasculates group Kate Gosselin style? And who should Jake pick?

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A integrate of days ago, we posted pics of Marissa Miller removing tackled to the belligerent by flattering most everybody who hadn’t had finished a sex marathon half an hour before and was up for a high-school character dry mound at the Celebrity Beach Bowl 2010. Somehow these shots of Tom Arnold perplexing to get as tighten as probable to giving a supermodel an open-field anal examination but removing arrested for attack eluded us. Our frank apologies. Now if you’ll forgive us, we’ll go glance at a mirror, admire the handsomeness and desk pad ourselves in the behind for the glorious pursuit we only did.

We never suspicion we’d see the day, but of all the Snooki cinema we’ve seen, this is one we can essentially contend does not have her demeanour tacky or ridiculous!

Rather, she only looks pulled together and may be – maybe! – even attractive. We do not wish to pull the luck, but the explanation is in the Jersey Shore pudding.

Us Weekly luminary conform executive Sasha Charnin Morrison and Inside Edition not long ago interconnected up to skirt Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi down, and they succeeded.

The last result: a glam, pulled together hack tail, low-key makeup and a beautiful change dress. She didn’t unequivocally take good to it, but we think that’s a plus.

“I feel similar to my grandmother!” whines Snooki, half-seriously. “I wouldn’t be held passed in this outfit. If I had to go to court, I’d wear this. That’s about it.”

Classy Snooki

Snooki cleans up nice. Who knew?

No disbelief Emilio Antonio prefers Snooks in her normal clothes – ludicrous hair poof, far as well divulgence dress, no hoop skirt – but he’ll have to solve for grand this once.

Beyonce in her pajamas in Brazil


Ok, we know we’re substantially a bit overzealous with covering Beyonce’s and Alicia Keys’ revisit to Brazil, but somewhere in in between the singing and the saving of slumdog young kids by rock climbing up on their roofs in white Jesus clothes we were anticipating for a poor butt-off that would constantly lead to possibly one of them sitting on the other’s face and creation a quiche out of it or a butt-to-butt incident that would have those supervision bulldozers entrance for the shanties utterly unnecessary. It could all have left possibly way.