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Alicia Keys, together with her featured guest Beyonce, was sharpened the song video for “Put It In A Love Song” yesterday in the shantytowns and slums of Rio De Janeiro that necessitated lots of full of color headbands, fair outfits and ghetto-booty dancing on inconstant building roofs.

Alejandro: Pai, have been these pleasing song senhoras here to save us?

Pai Alonso: Si meu filjo! Now most people will know about us. Oh no! One of the senhoras with the asno gordo (fat ass) usually fell by your bedroom’s roof. It is ok, Alejandro, the sleet will usually have you stronger. Now go appreciate the good ladies, but don’t have eye contact. They can get really angry.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took a obvious shot at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today. You could contend it was an open-handed slap of sorts.

Robert Gibbs addressed the press armed forces this afternoon with a mini grocery list on his hand. The ingredients: Eggs, Milk, Bread (crossed out), Hope, Change.

This was a reply to Palin regulating sneak around records whilst reciting her debate and laying in to President Obama at the National Tea Party gathering in Nashville.

Because you unequivocally need to write down “I’m unapproachable to be an American!” – her #1 domestic on all sides – on your hand. Is memorization which hard? You betcha!

Robert Gibbs Picture

Robert Gibbs mocks Sarah Palin’s “notes” from Sunday night.

Pretty funny, really, when you cruise she rips Obama for regulating a Teleprompter. Also funny? In her Q&A, she really went off-message … or off-English.

Make no mistake, the White House didn’t conclude Palin’s poor shots, and the administration department isn’t teasing when it talks about fighting behind harder.

After all, Palin hates their bulletin even some-more than Levi Johnston!

If this continues, it’s going to get flattering inclement in D.C., and not only since the city’s about to get slammed by a second snowstorm in reduction than a week.

Should Sarah Palin run for president?