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Mike Tyson was a guest star at Italy’s chronicle of Dancing With The Stars and whilst he did have a fist or dual during his seemly pirouettes he did show substantial restraint…and by which we meant he didn’t furnish an apron, blade and flare and assimilate his Italian partner on the mark or file her face to demeanour similar to a Picasso portrayal solely in this box her ears would be stranded to her breasts and her nose would be missing. Disappointing unequivocally if you think about it.


Here’s Amy Winehouse yelling at the paparazzi as she stumbled out of the bar she went to for her 14-year old goddaughter’s birthday party, with snowflakes in her nostrils (see tighten up) and her left inflatable, still hammered with her ex-husband’s and right away fiancee’s name who is as we verbalise regularly banging an Amy-lookalike tranny he met online called Mia, in risk of poisonous spillage.

This vaunt of beauty comes usually days after she pleaded guilty to attack and commotion for pulling a drama manager’s hair and impiety at him after she was refused a splash right around Christmas.

So all in all, we’re usually going to go forward and contend which she’s removing her action together because, honestly, by right away we were awaiting to listen to headlines about her physique detected subsequent to a energy grid with a line stranded in her mouth in an try to feel something after a turn of moment unsuccessful to light up her bolt-ins and a container of coyotes lying tainted around her. And you suspicion happy endings were usually a thing of fairy-tales…you stupid kids.